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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 12:39:44     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    Final Review:
    Graphics- Considering the limitations of the times, this game had pretty good graphics. The visuals on the background and the objects were better than most other NES games. At the very least, the game gave Link a face; some games have problems doing so. The graphics, although not stunning as other games of the NES, are more than enough for comfortable gameplay. 4/5

    Sound- The audio for the game is good and consistent. Again, to stress on the lack of options, the game has a variety of sounds for many different contexts. The music obviously is great for its time, and sets and appropriate tone for the game. However, the music gets repetitive and the sounds are not as great as other games. 3.5/5

    Plot- An awesome plot, the plot of the original LoZ keeps the game in context. The ability to appropriately tell the story as well as it has, this game even upstages modern games. Also, the story of the game is very interesting and full of substance. This game attracts the gamer to the story and the characters with the twists and turns, allowing an attachment to the overall game. This game did a great job in delivering the story to the gamer. 5/5

    Gameplay- Obviously the best quality of the game, the gameplay is complete in every way. This game is part of each catagory: action, adventure, RPG, and puzzle game. Yet, this game does a splendid job of mixing them together so that it is difficult to define concretely. The mixture of many element supplies massive entertainment, along with its non-linear style. Also, the ability to free roam the gameworld without strict narrative barrier adds enjoyment and substance to in-depth gaming. With this, the gamers can investigate every nook and cranny this game can offer. This game pushed the limits of the NES, and gamer will enjoy this throwback classic. 5/5

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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 02:49:26     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    1st Hour Review:
    In order to correctly evaluate this classic game, I had to put this gameplay into perspective. This game was created with limited technology for a low-powered system. I recognized the limitations on gameplay and the lack of options corresponding the times. With that, I played the game, and was impressed by the retro classic.
    The background story for the game is given in a prologue. Hyrule, the setting of this story, is terrorized by villain, named Ganon, and his army. He has captured Princess Zelda and the Triforce of Power. However, Zelda prevents Ganon from obtaining the Triforce of Wisdom by taking apart and scattering the pieces all over Hyrule. Then Impa, her nursemaid, was sent to find a warrior strong enough to defeat Ganon. Impa finds herself in trouble, then Link comes along, and then the journey begins.
    The gameplay has many great aspects to its credit. This game is a adventure game at its core, but is complemented with a combination of elements. The action in this game is consistent and simple, but entertaining none the less. Also, the puzzles in the game mentally stimulate the gamer with logic. In addition, the role playing quality allows the gamer to become the character in order to maintain and manage the characters survival. Due to these qualities, it's no wonder as to why this game is a classic.

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 12:57:49     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)

    Final Review:
    Graphics- The graphics are, overall, simply stunning and astounding. The massive amount of attention to detail pays off in exceptional quality. Also, the angles, background, characters, movements and effects are smooth and consistent. A visually appealing piece of work. 5/5

    Sound- The components of the BMG, voice and sound effects integrate well. Music fits great with the corresponding stages, and the sound effects are crisp and concise to the action performed. The well-timed voices of each warrior, either during battle or cut scenes, somewhat depicts a personality for the character. The audio element is abundant in excellence, and proves complimenting to a great series. 5/5

    Plot- The basic storyline of Soul Calibur III is the same as every other game. Every character is involved with finding the legendary swords. All characters in the game have a unique, interesting adventure. Regardless, each path is basically the same. It has not changed since Playstation's "Soul Blade". Yet, the "Chronicles of the Sword" feature has a good story-line behind it, and can make up for the lack of change in the series. But then again, why fix something that is not broken? However, considering the era, wouldn't it be more appropriate to dub the characters with their native language and subtitle english? Just a thought. 4/5

    Gameplay- Soul Calibur III is not that great when it comes to single-player mode, but then again, neither are the other fighter games, so nothing will be held against it. Yet, the gameplay for two-player is superior based on the standards among the fighting genre. The completeness of the experience delivers on the goods of quality gameplay. From smooth movements, to complex attacks, entertainment is not a question anymore; it is a statement. But one thing was a problem: the "Chronicles of the Sword" feature was a good idea, but the gameplay was not captivating, let along stunning. Stick to what you know best. Other than that, the game is a remarkable way to spend your free time. 4.5/5

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 01:11:26     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)

    Initial Review:
    Often revered as one of the great, if not the best, fighting series in contention today, the "Soul" series sets the bar for other series to match. Soul Calibur III, the fourth installment of the "Soul" series has presented another game with the same basic mechanics as its predecessors, while improving and adding its many features it has to offer. As always, the basic foundations for this type of 3D platform maintains the principles of all fighting games. However, unlike most other fighting games, Soul Calibur III brings these principles to a higher standard.
    The plot, as if fighting games need any, is the same as in every Soul Calibur installment. Depending on the character, the player fights his way through an series of opponents as the character's story is presented. Each character has their own motive for looking for adventuring for the demonic sword of myths, or the holy sword of legend. In all, every single-player adventure is the same.
    The graphics, as always in the series, are superb and smooth. The character dimensions, proportions and detail are perfectly displayed both in cinematics and gameplay. Also, the movements and natural motion of both character and surrouning are stunning. The stage and background construction and detail make this game complete in the visual sense.
    Of all of these things, the gameplay is the center of it all. The game plays smoothly and timely. The different types of fighting styles and moves that correspond are sure to continue to make the game interesting for hours. The different types of strategies one prefers utilize can associate with a similar character in the game. But what makes this game the best is the two-player battle. This game has a high replay value because of the interation between the player can be so intense. The style, entertainment and gameplay are sure to leave players wanting more. Players are sure to appriciate it as the gameplay is something to enjoy.

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