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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 13:01:55     -    Final Fantasy XI (Arcade)

    GameLog ~ Last entry


    The next day I logged onto the game and my shell had nothing scheduled planned. So that made me excited and I wanted to do something that I don’t normally get to do, Merit. Meriting is a type of experience points you get once your character is level 75. It is different from regular experience points such as, every 10,000 xp u get while in merit mode you receive 1 merit, with a maximum on holding up to 10 total merits. These merits are used to buff your character up in certain attributes like upping your strength, a job ability, and many more.

    So I wanted to make a merit party (group of seven people get together to kill monsters to gain merits). After about 30 minutes of making the party with a few friends including myself and two other complete strangers who were seeking for a merit party the party was complete. The process of creating a merit party is very hectic for me. I generally don’t like to make the parties, since it is very stressful but this time I had no other option of wait some 2 extra hours to get an invite.

    The party consisted of Paladin (me), Redmage, Bard, Thief, Samari, Warrior. We decided to party at Bhaflau Thickets and kill sea puks and Mamool Ja’s. The style of merit parties is very different from endgame, the concept is the same but the style is entirely different. In merit parties you want to kill the monsters as fast as you can. It is a nice rush in the game. Because every mob in a merit party is only alive for an average of one minute, and the next one is there and ready when the one you’re fighting dies. I like the rush, and I was most certainly getting one while parting.

    The party lasted two hours and we each got about 3 merits. Making that about 15k exp an hour, which is pretty average to today’s standards. Some parties get up to 20-25k an hour. It is very interesting how people get such insane amounts of experience points per hour. It drives you to obtain better gear and up you skill at your job to do better in the experience point area, because if you are good at that it makes the game so much easier. I am not all the way and am driving myself to be better especially for a paladin.


    What I like a lot about FFXI is the free world environment. How you can basically walk anywhere you please with no level restriction applied. And what makes the free world environment even better is the 3-D graphics that FFXI comes with. The movement in the game I would say is pretty good. I have never had any complaints and don’t see how the following aspects could be improved.

    The interaction between people in the game is amazing. Because you can talk to them specifically with a /tell “name”, to a group of people in your party by /party, talk to your linkshell with /linkshell, to a group of people within you region with /say, and to anyone that is on the map with /shout. So it is pretty nice how they set up the chat functions in the game.

    Some things I would change about the game are I would like to see some jumping action put in. It is nice entertainment to see my character jump while running etc. The main one would be the balance of jobs in the game. I know each one has its own advantages and disadvantages but some jobs that are in the same class as others have more advantages.

    Like say Dragoon compared to Warrior. Warrior has the most strength in the game with Dragoon pulling up the 5th highest. Warrior is a far better Damage Dealer than Dragoon could ever been. A really pimped Dragoon could keep up to parse with a decently geared Warrior. But if the Warrior was really pimped out the Dragoon would have no chance. And because of this people lean towards more jobs than others and basically make the other jobs extinct in the game anymore. So that would be a nice change, to balance out the jobs in FFXI.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 03:38:09     -    Final Fantasy XI (Arcade)

    Gamelog ~Final entry

    Final Fantasy XI

    Final Fantasy XI is a MMORPG that is played around the world. From Japan to Europe, and most definitely America; you interact with a character that you choose from 5 different races (hume, elvaan, tarutaru, mithra, and galka) and name at the beginning. Once you get your character activated you have basically started a whole new life on a specific server with the console of your choice being pc/ps2/or xbox360. FFXI is a never ending game, even if you complete all the missions, and level all the jobs to 75, you still are on an everlasting quest to buff your character up and fight notorious monsters.

    I have been playing FFXI for the past four years. Since I have been playing for such a long time I have been able to level Paladin to 75, a tanking class to the max level in the game, complete 4 out of the 5 storylines, and a HNML (high notorious monster linkshell) in the game, and obtain many pieces of gear to improve my ability to do my job/class. A HNML is a basically where many people get together in the game to take on very high leveled monsters together, with different rolls to defeat it, because they cant be beaten alone.

    I figured I would explain how my HNML and I took down a very popular NM (notorious monster) in the game the duration of two hours. I logged into the game on Kumar, my character, and onto my HNML shell named Apex. Everyone was gathering together to take down the NM Proto-Omega. Proto-Omega is a NM fight that only allows 18 people in at once and gives you a 30 minute time limit to defeat the mob.

    I got to the area where we were gathering, and only 10 people were there and I couldn’t wait to take down Omega. So we had to wait awhile tell the rest of the people showed up to start the fight. In the process of waiting 30 extra minutes I talked to some of my linkshell mates. When playing FFXI you make friends on the game as you would in real life. So to waste time just sitting and waiting, I was laughing and messing around with my online friends to keep myself interested. After the wait and having to enter, we had a total of 15 people there and decide to get ready for the fight so I was disappointed. Since three of the people decided not to show, it made it harder on us to defeat the nm. Even though it was still possible it was still a let down because it would be harder.

