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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 18:22:13     -    mario 64 (N64)

    After playing Mario 64 again I started to realize what amazing new innovations the game console opend up. I know think the best thing about Mario 64 is the fantastic worlds they have created. They incompass all sorts of fanasy levels to explore. They range from snow worlds, underwater and sunken ships, ghost worlds, a hell like arena, inside a raging valcano, a top a floating island.
    I also think Mario is a very good game because of the challenges it poses. The object of the game is to get stars that open locked doors to a bowser level, after completing a bowser leel you get a key that opens another part of peaches castle. So once you have all the keys and defeat the last Bowser you save Peach, Marios girlfriend. I like the way the designers make the player get the stars. You have to either find them or complete a puzzle in order to recieve the star. Further more they give you clues/word puzzle before you enter the level to give a clue as to where the star is or how to obtain it. So this tactic allows the player to use their mind and game skills to do ggod in the game.
    The one thing that I didnt quite like about the game was that in every level they had a star that was obtained by collecting 8 special red coins. Compared to the other stars in the other levels, this challenge alwasy bored me. I would usually play a level until I go to the coin challenge and move on. Other wise I would recomend this game as a must play.

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    Jan 19th, 2007 at 17:17:22     -    mario 64 (N64)

    Mario is no doubt a classic. From the beginning Nintendo has been cranking out Mario games, but it seems Nintendo out did it self with Mario 64. It was the first game offered for the new 3d capable console. The game is unlike any Mario game imaginable.
    The first difference I noticed was that, of course, was 3D, and can move in all different directions. The other thing I noticed real fast was the potential for Marios mobility. Instead of getting mushrooms, flowers, capes, etc. they enabled mario with ll kinds of jumps, that can get him in any desirable place. Furthermore I enjoyed the level of interactiveness within the levels. Forinstance Mario can climb trees, poles, jump on skateboard like shells or hang on to birds that swoop him up in the air.

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    Jan 12th, 2007 at 14:04:12     -    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS2)

    Battlefront is a team shooter game that uses a Star Wars format for the characters, worlds and story. Like Halo, Battlefront offers has very responsive gameplay. This action shooter alllows you to roam around vast worlds from the Star Wars Episodes 1-6 such as Naboo, Hoth, Endor, Jabbas Palace. You can play the campaign mode with the rebels, empire, republic, or CIS. Or choose to take on a friends and choose three modes of multiplayer action. I think this is a very good game. It offers lots of visual stimuation. Not only are the worlds expansive, detailed, and reminiscent of the classic movies that everyone has falen in love with on time or another, but is also chaotic and intense. My favorite part of the game, the reason why I am writing about it today is its incentive to kick ass. If you do good and are the first to kill ten people you get to play as the hero of that level. Depending on what side you play with (rebels, empire etc..) you get to be a hero or villain (darth maul, luke skywalker, vader etc, etc.). The game offers all the powers these characters have in the game. These characters are also much faster and allow for an amazing sense of flow. It only takes one blow from a lightsaber to kill someone, so raking up a high kill count in a short time is no diffcult task. Although the game is not very innovative in its game play, the fact is it doesnt really need to be. It is quite functional and wasnt trying to reinvent the shooting action type game it is. It was bringing a really good concept for a video game and mixing it with starwars and giving all kinds of options to play. I understand I my be blinded a little bit by the fact that its starwars and if it wasnt it probably wouldnt hold my attention for as long as it did. But nevertheless the game did its job and quite well might I add. So I would surely recommend this game to anyone whos ever enjoyed starwars.

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