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    Jan 15th, 2008 at 03:00:09     -    Runescape (PC)

    Just lost internet connection as sending re-writing but finished before midnight


    After playing for a bit more time I have accomplished the simple yet effective needs of the game. Simple things like chopping wood or mining and more inclusive needs such as killing monsters with weapons created from metals that I got after mining. There have been a few good parts, and I haven't lost interest. But all-in-all there is the strange feeling of simplicity to it.

    Some parts have become a bit more fun now that I can easily manuever and talk to people. Others are still strange and unsettling to me. But in the last few hours (less than 3) I can now blow kisses to people while running in circles and talking to them. Before most of this was not comprehendable. It is not easy to interact with other users who can actual play the game (real life people sharing the world with me) and many of them choose not to trade. But the computer based people just stand around waiting so as they teach me things I'm practicing with their characters.

    I do enjoy the game in that it allows another wordly view to most regular occuracnces in my actual day-to-day life. But at the same time the lack of originality is making me rethink what each part might have been inspired from and where I know it all to be connected to. Still, working on a few quests has allowed me to learn how to use my chracter, the world and my surroundings. But I don't feel like there's much more for me to learn. It will be a lot of the same actions to accomplish different goals within the quests.


    I think the overall design of the game is fair, not exciting but not horrifically old. The people are not realisitic, but their clothes, skin and hair work on masking that quite a bit. Howeverm the outside world (forests, pools of whatever, fields etc) are very limited and similar with a lack of originality and a copy-paste kind of feel to the lack of originality. The only times anything slightly differs in a rock or among flowers is when it is needed for a quest or it is an object to be used, no variations to the majority of surroundings. I felt a very strong urge of the King's Quest series as I played and almosted wanted to switch games.

    What made me what to switch to something else is the lack if tangiable (and related) challendes. While there are many different quests. There is no overall goal. Not a story plot to explain why everything can be done. No final outcome to complete. Just a bunch of seperate and unrelated quests with seperated missions and tasks. There is motivation in the need to finish for some. But I can easily see others giving up mid game after just one or two quests are done as opposed to working on everything.

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    Jan 15th, 2008 at 01:43:22     -    Runescape (PC)

    In Runescape you begin by creating a character that goes through a world and learns survival skills, how to communicate, trading with other players among quite a few other things. You have a backpack or "inventory" that you can carry and save things but can also use things around and near you in the forest, fields or houses.

    When I first began playing this game, which was suggested to be by my little brother (16), I was on the phone as he talked me through starting it out. After I began playing the tutorial however I became engulfed. It was new and different but still similar to other games I play. I loved Age of Empires and the way you move the person around and click on items to choose them is very similar. I also play Sims and the constant communication with the people who are teaching me the game was a bit confusing at first but made it seem like an actual interaction.

    Because I haven't gotten into an actual game, just the pre-explanitive one I'm not sure what the outsome or goal will be. But so far I like the fell of an outdoors living on your own kind of "starting from scratch" approach that this gives. While it is similar to the mini-games of Age of Empires in that you start with very little and then must build up the scenes and environment are similar to WOW (World of Warcraft).

    The characters in my "world" also are at different levels. I'm not sure how to upgrade yet, or what all I'll need, but while chatting and trading with other players I cannot only see their user names but their levels and other information as well. It seems that most people in this world are actual members of the real world who get to interact (same as myself) with others on the website.

    I to plan to continue playing but as it is a very interactive game, it will also be a very addicting game. So I'll pace myself. However the most difficulty I've had thus far are the lack of "rules". Perhaps it's because I'm in the tutorial and not yet set out on a mission (or whatever will come) but there has not been a long term explaination given to me. I just get different directions from those I interact with that tell me what I can or cannot do to survive, move on, gain items etc.

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