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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 18:15:13     -    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    I decided instead of starting over for this game log to try to accomplish something i have been putting off since well about 1 day after I got the game. 100% Completion. When I started i was at ruffly 85% so I needed to figure out what I had missed along the way. Going back through from the beginning area through to the end was a pain but I managed to rack in a few percent due to some safe houses I had forgotten to buy. At roughly 92% I was completely stumped on what I had missed. So being lazy I went online and found a site that had all the information I needed to complete the last 8%.

    Turns out I was missing finishing the boating series and some of the delivery boy errands. Once I knew that was all I was missing it took longer to get there then it did to finish everything. And overall the travel was fast since I just stole a jet, flew to the location and parachuted instead of landing.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 21:24:34     -    Gears of War (360)

    I just bought this game for my little brother and had to test it out before I gave it to him. Unfortunately for him he won't be getting the game. My neighbor and I played thru the entire game last night it took us about 17 hrs to beat it on all 3 difficulty lvls. This game has insane graphics and great cut scenes. My favorite fight of all though is the final boss. ONe person basically has to distract him and take a beating while the other sprints past dodging his 1 shot hit and the chain gun he fires at you and all the while staying in the lighted areas to avoid having the stupid kryll kill you. The fight is hard enough on casual but on hardcore it is crazy. It took us about 15 tries to get the pathing correct and then about another 3 tries to actually get the kill, the only way to drop him is to get to the chain gun on the platform behind him and just fire til you die. The fight took us way too long the first time on casual, we just avoided him and unloaded all our ammo into him and he still was walking around, im not sure if it is possible to kill him without making it to the chain gun. Overall though this game is now one of my all time favorites.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 12:02:20     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    My friends and I sat down and played a 4 hour long tournament of Goldeneye, unfortunately my friend Brent took the overall win. The other 7 of us who played managed to only kill him 18 times in 10 rounds. The next lowest killed was myself with 27. We played with a variety of setting, everything from the man with the golden gun, to knifes only. Overall the games were incredibly fun and we had a great time. These two sessions were the first time in many years that any of us had played. It brought me back to middle school, which makes me feel old.

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    Feb 1st, 2007 at 02:54:35     -    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    Well i just tried to upload an entry and somehow managed to delete it so here goes again. I played this game two days, first time back since beating it originally. I decided to play the mini games that are spread through out the game that I had skipped in the original play through. I went back to the areas where i could do driving and flying tests to up my skills. For the most part these games posed no challenge but a few gave me unexpected trouble. The one in particular was the driving of a car on two wheels for a certain distance the the landing of that car in a specific area. Over all this game was alright the first run through but it has no replayability. The mini games on the other hand have a little more appeal in that regard.

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