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    Jan 17th, 2007 at 13:43:46     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    The best game I've ever played by far. Given, its getting on in years, and I don't have as uch time to give to it, but every few years I go out and buy a used N64 console and this game. ( I keep selling them on ebay because I need money). It's one of those games that I believe has permanet replayability. let me explain. The first few times you play it, your a kid and its just the collest thing out. Then you give it a few years and while your re-arranging your room for high school you dust of the ol' N64 and say, "hey I haven't played this in ages". This time around you understand it better, and you know a few tricks so its easier and you even beat the game. Same thing right before you leave for college, only you lookd up on the internet all the little easter eggs and such and know the game top to bottom. Then college hits and you play it while inebriated and the game is so much fun, you vow to name one f your children after it. Then you've GOT to play it again for class and you realize you know nothing about what makes it so damn good. Well for one, it's got infinite replayability. The story line is one of the best, compelling, fun, twists and turns which keep you on your feet playing it. And yet, the game is so simple, you never realize you're doing the same things over and over again. The game presents the same problem in so many different ways, the player never gets bored. And if you do, there's a bunch of side quests and games you can play, like catching fish, which have nothing to do with the main quest, but are entertaining in their own rght. Although to be honest I am writing this from memory, I have played it so much I can visualize every detail of the game, and cannot wait to go rent out the game once again.

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    Jan 17th, 2007 at 13:15:55     -    Soul Caliber III (PS2)

    I played this game for probably about 3 hours straight and instead of my usuall play and curse method of gameplay, I actually looked at the detial involved in the background of each arena as well as the characters costumes. Although before i had mentioned that the vary very little from the last one, (and I stand by it) I do have to admit that the colors are more vibrant, the costumes more in-depth and the characters as a whole are more fluid in their rmovements than in previous games. Perhaps I gave this game too hard a critique going from the perspective of playing the second Soul Calibur. I do miss such characters as Necrid and the old boxer guy, but then again I have yet to open all the characters. i LOVE the fact that you can actually play as the main boss guy, Abyss, versus in the last game you could only play against him in the mission. The game is less repetitive if you split the gameplay between all the facets of the game, instead of focusing on completeing the main mission with all the characters as I did. I did not realize how many unlocks, including items, weapons, armor, and characater creation options there were, but there's thousands! I just finished playing as Maxi in the main mission and his search for revenge on Astaroth is very involving. I have changed my opinion on this game, although I'll reserve my 5 stars for now until I have played through everything.

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    Jan 10th, 2007 at 19:34:54     -    Soul Caliber III (PS2)

    This game is a solid continuation of the series and is and of itself a very playable game, however the gameplay and characters seem exactly like that of the last one, with a few exceptions. The new characters are amazing looking, but their moves and fighting styles are simple adaptations of those already in use by the old characters. The cut scenes are repetitive and although I highly enjoyed the use of interactive gameplay during the cutscene they were few and far between and also very repetitive. This has always been a fun game for multiplayer gameplay and this one is no different. I'd recomend buying it off ebay or someplace cheap, but for the original price tag, you're better off sticking with soul calibur 2.

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