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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 13:23:23     -    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    After playing another hour of GTA- San Andreas, I came to realize that the different aspects of this game really are impressive. They have incorporated so many different types of gameplay into one game. You have to learn how to ride a bike, drive a car, shoot a gun, and even lift weights. The technique to lifting weights is alternating between pressing x and o, similar to those old olympic games that I used to play for playstation.
    Some of these missions took my a very long time to complete. I probably spent 45 minutes just trying to complete the drive by mission without my car blowing up. Driving in this game was anything but easy. Just trying to get from one place to another, I probably ran over 25 people. It is easy to understand why this game is rated Mature.
    After another hour of this game, I found myself stuck on the same mission that I had been on for 30 minutes. The difficulty of this game was very high for me, but that is probably because I have never played anything like this. Overall, this game was extremely grusome, violent, and some what racist..but, still intertaining.

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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 00:24:42     -    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas is a very interesting video game. It attempts to portray the life of a man who comes home to attend his mothers funeral, but winds up stuck in the middle of the gang activity that he left the neighborhood for in the first place. This game is extremely brutal, but has an interesting progressive story line.
    There are a series of cut scenes in the beginning of the game to inform you on where you stand in this mans life. The graphics are decent for this console, but you can tell that the producers of this game were not going for the best graphics, just gameplay that is sure to make anyone cringe. The language and violence in this game is by far the most indecent that I have ever seen in a game. Some examples of missions are to "tag" enemy terretories, conduct drive-by shootings, and gain respect from your brother and old friends.
    After beating up some crack dealers and heading to the gym to work on my physique, I had to take my buddies to a guy named Eddie to get some guns. This earned me some respect. The goals in this game are very violent and somewhat inappropriate, but are intertaining nonetheless. I will get back soon for my second half of the gamelog.

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 00:43:54     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    Gamelog 2/ Session 2

    The second hour of GoldenEye 007 was a different experience, but entertaining all the same. My friends and I finished up our multiplayer extravaganza, trying a couple different levels as well as weapon schemes. After fooling around a little, I decided to try out single player. The set up for single player was a tad bit more simple than multiplayer, seeing as you could only play as Bond.
    The first level starts with the well known cut scene from the movie "GoldenEye" of Bond bunjee jumping off the bridge, leading you into a battle with his first enemy, Alec. In fact, this game closely paralleled the movie in every way. I found this aspect of the game to be very compelling. Even the music sounded like the music from the classic Bond movie. While advancing through the levels, I am given different mission goals. I must complete these goals in order to advance. The vast selection of weapons that I came across were very interesting. Some of the guns allowed you to use a sniper feature by pressing the R trigger. This make gunning down enemies much easier.
    After playing single player for about an hour, I found myself stuck at the same level I had been at for 20 minutes so I decided to take a break. Overall, I have been playing this game for over 2 hours ( longer than I have played a video game in years) and I am compelled to continue playing. I can now see why gamers consider this the best shooter ever made.

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    Jan 18th, 2007 at 16:31:05     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    GoldenEye 007 reminds us that simple gameplay and mediocre graphics can entertain a group of gamers just as well as the new generation games today. GoldenEye was one of the most popular games of it's time, revolutionizing the multiplayer shooting concept. The design of this game keeps my intrigued in both multiplayer as well as single player. For the first hour of GoldenEye, I chose to play multiplayer with three other friends.

    The set up for Multiplayer contains a various amount of scenarios to choose from. You are allowed to choose from many different characters, levels, types of weapons, level of difficulty, amount of kills, and even types of gameplay. We chose to play in the Bunker level with automatic weapons. The anticipation of playing against friends in this game brought back memories of when I had played this game into the late hours with friends in middle school. It can truly bring out the competitiveness in a person and create a very fun social event.

    One of the first things that I recalled about this game was that it was the first game that I had played with a radar, allowing us to see where we were in comparison to the other players. I am not too familiar with other shooters on the this platform, but I believe this is the only game I have played with that type of radar on the N64. The design of the level is somewhat maze-like, making it very confusing to direct where you are going or remember where that RCP-90 was located. None of us had played this game in years, and we were extremely rusty. After playing for about an hour of multiplayer, my friend finally reached 30 wins. Overall, the first hour of GoldenEye 007 was just how I remembered, very fun.

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