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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 21:55:59     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)


    Carl Johnson, CJ, comes back to Los Santos after leaving five years ago. After he returns to his home, he finds that the city he lives in corrupted by drug dealers and gang bangers. The game, filled with an entire cast of characters, takes CJ on a journey throughout the entire state of San Andreas. In doing so, CJ begins to gain power over current gangs, gets a number of different girlfriends, and saves his family from harm.


    While starting out this game, the game has the gamer complete introduction missions, which helps the gamer "get the feel" of playing San Andreas. This game is a three dimensional free-roaming playground. There are pretty much no rules in this game. You can steal whatever car you want, kill anyone, and have different styled hair cuts along with different outfits. San Andreas basically allows the gamer to live in a real world. You can also workout to get buffer, increase your stamina, or learn different fighting styles. When you commit crimes, the cops come and you can get busted and put in jail. What most surprises me is the scale of the game. The free-roaming land is unbelievably huge for an RPG. To get from city to city, i found myself driving vehicles for 10 or 15 minutes! The missions that are required of the gamer are starting out pretty easy but as I am progressing throughout the game, I can feel that the missions are becoming more difficult to accomplish. This is good because by providing a challenge, it keeps the gamer in the magic circle. So far after playing this game for about an hour, I am still completing Los Santos missions. This game is very bloody. I like.

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    Feb 19th, 2008 at 20:08:44     -    skate. (360)

    Gamelog #2

    What is also good about this game is all the professional skaters they included in this game. As the gamer, you get to meet each of these skaters individually and must complete one of their challenges. By completing their challenge, you unlock their character. So far I have unlocked most of them. Some have really hard challenges which makes the game even more difficult to complete. After a couple hours, I have gotten used to the "flickit" technique. What I like about the fickit system is that, you can't land every trick that you want to. You have to accurately flick the joystick in the right position in order to do a certain trick. This is similar in real life. Rather than using joysticks, you just use your legs. Sometimes you never land the trick that you try. This makes the realism in this game that much better.

    Another thing I noticed during the challenges was that it is really similar to real skateboarding. Whenever I skateboard, it takes me multiple times to land a certain trick. In Skate, the challenges provide the exact same thing. They are not meant to have the gamer complete each challenge on the first try. You must get better and better at the game in order to move on to other challenges and to unlock more things. This also keeps the gamer interested in the game because it makes the gamer feel good about him or herself when they accomplish a challenge.


    Skate provides a beautiful skate world with elementary schools, high rise buildings, metropolitan skate areas, and hidden skate parks. The amazing thing in this game is how everyone in the gameworld can interact. With other skateboarders, you can crash into them and fall off your board, you can hit walking pedestrians, get tackled by security guards when skating in no-skate zones. The world is similar to grand theft auto in the sense of having a free-roaming land. San Vanelona is huge. It takes like 10-15 minutes to get across the map.

    The sound effects in this game are also really good. The sound of the skateboarding jumping and landing off different surfaces are different. Also when doing powerslides, grinds, and bombing hills. When the skater goes really fast down hills, the board begins to wobble. This adds to the realism of the game. Overall, the lighting, picture, and sound is on point. Sometimes the sound lags a little but other than that the design is flawless.

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    Feb 19th, 2008 at 18:46:17     -    skate. (360)


    EA’s skate., is about one skater’s journey to becoming a world professional skateboarder. In order to achieve this goal, the skater must complete a series of challenges and tasks in the fictional game world of San Vanelona. Skate brings a whole new definition of realism with the new “flickit” technique. It takes away all the fake skateboarding aspects of Tony Hawk and brings reality and physics to the extreme sport of skateboarding.