    Getting ready for the fight, we went over the strategy. On how many tanks we would have, healers/mages, Damage Dealers, support jobs, etc. So we could successfully pull of this fight with a win. I was actually a little bored because this was about the 10th time I have done this fight before and all I wanted to do was just get in there and kill the sucker.

    Once we were done with that and entered, myself (one of the tanks) and my friend entered towards the nm first. Holding it to gain some hate, than after a minute or so and establishing enough hate with the healers keeping us alive the DD’s (damage dealers) move in and start waking Proto-Omega to a pulp. At this time I was having a blast. I love tanking; it is one of the most player concentrated jobs in the game. You have to be solemnly focused on the mob and others. Making sure you have hate and it is only you getting hit, because if you die basically everyone will start to die. I love the rush I get while tanking. After 10 minutes of fighting, Proto-Omega drops. We had won he fight, with only 2 deaths in the party and a successful linkshell win.

    The reason why people take on NM’s is mainly for the drops that come from killing it and the right to say you have killed the mob. I am no longer in it for the glory of the kill but for the drops. Proto-Omega drops homam pieces which 5 job classes thief/paladin/dark knight/blue mage/dragoon can equip. I am currently 1/5 on the drops of Omega, only having the legs. The homam pieces are some of the best tanking gear for paladin in the game and overall some of the best for most damage dealer jobs that can equip it. This time the head and feet dropped. I was excited because I need the feet and do not care for the head, but sadly I lost the lot on the feet. But I was glad it was going to another member who would bring them to good use.

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Mar 6th, 2008 at 03:39:05.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:36:44     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Super Mario 64


    Playing Super Mario 64 has to definitely be one of my most favorite games on the Nintendo 64. After progressing more into the game, with the levels getting more challenging to achieve the small tasks you are asked to do. I realize how long the game really is. That you can beat the game as soon as you get enough stars to enter and defeat the final Bowser, but collecting all the stars in the game is the real challenge. I believe it is 150 stars. I didn’t now have enough time to beat the game, so my goal was to collect as many stars as possible within the next hour of playing.
    I was pleased to no matter where you went in the game, you were not limited to which moves you could use. The wall jumps, triple jumps, long jumps, etc. I was left to how I wanted to finish the level how I wanted.
    At the end of the game play I ended up with about 55 stars. I wasn’t fully satisfied but realized how much I had done within 150minutes of game play I was pleased. Defeating the first two Browsers, and collecting about 1/3 the total stars in the game.


    I liked how Super Mario 64 was in a 3-D world. It brought me more into the game because it made it more realistic. Also the fact that you can change your camera angle (which took awhile to get use to) almost too any position you could think of was amazing. So no matter what angle or weird position you were in you had a view.
    Although it brought the realistic approach to the game through 3-D it was able to bring the player back to reality from the bright colors and cartoonish look to the game. So you knew it was only a game, and you were the person controlling the outcome of it.
    Mario, Bower, toads, and even the enemies in the game were created very well. But was even better was how you (the controller of Mario) could use the game play space as you please. How you could go wherever u wanted in the game world, and have very few limitations. Plus how the monsters in the world would follows you no matter where you went, for a certain distance. The design of this game was fantastic and I don’t know how else I would have made it better.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:30:18     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Gamelog4~entry 1
    Super Mario 64


    In Super Mario 64 you are on a quest to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Through out the game you collect stars from a variety of many missions within the paintings in Princess Peach’s Castle. The more stars you collect the more levels are opened up which brings you closer to the point of defeating Bowser and rescuing the princess.


    This time playing Super Mario 64 and looking at the gaming aspects of it was pretty awesome. The story line was not much of a shock, pretty much every Mario game deals with him rescuing Princess Peach one way or another and in the process defeating Bowser. So the story seemed like it would be overall bland, but to my surprise it wasn’t. Taken as a whole it may be the same, but the journey to actually achieving your main goal is entirely different.
    I liked how the storyline took place inside her actually castle. As if it was overtaken by Bowser and you were the last hope to save the day. I also liked how the levels took place inside the paintings on the wall. It brought me more into the actual game because; there were so many different types of paintings which set you up for so many types of environment of game play. Because of this I couldn’t wait to try out all the levels more and more. To see all the different challenge and obstacles I was sure to face.
    While playing and going from level to level, painting to painting time went by quickly. An hour and a half had already gone by and I had already defeated the first Browser and collect about 30 stars.

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