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    Feb 24th, 2007 at 02:13:38     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)

    Having now payed SC3 for a number of hours I can talk more extensively about the gameplay. Although there is a somewhat extensive single player campaign its the versus mode where, as with many fighters, the true technical aspects of the game are found. The complex parry (guard impact) system makes a return with expert players who can use this feature gaining a huge advantage over new players. This is a feature which particularly appeals to players such as myself, I particularly dislike a game where somebody who "button mashes" can beat a more experienced player. The pace of the game however is nowhere near as fast as other fighters with an emphasis on individual button combinations rather than stringing moves together (found in the combos of street fighter 3). Graphics are exceptional but despite the impressive looking levels they do not alter the gameplay in any way (with the exception of ring out victories). Another feature of note is the ability to move in a 3d carinality. Through pushing up on the control stick the character moves away from the camera, sidestepping enemy attacks.

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    Feb 24th, 2007 at 02:02:18     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)

    I have played a number of arcade and console fighters and it is with my love of the genre that I started playing soul calibur 3. When first playing the game I can't help but compare it to soul calibur 2. Characters are very familiar with only a few original characters and the others being from either the first or second game in the series. Special moves are also very easy to use with players such as myself instantly pulling off complicated and powerful combinations. From a design perspective this game instantly appeals to fans of the series due to the recognisable play style and characters.

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    Feb 10th, 2007 at 01:37:13     -    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (Street Fighter III: Third Strike) (PS2)

    Street Fighter's greatest strength has always been in its versus play. Arcade mode will keep a player entertained for only a limited amount of time and its in versus mode that the true challenge lies. So with two controllers and a couple of hours I fought cesanders and jkim for 'winner stays on' in versus mode.

    Having thoroughly explored the gameplay I can safely say that this SF3 offers a very rock paper scissors style. With all the fights taking place in 2D countering your opponents is all the more important (sidestepping is not an option). To every attack there are three options: a block, parry or a faster attack. Therefore there is very much an emergent element with knowledge and experience accumulated from previous fights. Knowing what to do when an opponent does a certain move, and which attacks of your character work (and which don't) for any given situation is key in versus mode. The reward from beating your opponent or successfully performing an ambitious combination kept us playing for ages. This combined with the short time (90 seconds on average) for a versus fight meant the game was often played between going to lectures or doing homework (a very pick up and play style). Its possible that this is now the most played game in the appartment due to the personal drive we experience to beat each other and improve.

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    Feb 10th, 2007 at 01:17:45     -    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (Street Fighter III: Third Strike) (PS2)

    I have been playing the street fighter series for a number of years, and although I have played a number of alternative fighters Street Fighter 2 was one of the first games I ever played. Loading up anniversary collection I steered clear of Street Fighter 2 eager to play the latest game in the series.

    From the start game modes are instantly familiar with an arcade, versus mode, and training. Upon selecting the arcade mode I have to say I was slightly dissapointed with the selection of characters. Now as I mentioned earlier I've played street fighter for a number of years and although characters are added to the series they are never replaced. Core characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and Akuma are present but the rest of the playable characters are completely new. It was of course nice to see a little innovation in creating new characters but I have to say that I would have prefered the original characters such as Bison to be present.

    The gameplay is quite posibly the best yet and I quickly forgot any previous criticisms (rather unhelpful for righting this blog). Character animations involve alot more sprites giving a much faster and smoother appearence to the characters movements. The backgrounds aswell have been given suitable attention with a rich multilayering of animations and even various objects (such as soda cans) which bounce in response to a character hitting the ground hard.

    Moves are instantly familiar with the quarter turns and charging moves of Capcom games so I was competitive against the AI opponent from the start. A new and very much welcome innovation is a parry system. This opens up the possibility of reversing an opponents combo as you get a slight time advantage with this aggressive blocking technique. Pressing fowards to initiate a parry makes it extremely risky since blocking is performed by holding the opposite direction. A miss timed parry will leave your guard open for some serious punishment.

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