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    Jul 22nd, 2021 at 14:40:02     -    Greedfall (XBONE)

    I want to finish Greedfall. I want to complete it. It has so many good ideas and I've enjoyed my time with it! Unfortunately it just keeps going. I've put just over 30 hours in and I feel like at this point the game isn't giving me anything new. I just have too many games to play to keep grinding through the game's uninteresting story and basic gameplay.

    Its the perfect game to show off everything that 2000s western RPGs had. They had a diverse group of companions, action packed combat, and a new world to explore. If this game had come out in 2008 and you told me Bioware had made it I would fully believe you. It does all of that very well. Unfortunately the game doesn't really add anything new to that. I would say the most unique aspect is the customization that is available to the player. Everything is cosmetic too which really makes the player character feel unique.

    The graphics are pretty good. Considering the game had a budget of a few million dollars and it was made by 40-60 people is incredible. It feels like a AAA and a AA experience at the same time. A AA.5 if you will...

    Maybe I'll come back to it and finish it someday, but at this point I'm done.

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    Jul 10th, 2021 at 19:55:33     -    It Takes Two (XBX X/S)

    There are only a handful of games that have actually brought tears to my eyes while I was playing them. It Takes Two has just been added to that list. Only an incredible came can do that, and It Takes Two is an incredible game.

    Hazelight is as bold as ever with ITT. The game is co-op only. It can only be played with two people. It's not single player, or more than two players. ITT is just two players. This follows Hazelight's trend that started with their previous game A Way Out (2018). The game is a great step up from A Way Out in just about every way.

    The game's story is by far the highlight. We follow two soon divorcing parents as they work to escape a magical world that their daughter wished them into. Their journey is fun, and entertaining the whole way through. The game does an excellent job of talking the romance theme, which is something that not many (if any) modern big budget games do.

    Gameplay is another high point for the game. At it's core the game is a 3D platformer. Throughout the game, countless other game genres are layered on top. None of these bonus genres last longer than a level in the game. This ensures the game never gets old and feels fresh through its entirety. The game was about 12 hours long through my playthrough. It's impressive that the game stayed as exciting for the whole playthrough.

    The game is also very pretty. Its a pristine UE4 game. On the Series X, the game runs at a locked 60 fps, with only a couple minor stutters during cutscenes. The character models look great, but the real highlight is the various environments that players will come across.

    I played the game with my wife, and it was an incredible way for us to spend time together. My wife isn't much of a game player at this point, but she said that It Takes Two may have changed her view on video games a bit. I recommend this game to anyone. It's well worth any price one can get it for at this point.

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    Jul 7th, 2021 at 19:45:50     -    Yakuza Kiwami 2 (XBONE)

    I just finished Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Let me start off by just saying dang. This game was a good one. I would say it is on pretty much the same level as Yakuza Kiwami. The only major difference in terms of quality is the graphics. Yakuza Kiwami 2 runs on a newer game engine, so it has better physics, a more open world, and more modern (as of 2021) graphics.

    Like any good Yakuza game, Kiwami 2's story has all kinds of twists and turns. There are a number of great characters new and familiar. The star and favorite of course is the protagonist and player character Kazuma Kiryu. He is still the moral compass and straight man of the goofy and dangerous Japan players explore and he is still extremely likable.

    With the improved physics, the game's combat is much smoother. It does however feel much looser as more of the environments (actually anywhere) is accessible during the fights. The heat combat moves are unfortunately less exciting in Kiwami 2 than the previous two games for some reason. They are still good, but not as satisfying.

    Another shining point in Kiwami 2 is its main "villain" Ryuji Goda. Like the baddies in Yakuza 0 he is very likeable. Unlike the baddies in Yakuza 0, he doesn't keep doing things to annoy the player. In fact, as the game went on I found myself respecting him more and more.

    Kiwami 2 is an excellent game, anyone who is subscribed to GamePass needs to give this series a serious try. I don't think they will regret it.

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    Jun 14th, 2021 at 10:07:43     -    A Way Out (XBONE)

    I sat down with one of my friends and beat A Way Out in one sitting. Its not a long game as we beat it in just over 5 hours. The game is paced in a way that all 5 of those hours were well spent. The game goes quick and doesn't dwell on any location, or gameplay system for long.

    The game starts as a prison break adventure, and ends as an action heavy game. There are driving sequences, there are sports gameplay sequences. It's truly remarkable everything Hazelight was able to fit into this game. None of it is truly great on it's own but together it's amazing.

    The story is pretty good as well. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep players engaged on their journey.

    Surprising enough, the game also looks good. There are moments that the characters suffer from wax figure syndrome, but it's never too bad. Where the graphics really shine is in the game's environments. There is so much variety in the places players go and all of them look great.

    My last note, there is a sequence in the game that takes place in a hospital. It is the best co-op sequence ever and is more cinematic and exciting than any I have ever seen before it. It is definitely my favorite part of the game.

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