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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 13:38:51     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    I played Super Smash Brothers with one player and tried to get through the game. IT was amazing. I forgot how fun the actual game was 0instead of multiplayer. The best level for me was the one with all the Mini Yoshi's because they are so easy to kill. Also there are tons of them so you can go on a killing rampage. The metallic Mario wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it was still fun. My goal was to take out everyone. I didn’t want computer killing computers. The last level where you fight the hand is funny. I think it's a little ironic because the hand could symbolize the creator or maker of the game. The last level with this hand was hard to beat because I wasn’t sure how to actually hurt the hand. Finally I learned that you cannot attack when it is attacking you and I was able to beat him. I think that the single player for Super Smash Brothers is almost as fun as the multiplayer challenge.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 13:33:11     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    After beating the game, it actually took me two days. I did not collect all of the Skulls, but I did everything necessary to beat the game. A main factor that helped in beating the game was knowing all of the songs for the different worlds. With this I was able to go where ever I needed to. Now there were some parts I forgot what to do like in the Sand Level and in the Duku Tree in the beginning. If I had a manual to the game I sure it would have gone by quicker. Never the less, the game was fun and I enjoyed playing this old school game. I also go a little side tracked with the chickens and trying to fly. The game got a little boring in some areas because of the walking I had to do with young Link. Also, if an enemy attacked me I was usually quick to run away instead of staying and fighting. The water level was also a little tricky until I got the Hook shot. The graphics were a little lame, but that was the highest technology when it came out. All in all, I think the game is great and I was glad I chose to play it.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 12:54:22     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Super Smash Brothers is one of the best classics. The rules are basic, but each character has his or her special moves. My favorite character is Captain Falcon because of his main move. His "super punch" can automatically send your opponents flying. Now I played against my friend who likes to use Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong has the same power as Captain Falcon; he just executes it in a different way. While Falcon has his devastating punch, Donkey Kong has his clap. You charge up Donkey Kong's clap by swinging his arm back until his whole body starts flashing. Then all you have to do is go and clap somebody. Donkey Kong also has a great throwing ability. He can pick you up and go to the edge and through you off. Overall, I don’t know if Donkey Kong is better than Captain Falcon or if my friend is just better than me, but the most fun thing about the game is that every character is pretty equal. Some have certain strengths and weaknesses, but they all can perform the same concept, just with different moves. Falcon has the punch; Kong has the clap; Kirby has the stomp; Link has the bombs, and so on. The goal is to master a certain characters moves to a point where no one can beat you. For me, this will take some time.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 12:43:11     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    The Legend of Zelda is a game of time. The game is essentially about getting the stones and then killing the boss. This is a very simplistic summary of the game, but a summary of the game is not my main focus. My goal this time playing it was to see how fast it is possible to beat the game. The only problem is that when Link is little it is very time consuming to go around all the levels. When he gets bigger and has his horse to take him everywhere it makes the game go by a lot faster. Also, since I already knew all the songs that made the game smooth too. I have determined that it takes at least a day to beat the entire game. Now I did not go for all of the Gold Skeletons, but just focused on getting to the end. Zelda seemed a little easier after making a game on Game Maker because I understood the limitations of the game and what was possible and what was something you would try for hours and never accomplish. There are certain jumping moves that you think you can make and once I realized that there was a game limitation, I looked for another route to the end. Overall, I was able to skip some parts of the game because I knew they were only for show and had no affect on the outcome of the game. The next time I try to play this game I will go for a different goal and that is getting every possible thing you can before beating the game.

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