    Being a fan of Tony Hawk since I was little, learning how to skateboard in Skate was very difficult. The game starts out with many tutorial sessions on how to use the new “flickit” system. Rather than button mashing, Skate has found a way to use the joysticks to control the board. By using the control sticks to control the board and how to skate, it provides the game with realism and authenticity of skateboarding. The game provides many challenges and tasks to complete. While attempting to complete these challenges, I found it very difficult compared to Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. Physics takes a large role in this game. In order to grind and ollie off of things, the gamer must calculate the distance and speed and timing to pull off certain tricks.

    The challenges in the game consist of playing s.k.a.t.e, like horse in basketball, racing down steep hills, doing photoshoots or the cover of famous skateboarding magazines, and nailing down high scores and difficult tricks. The graphics in this game are also flawless. The one I do not like about it so far is the load time. It takes a really long time to load the game which is annoying. But the one thing that must be admired in this game is the realism. When I skated out on the street, I got hit by a car and broke 3 bones. In Tony Hawk, cars automatically stop for you and you can grind on the cars. In Skate, that does not happen. It acts as if you were a real skateboarder, skating in a real world. Cars do not stop for you and people do not jump out of your way. As the skateboarder, it becomes your job to move out of the way and control yourself.

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    Feb 6th, 2008 at 22:07:47     -    GUN (PC)


    GUN is a third person shooting game set in a western, free-roaming land. Colton White, the main character of the game, embarks on a journey throughout the Wild Wild West after an incident on the river boat, resulting in his father death. As Colton journeys through the land and completes more missions, he comes one step closer in figuring out his mysterious past, discovers an even bigger mystery that is linked to his father, and finding the Holy Grail, an item of limitless fortune.


    I have found this game to be a western version of Grand Theft Auto. The game begins with the story of a man named Colton White and his father Ned White. The game is similar to Grand Theft Auto because there are different scenes of the storyline where it’s like a movie. Then the gamer gets to play, shooting different enemies with a pistol or a rifle. After you’re done killing everyone or your current mission, the game goes back to the story. So far, the game is pretty violent. There is not much censoring and it shows heads blowing off, blood spewing everywhere, and limbs being severed.

    What I like about it so far is that the game teaches you how to play the game, shows you which buttons to use, and how to ride a horse. It has the player practice shooting a pistol and a rifle on different animals. It also teaches you how to use “quickdraw” mode, a mode similar to The Matrix where everything slows down so it gives the gamer an advantage in shooting more targets. Currently, I have finished all the tutorials and am currently on my way to Dodge City to find the Preacher who led the attack on the Riverboat. What is most interesting so far are definitely the cinematic features.


    So far I have been playing this game for about two hours and I must admit it is pretty enjoyable to play. I love all the blood and gore but that is not what is fun about this game. What’s cool about this game is the wide selection of weapons. You can choose from pistols, to Winchester rifles, bows and arrows, crossbows, swords, Indian axes, dynamite, flammable flasks, sharpshooters, shot-guns, etc. The game provides the gamer with a sense of excitement while playing because the game is filled with so much action and mystery.

    The game does not provide much strategy or puzzle, rather it is more of a missions game. You mainly just kill a lot of people, Indians, and Chinese people. To me, I thought this game was a little offensive to Indians and Chinese people because they referred to them as “redskins” and chinamen”. But then I realized that they were called those names back in that time, which aids in the authenticity of the game. There are also a lot of side missions such as a “wanted list” where you go about the land and hunt down wanted outlaws.


    The design of this game was pretty good. The sound effects of the game were really on point, meaning the galloping of the horses, the sound of each weapon is accurate. Also, the land in the game of GUN is very spacious like Grand Theft Auto. The game has many free roaming animals such as dogs, sheep, horses, and buffalo. There are grassy plains, Rocky Mountains, blue rivers and water falls, western towns, and farmlands. There are not levels but when completing a certain number of missions, your weapons get upgraded and also your health. The game does provide a challenge because sometimes you are bombarded with so many enemies. Also, the bosses are difficult to beat because they have a really high health and their weapons are even stronger. Overall, this game is very enjoyable due to its interesting story and provides a lot of action and excitement.

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