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    Mar 13th, 2007 at 01:08:34     -    Jewphin (PC)

    As a side note, Jewphin did not incorporate different weapons, only three obvious upgrades to the weapon that was initially given, the bubble shooter. Also, when the bubbles impacted the fish enemies that came scrolling down, they simply disappeared, not even giving so much as a bubble explosion to mark their destruction. It would have been more interesting to a player, since they cannot go anywhere, to be able to at least enjoy watching the demise of each individual enemy as they were killed.
    When the player was hit he also exhibited similar actions, which gave the player a dis attached feeling towards the dolphin as there was no real consequences when the player was killed. Often, when a game is very simple and short the designer has to make something truly funny or memorable for the game to be good. The jewphin did have a yamaka, (sp?) and curly red hair but didn't say any stereotypical catch phrases or move in a particular way that was either dolphin or
    jew, something that would have made the audience appreciate the game for more than just eye-hand coordination practice. As far as more memorable characters, the game could really have used a good solid back story to it no matter how simple or child-like. This would have really made the character come alive and make the player feel as if they were controlling a jewish dolphin on a mission, rather than some object that shot other objects at more objects to make them dissappear.

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    Mar 13th, 2007 at 01:01:45     -    Jewphin (PC)

    This student created game was called Jewphin and it was based loosely off of a south park episode. Although lacking in story line its your basic shmup, or really, "cute-e'm up" where enemies descend from the top of the screen and you shoot them with bubbles before they can touch you and create damage. The point system is very basic, 1 point for goldfish, 2 for pirahnas, and 3 for sharks.
    All in all the game runs very smoothly and the background music taken from the Disney movie, "The Little Mermaid" is a touching addition.
    Although the characters are hardly original, they are turned into sprite form very well and the action in the game goes very well. The game is not very challenging however and is very short, you can only keep shooting fish repeatedly for a high score. Since this is not a scrolling game the backgrounds gets very boring very quick and the action is very limited. i can't wait to see the improvements that they could make on this game given the chance.

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    Feb 22nd, 2007 at 20:45:55     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    I briefly mentioned the level setup in my last log, but these are what makes this game what it is. The idea of your health being like a balloon that is impervious to popping you must maintain it at a low enough level so that the slightest attack from an opponent will not send you rocketing off the edge of the level. Since you are really fighting gravity as well as enemies the game becomes more of a platform jumper than a true fighting game. Obviously there are those that consider the last man standing to be the winner, others argue that its the person with the most kills that truly wins. The game ranks players by order of death, which means that the game considers the most evasive player the best.Since you cannot win unless the other players are dead, you most walk a tightrope between engaging in battle and avoiding the attacks of those around you. since most of the time you are fighting more than one person, attacks can come simultaneously and from just about any direction.

    Another aspect of this game is that while each character comes with a predetermined set of moves or weapons at his disposal, you can add randomized weapons and items such as power ups, health replenishers, baseball bats and a unique item to this game, Pokemon balls, which summon a Pokemon and its accompanying attack as a one time use. These items sometimes come in boxes or barrels and add an entirely new dimension to game play. For instance, now there are mines which can be set as booby traps, there are shells that track you down and must be avoided, there are health boosts that everyone scrambles for, there are guns which prove useful when trying to keep an opponent from regaining a landing on the level. The player must now decide whether to jeopardize a safe distance from another attacker for an item that may give him an edge.

    Now that we have each characters moves, including stats such as speed and relative health, we have the levels themselves, and the items available a player can build a strategy. After playing for many many hours you can tell exactly where a player is going to be and beat them there with a punch or a kick. You can throw items at the exact time and hit a character trying to get back on the level, thus forcing them to fall to their death. The best players are those who can predict the other players moves for instance letting another player grab an item between them so that he can rush in and head butt the player, possibly even taking the item the other player came in for in the first place. This is more giving an overview of th strategy of the game, but I feel its necessary to show off how the game is complex while remaining fairly simple in its goals.

    The music is similar to other soundtracks of the N64 era, not exactly Beethoven's 5'th symphony, but very addictive and easy on the ears. It follows the games bright flashing lights and cartoon style, which adds to the child-like atmosphere of the game.

    Once again, the game does have a main play through where you can unlock levels and characters, however it really is a multiplayer game because ts so much more interesting playing against an opponent with unpredictable moves and who can learn and adapt to your style of play.

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    Feb 21st, 2007 at 20:00:43     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Ah yes, this is one of those nostalgic games that gets remade every few years on the latest console. It's got perfect re playability and is suitable for all ages because it features cartoon violence and simple to learn, hard to master controls.
    It's a perfects kids game, bright fluffy and the idea of staying on the level and not falling off adds just enough challenge to the game to make it fun.
    Of course, as you age and get better at it the game becomes the standard for gaming tournaments and parties.
    The game itself is a fighting genre game with a maximum of four players. The players are some of the best characters form Nintendo's other games, which over the years have become trademark symbols, thus allowing a game like super Smash bros to exist. Since even someone who knows nothing about these characters can tell immediately what they're individual fighting styles are they pick one or two characters that they will stick with forever and start playing.
    Thus, the character you choose may not necessarily be based on whether you like that character or the game they were featured in.
    Since it is a fighting game with different characters the fighting styles are immensely different, I would even put my money on saying that they are the most varied characters of all fighting games. For example, you have Kirby, who can jump unimaginable distances which makes him seem like he can glide in-definetly versus the lightning quick Fox or Samus who use weapons and speed to defeat opponents. Then for good measure Nintendo threw in Pikachu with his lightning attacks just for kicks.

    The fighters must also do enough damage to cause the other character to fly off screen, this is the only way to make them lose a life. This adds to the cartoon, non-violent atmosphere that appeals to kids. Since some characters can only take small amounts of damage before they become volleyballs to the other players the player does have a set number of attacks and damage he can take, however it is entirely possible to win a match even though you have 300% damage done to you as long as you do not take a large amount of damage at once. Thus gameplay become svery strategic.

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