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    Feb 1st, 2007 at 23:14:06     -    Dark Cloud (PS2)

    As i said earlier the world-building aspect is a huge part of the game. As the Fairy King promised, you do have to reconstruct villages.

    the character's houses can be rotated and replaced to meet their request. When you find laundry in the dungeons, you can grab it and place it within the character's apartment. After you've fulfilled all of the character's requests, an event takes place - for example, the character will reward you with an item of value. By meeting the needs of the different villagers, important items are gained and useful areas like village stores are opened.

    This idea is fairly new and interesting, although it isn't really like you're building this big RPG world. It's really just a cool way to facilitate story and game movement. Its very fun to just play around with how "you" want the villages to look.

    Dark Cloud is colorful. It simply looks like a first generation game. One of the problems with randomized levels is the same look throughout each one.

    The largely instrumental music is very generic. Thankfully, it isn't lousy, but it doesn't add to the game. Plus, the tracks get reused often. There are also generic sound effects and no voices. Although the music may suck there are easy ways to take care of that.... Just turn of the sound. There's is absolutely no talking in the game so your not missing much if an event is going down.

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    Feb 1st, 2007 at 23:13:56     -    Dark Cloud (PS2)

    Dark Cloud follows a different style of gaming. Without levels such as seen in Zelda, the random levels lean towards the idea of stamina. The treasures and Atla spheres are randomly laid out, but there's a map and a magic crystal to point out the item locations. In order to proceed to the next level floor, you must kill the one randomly chosen enemy carrying the key.

    When you finish one level, you have the option of continuing or exiting out of the dungeon. Exiting allows you to work on rebuilding your town, stock up on supplies, and save your game. When you return to the dungeon, you can pick up right on the floor where you left off. You can even replay any of levels you have already visited in case you want to increase your stats for weapons.

    With the emphasis on dungeon progression, weapon development is an fun part of the game. The weapon development system is easy, yet deep enough to be interesting. If the right aspects are improved within a weapon, the weapon can be built into a new form.

    Weapons can be damaged and broken. The Weapon Hit Points meter keeps your weapons usage in check, requiring you to use repair items before your weapon is damaged completely to the point to where its gone forever. If you don't plan ahead, just think about how much fun it will be to fight a large wear wolf with a dinky broken slingshot, hitting only 1 point of damage.

    Out of nowhere, several battles found throughout the game are DDR style and rhythm exercises. I don't understand why they are in here when the lock-on battle system works well enough. Guess it's to add some flavor, even though the flavor is a little old. Although very random but it has its kicks to it. Its just a small work out for your fingers... Not even a workout persay. Dark Cloud is a fun game with endless hours of fun.

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    Feb 1st, 2007 at 23:11:26     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    On another note James Bond 007 has a 3-d visual. While you can see the enemys some what paper like, they move like a 3-d game. One can strafe left or right while shooting their weapon. Having this in the heat of battle is the best defense as well as best offense. Having both, one can be unbeatable.

    If you think you beat the game and thats it. Theres more to it than you know. Having the 007 mode you can get cheats and other major cool parts to the game. For example, having the silver gun allows you to shoot through doors hoping to hit an enemy and will kill that enemy in one gun fire. Having the golden gun will kill any enemy anywhere. You could hit them in the leg, arm, head, or chest. No matter the gun shot wound a person can will fall to his death in an instance.

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    Feb 1st, 2007 at 23:11:14     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    I highly recommend this game to people who would like to own a action-filled game. This game has 25 levels with multiple objectives to complete for each level in 3 modes: Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent. Obviously, the higher mode you do, the more complicated, difficult, and stragetic the game gets. Plus, there is more objectives to do.

    Some pros of the game are:
    Great graphics (for N64)
    25 enormous levels with 3 challenging modes
    Many characters in multi-player
    Huge arsenal of weapons
    Addictive gameplay
    Many unsolved cheats

    Multi-player levels aren't all fun.

    Overall, I would give this game a 3.5!

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