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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 05:56:53     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    So I have began my adventure as Link in Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time. The game begins with you waking up in the Kokiri Forest by your fairy Navi, because the great Deku Tree has summoned your presence. Apparently evil forces are taking over Hyrule... again... Since I have played this game before, I tended to ignore the NPCs in town and ran around until I made 40 rupees so I can buy the Deku Shield. It is kind of frustrating to not be able to progress in the game because some chump won't let me through to see the Tree that has summoned me. I think it would have made me felt like less of a wuss if the Tree itself told me to equip myself, but oh well. After purchasing the shield, I climbed into a the little tunnel that brings you to a maze area where you must avoid a rolling boulder. At the end of this mini maze was the Kokiri sword, which allows me to progress to the Deku Tree. Upon entering the Deku Tree, you are introduced to the first dungeon in the game.

    The dungeons in this game offer a variety of different atmospheres, as well as different puzzles and enemies. This atmosphere was fairly self explanatory, I was in a gigantic tree with ladders, spiders, and lots of wood. (On a side note I found it was actually faster to hold the strafe button down and run backwards instead of normally running forward) I climbed up the ladder on my left and proceeded to jump across platforms until I went into a room where the door locked behind me. The enemy in here was simple to defeat, I just had to block a deku seed he shot at me and deflect it back to hit him. After the dialogue, leap across another platform and receive the Slingshot, which is a key item in order to complete this dungeon, and defeat the boss. Then I shot the ladder with the slingshot to exit the room. I proceeded across a few more platforms, and shot some spiders out of the vines with my slingshot. After clearing the vines, it was time to begin climbing up. I then jumped off the platform and performed a diving slash to open up the spider webs to the next area. In the next area it was a matter of setting torches on fire and pushing blocks around to progress to the next area. After falling down into the hole, I was ambushed by three of the seed shooters, and I had to successfully beat all three in order to progress to the boss fight. The first boss fight is extremely easy, you shoot the eye of the spider to stun it, and hit it with your sword while it is down. Rinse and repeat to victory.

    Once the boss was defeated, it was off to Hyrule Castle to pay Zelda a visit. However, before I was allowed to leave the forest I received the Ocarina in a cut scene, oh joy. Now it was time to run across Hyrule Field until I reached the castle. During the day, no enemies spawn, so its more convenient to hurry the hell up before it turns dark. You can actually make the run before it turns dark if you go into strafe mode and run backwards. I proceeded to run through town and talk to Malon, who calls me a fairy boy. (Haha) Then I ran back out and back into town to trigger the scene where she moves outside the castle gates and gives me an egg. I climbed the vine to her right, and began my sneaking mission to meet with Princess Zelda. The guards who defend the castle are quite blind and deaf, as you do not really have to be careful at all to sneak past them. After sneaking past a few guards, it was time to wait till it was morning so the egg would hatch and I can awake Talon. While I waited, I pushed a box into position so I can make a leap into the castle walls through a small water way. It was time to continue my sneaking mission, however this feat was quite easy with how stupid the guards are. You can literally follow right behind them and they won't even notice you. After sneaking through the courtyard, I initiated a cut scene with Zelda who told me of her prophecies, and I learned my first Ocarina song. This is where I ended my game session.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 05:27:25     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is an action/adventure game where you play as Link. Princess Zelda embarks you on an adventure where you must travel through time to defeat the evil Ganondorf and save Hyrule.

    This game had it all when it released, great sound, great graphics, and most importantly great game play. This is one of the few games where I actually remember some of the music scores, especially the Spanish Flamenco music. Link moves about in a 3d world, capable of 360 degrees of movement within a level's design. The control scheme is set up using the center analog stick of the n64 controller, and walking/running is pressure sensitive. The game offers various different kinds of attacks and weapons. Notably, you still use the sword and shield as your main weaponry to battle your enemies, but this game introduces a new feature in which you must use to progress in certain parts. This new feature, the Ocarina of Time, allows you to do things such as change between night and day and call your horse Epona. Traditional Zelda weapons also make their appearances, such as the bombs, bow and arrow, and the hook-shot. Although some new weapons have surfaced, such as the Deku seed. This game also introduces a great targeting system in which you can lock on your enemies instead of the traditional four directional slashing Zelda combat. Furthermore, this game offers you a fairy assistant that is automatically coded to expose certain hints to solve puzzles, offer advice, and even point out enemies. Another distinct feature of this is it allows you to play as two different Links, young and older. The game also has an inventory system which allows you quick access to three items that you can set to C buttons from the inventory screen.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 06:32:49     -    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time (SNES)

