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    Jan 20th, 2007 at 01:30:17     -    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    Today I have been playing GTA San Andreas. I am in the middle of the missions and have found them to be quite entertaining. I enjoy traveling to the different cities on the vast highways. This game gives you a tremendous amount of freedom and things to do. My character is pretty damn gangster. I have murdered, sold drugs, and committed countless other crimes. I think this game is so popular because it allows people to do thing they would not do in the real world. It also has great designs for the cities. Los Santos resembles Los Angeles while San Fierro resembles San Francisco. They have famous places such as the Haight district and the Golden Gate Bridge. Cruzing around San Andreas has been a blast.

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    Jan 16th, 2007 at 23:15:54     -    NBA 2K7 (XBX)

    After starting my own season as the Golden State Warriors i Found this type of gameplay rather boring. The computer plays at a much slower pace then a real person. This causes the game to be slowed down and low scoring. It also takes away the main attraction of the game which I found to be competing against my friends. It was also very easy to aquire a very dominant team with a few simply trades. This makes the game very easy even after i adjusted the difficulty. Frankly I found no satisfaction while playin the computer. It simply got repetitive and boring.

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    Jan 12th, 2007 at 03:57:19     -    NBA 2K7 (XBX)

    Today I spent a couple hours playing a simulation of NBA basketball with friends. I would recommend this game only to basketball fans. It can become quite intense going up against your friends. The game has somewhat of a arcade feel to it. It is very fast paced in many ways. We seemed to score many points in 3 minute quarters. Sometimes it is unrealistic in that it is too easy to get to the rim and dunk the ball. Passing can also be a pain because it won't always pass it to the person you want. I did enjoy the jump shot system because the player must hold the "shot stick" back until the peak of the jump in order to increase the accuracy.

    I found that the game makers took the time to tweak certain player moves to fit that of the real NBA player. Also each time has a player with a star icon next to him. This player really dominates in the last minutes of games in what is called the "clutch factor". This cause very competitive shootouts between star players. All and all i found this game to be very satisfying as a video game and basketball fan.

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