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    Sep 12th, 2019 at 01:17:41     -    Detroit: Become Human (PC)

    I like the way of Detroit combing game system and narrative. The game uses the symbiosis to simulate all sorts of situations, often with quite pleasing results. What stood out for me was an interrogation scene with a stressed-out android, and a scene where I had to make sure a police officer didnít become too suspicious of my character. The success of those scenes came from mixing simple, gamey systems together with narrative in a holistic manner. In some scenarios, by showing some numbers going up and clear objective pointers, the game manages to add a more concrete feedback loop. The system gives the game more opportunities for narrative-system symbiosis.

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    Sep 11th, 2019 at 00:25:45     -    Detroit: Become Human (PC)

    I think the game might be more thematically interesting if protagonists didnít look so human. Most players can be easily sympathized with protagonists because of their humanoid looks and actions. It would be more fun if the player started the game thinking the robots did not deserve any rights, and the thinking would evolve throughout the game.
    For example, it doesnít make sense for a player to want for Connor to stay an obedient robot in the game. The story pretty clearly pushes the player to want Connor to become a deviant. If the Connor had looked a bit more spooky, or had weirder ways of thinking like a machine, it would have made the choice less obvious and forced me to think more about my alternatives. A version of Detroit with protagonists that are clearly not human would be also interesting to play.

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    Sep 9th, 2019 at 22:08:26     -    Detroit: Become Human (PC)

    The ethical controversy story of Detroit: Become Human intrigues me to think about the boundary between humankind and robots. How do we judge and distinguish robots from human? Is it wisdom, or life, or even emotion?
    One thing I found particularly interesting is a choice offered to the player about the android appears on the title screen, Chloe. Chloe is present on the gameís title screen to discuss the playerís choices, make comment on their progress, and generally interact with the player. After a successful android revolution, Chloe poses a question to the player; will the player allow her to leave to join the revolution or deny her request and make her remain as an in-game hostess. I think this request raises an implicit question of gender issues in the game, whether certain roles would only be fulfilled by certain genders. Would players respond differently to this request if it were made by a male android?

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