    After selecting Raphael and getting plunged into the first stage, "The Big Apple." It was time to kick some ass. I began the stage by using Raphael's special dash move to dispatch all enemies that come at you at the very beginning. Then as enemies appear from elevators in the background, I hit one and grappled him and used the slam technique to kill all the other ones who came off. On the next screen, it was a matter of dodging a wrecking ball while slide dashing attacking all the enemies on the screen. It's a rather cheap strategy to use, but slide dashing with Raphael is so effective because you can kill most enemies in one hit. In the next area, I lured the enemies who come off the elevator near an explosive barrel, and hit it to kill them all. In the next screen, I continued slide dashing and ground smashing to dispatch all enemies, and jumped to avoid the random robot's laser eye attack. Then it was just a matter of dodging one more wrecking ball and finish off the rest of the enemies in the area. Now it was time for the first boss fight, a fly named Baxter. He is an extremely easy boss, all you have to do is dodge his machine gun fire, which is easy to predict. Then, just do a standard jumping attack until he is defeated. Not really much strategy involved, but that's how I've learned to defeat him easily through my experience of playing this game.

    The next level, "Alleycat Blues" is even more simple than the first level. There are more enemies at one time, but there are less obstacles to dodge. However, being clustered with enemies is a good thing in this game, since all you have to really do is slide dash into a crowd of them, or kill them with a ground smash. The trick is to get them to gather around you on the left and right. This level also introduced a new type of enemy besides the standard grunt, little robots that pop out of the ground that are killed with one hit. Nothing too frightening. This level also introduces the spinning hurricane power up that sends your turtle into a spinning frenzy for a short period of time, however this enables him to kill anything he comes in contact with during the period of time. The next Boss, the "Machine Head" is even more simple than the first boss. All I had to do to defeat this guy was trap him on the edge of the screen when he tried to jump kick me and my slide dash would hit him 3-4 times. I defeated him in a matter of seconds.

    The next level is considered to be a bonus stage called "Sewer Surfing." This level is different because now you are on a surfboard and aren't allowed to do special dashes or throws. Since I don't really care about my score, I spent most of this level dodging enemies without moving too far from the bottom of the screen. This level also introduces random aliens you never see later in that game that hop out of the water in a predictable manner which you can dodge by just sitting at the bottom of the screen. Also, there are 2 obstacles you must dodge, spiky fences and mines in the water. Nothing that is surprising after you have beaten the game more than two times. Now it was time to fight the boss of this level, "The Rat King." He has two different types of attacks, torpedoes he shoots out from the side or a scatter type shot he shots out of the center of his vehicle. To defeat this boss, I employed the "lets take damage from his weak center shot, while spamming kick on his vehicle to kill him" strategy. I guess you can say he was easier than the first two previous bosses since I killed him by centering my surfboard with the center of his ship and just spam kick without even dodging his center attack.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 06:11:10     -    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time (SNES)

    This has to be my favorite SNES game of all time. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time is a 2-D side scrolling fighting game where you can be any of the 4 Ninja Turtles from the series. The game begins after you select one of the four turtles at your disposal, but me choosing anyone but Raphael is unlikely. The story is introduced after the character select screen in the form of a cut scene, the turtles are watching T.V. and they notice Krang steals the Statue of Liberty on the news.

    The movement in the game is 4 directional on a 2-D side scrolling plane, within the levels boundaries. Each turtle has their own distinct attacks and special moves, but I find Raphael to be drastically overpowered. His attacks are quick, and he has a sliding dash special that completely destroys crowds of enemies with very little effort. Aside from your standard kick and slash, your turtle can do more advanced moves after one initial hit. After an it initial hit, its possible for your turtle to throw enemies off the screen, or do a a smashing attack where he repeatedly smashes your grappled enemy into the ground. This move is particularly helpful because you can smash other enemies with the body you have grappled and kill as many as up to 4 enemies at once with this. There are also 2 different types of power ups in the game. There is a Pizza which regains your health fully, or the spinning hurricane power up which grants your turtle the power to spin around and kill everything in his path for a short period of time.

    There are basically 5 different types of basic enemies in the game, with bosses at the end of each stage. Enemies attack in predetermined waves, they do not differ from game to game. You advance through a level by defeating all enemies on screen, then moving to your right. You pass a stage by defeating the boss at the end. Stages are fairly short, but they are packed full of enemies. The boss fights can prove to be difficult, until you learn how to defeat them with ease through repeated play. Some stages offer obstacles you have to dodge, so you have to be quick on your feet in order to avoid unnecessary damage. The game ends if you run out of 3 lives, or you defeat the final boss. The game keeps score depending on how many enemies you defeat, one defeated enemy is one point. The score has really no affect on the outcome of play, however.

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