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    Jan 11th, 2007 at 22:50:15     -    NCAA Football 2005 (XBX)

    For the second hour of NCAA Football 2005, I completed the rest of my multiplayer game with my friend. At halftime, I was down 21-14. The first half was not pretty for me because I was still adjusting to the controls. During the second half I started to get the hanf of the game, and was able to recognize when to select the right formations. This was definately a game that you need to play for several hours before mastering the gameplay. The game between my friend and I was very intense and came down to the last play, where I was able to run a trick Option-reverse. It is not everyday that you see a play like this work, but it worked beautifully in this virtual challenge. The final score was Ohio State- 35, Florida- 28.

    There were many other features of this game that look very interesting and I look forward to seeing what else it has to offer. There are features including season mode, campus challenge, or even franchise in which you can create a new school. I browsed through this feature and it is extremely deep. You can customize everything from the schools colors, to it's mascot, to the type of cleats the athletes wear. This is one feature that you could spend days working on.

    This game had every formation I have ever seen in a real college football game, and the graphics were outstanding. Any little mistake you make may cost you the game, which is true to any real sport. NCAA Football captures almost everything that you look for in a sports game, even fan interaction. I have yet to see a video game on the new consoles like Xbox 360 or PS3, but I can only imagine what a game like NCAA Football is like on the new generation consoles. I highly recommend this game to any video or even sports fan out there.

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    Jan 11th, 2007 at 20:17:21     -    NCAA Football 2005 (XBX)

    Picking Up

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    Jan 11th, 2007 at 15:19:56     -    NCAA Football 2005 (XBX)

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