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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 15:36:31     -    Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

    The narrative storyline in this game is absolutely superb! After my last post I began paying more attention to the storyline and was very impressed. Final Fantasy XII’s storyline is very involving with a very great story. On top of just having a great storyline the storyline seamlessly ties together with the action in the gameplay. The game seems to move from player controlling the action to narrative driving CGI videos and back to the player controlled action without making the two seem like discrete realms of the game, i.e. the game play and the video clips. One method that I noticed that adds to this effect was that the NPCs and the environment are in the same place and in the CGI videos as they are in the actual game play.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 15:21:49     -    Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

    I am about 30 hours into Final Fantasy XII and the game still has not gotten old or tiring. I particularly enjoy how the game designers designed the narrative progression of the game. From as far as I can tell the designers planned the game to have a loose narrative progression in the beginning then slowly make the story line more and more prevalent in the game play. Originally in the beginning of the game I was sort of left wondering what was the driving plot behind the game because I was just doing odd jobs for NPCs in the game such as Old Dalan, but for the most part I was allowed to just freely explore the game world until such things as an impassible object such as a river in the Eastersands or mobs that were just to high leveled for the players characters to handle at that point in the game. Then as the game moves on the narrative story becomes a bigger and bigger part of the game to the point that I am now where I no longer explore much but am more focused on following the storyline. This was very well done as I never noticed the slow transition from open exploration to a primarily storyline driven game. This was an ingenious design strategy because it allowed players such as myself who love to explore the game world a chance to get that out of my system, then move onto the main meat of the game.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 15:18:45     -    X-men: Legends (GC)

    X-Men: Legends is most definitely a game of progression, since the characters in the game follow a narrative storyline and are confronted by various challenges pre-defined by the designers. The game has couple features that I absolutely love first and foremost being the multiplayer dimension of the game and the ability to combine powers to make high powered combos! The ability for the player to immerse themselves in a RPG/adventure style of game with multiple players is great considering most games from those genres (with the exception of MMORPGs) are very solitary and single player based. I also really enjoyed the fully destructible environments within the game. Who wouldn’t like going into a feral rage with Wolverine and destroying everything in a room enemies, machinery, and walls alike! So far my dislikes are the inability to reallocate ability points, this is just something I am picky about in my RPGs because sometimes a player will not know what powers are actually useful until they can see them in action but in this game if the player makes a poor decision in powers they could be stuck with a character who is effectively useless. The other critique I have about X-men: Legends is the level design seems fairly mundane. Every level feels roughly the same with no real difference except for scenery and the type of enemies that the player will confront.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 14:47:39     -    X-men: Legends (GC)

    X-men Legends is an action/adventure/RPG game based on the Marvel comics X-men. In X-men Legends the player gets to build a team of super heroes (such as Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, etc...) to save the world! The game uses a top down view where the player controls four characters to explore and complete goals or missions in the game. The player gets to select one character to be theirs solely to control and the other three characters are controlled by the games AI. A very exciting and unique aspect of a game of the somewhat RPG genre is the ability to have multiple player, one for each character on the team. The game has an experience system where the characters that are being played gain experience for defeating enemies or completing goals which in turn can level up your character to gain new abilities.

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