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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 16:24:53     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    After playing more of Super Mario 64 for the N64 I've come up with a few question, firstly why there was never an N128 or N256. I suppose those names just wouldn't be as great as the N64, but they would be fun systems! (the Wii just isn't doing it for me!)

    The iconic status of SM64 is truly amazing however, and the game itself really allowed Nintendo to do and become what it is today. Some might argue for Zelda, Ocarina of Time being a major factor in Nintendo's history as well, but even that game relied heavily on SM64's success.

    Game play for this game is really great, with the button layout seemingly installed in every gamer's brain. Game roleplay-history is somewhat more detailed in this game, but really doesn't play a major role in the game itself. What does play a major role is the camera-system for the game, which really is quite innovative since Nintendo actually decided to make the camera a character in the game, and thus explain away the ability of the player to move the camera about to get a better angle.

    A fun factor in SM64 can be its bugs. Though not very prevalent, these bugs are often times very well known, being documented on YouTube, and vary from being infinitely long staircases, to very speedy ones, to levitation abilities for Mario.

    Of interest is one rumor that surrounded the game since its launch; Luigi. Many said he was an unlockable player, which certainly from my gameplay I have not seen and seems to never have been able to be unlocked. This rumor is, however, widely supported by a small graphic that appears at the base of a statue, purportedly reading "L is real 2041". In my quest to discover its meaning, I did find that the theory was posed that this was a spoiler for the Paper Mario game, which was released February 5th, 2001 (with at least one source saying it was released on the fourth), which would coincide with the 2041 in the cryptic phrase. (Of not is that the phrase is indeed blurred out, and many would say it does not even say L is real 2041". I believe this to be true however since it would seem very improbable for so many to report the text as such BEFORE February 5th 2001 when Paper Mario was actually released.

    All in all I realy actually enjoyed this game for the N64. Gameplay was great, background story just enough,l and the challenge of all 15 (or 25 including mini-games) games was great, and I really enjoyed playing it. And now to return to my Super Mario game for the DS Lite...

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 16:11:08     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Wow! Super Mario 64; it has been a long time!

    A long while back I had the pleasure of waking up one morning to the news that my cousin had been able to purchase that "brand new Nintendo system"--the Nintendo 64. With this system he had a brand new copy of Super Mario 64: while I had been upstairs playing old super mario brothers, a new world awaited me!

    SM64's nostalgia-factor is very high for many people; many have memories like mine of the first time they played it. It really pioneered the world of 3d video games on entertainment systems and brought that frontier to the millions.

    One of SM64's crowning glories today is the communal factor and social recognizability of the game itself. Everyone seems to know who Mario is, and just which Mario is saying "itsssaa meea! Mario!" Therefore, as soon as I started up the game, I had a room full of people cheering me on.

    There will be more later, as I complete more of the game!

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 12:16:37     -    Resident Evil 4 (GC)

    Alright--45 minutes later and I am ready to go! The way the background story of the game works out, you really get a feel for what type each character is. An unfortunate casualty for the gamecube version is that Leon is the only playable character in this game. Though he is the main character in the Play Station 2 game as well, the PS2 version of RE4 allows the player to also play as Ada, Leon's female protagonist who runs a parallel storyline to his throughout the game and who Leon encounters and many stages throughout the game. The characters of RE4 are really well developed through the use of cutscenes and how others respond to them in game: I really like the story each of them has connected to them!

    There weren't really all that many innovative elements to RE4. The aiming system may have been new in terms of not having been used before by other games, however I can't really discuss this as I haven't played enough shooters to know if that was true or not.

    One thing I really enjoy about RE4 is the weapon system; many different weapons one can use throughout the game, with a neat way of holding them that encourages the player to buy bigger bags to visually store items in so that they can fit in more weaponry. The way the game works, too, is to have merchants at various save points throughout the game. These merchants, then, encourage the player to gain more and more money to use to buy weapons, and trough various beatings of different parts of the games there are REALLY nice weapons that the player can unlock which I enjoy especially.

    The reward system in the game is pretty standard, nothing really new here, but it is really very well balanced in the way that it provides finances for the player. I didn't actualy object, when I first played the game, to actually playing the entire game over again, I enjoyed it so much, just to earn cash to get that "Infinate missile launcher"!

    The game progresses very nicely in terms of monsters the player is facing. It always seems to be challenging to kill all that would slaughter Leon, but it never really seems impossible, which is a nice balance to what other games give their plaers.

    Over all, I must say that I really enjoy playing RE4. It's thoroughly addictive, it is true; but it has to be a GREAT game to be so addictive in the first place, and RE4 definately matches expectations.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 12:06:56     -    Resident Evil 4 (GC)

    Resident Evil Four! It has such a nice ring, doesn't it? Yes for this gamelog I decided to risk renewal of addiction and restart that good old game of RE!

    On first start up memories came flashing back to me of long hours spent reclined in the living room, shooting up the controlled-humans of RE4. This is a new feature for the Resident Evil series; no zombies! While they certainly may be inhuman, the enemies in this game are not actually zombies, but are zombie-like humans who have been infested by "Las Plagas", a sort of alien creature that takes control of the brain!

    Upon starting, the player is already immersed in battle, having to kill an enemy in the first few minutes of gameplay alone. I love the combat system in Resident Evil; the game-makers really seemed to get the targeting system right. The right button is an aiming button, and though this might seem a bit strange to those used to more of a 007 layout to shooting it really works out well. In fact, RE was so intuitive for me I tried to bring that system of shooting over into games that weren't set up for that layout, and so whenever I play 007 now I'm always doing strange things with the right button and joystick!

    To start off the game, the player has the option to view a moderately long cutscene that explains the background of the game. What I think I love the most about this game too is that these cutscenes are completely skippable: I love watching them and getting the background story, but I would be at no way at a loss if I were to skip over them.

    I also must say I love the background story itself in RE4; it's very long and detailed, and extends throughout the game (though I wouldn't know this at this point if I had really just played it only for 45 minutes) in such a way as not to be a distraction from gameplay, but really add to it.

    I realy love this game thus far--I will give more info in the next log!

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