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    Feb 6th, 2008 at 21:09:44     -    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360)


    In the next 45 minutes I am assigned to find one of the bad guys (leader). The game continues to show life like situation in a war. For example, I would check my corners, hide behind walls, duck and shoot. I've died many times because of grenades being thrown at me which I could have thrown back. Because I died so many times, I learn from my mistakes and now I'm doing better at taking cover and throwing grenades back at the enemy.

    The game is still intense, especially when an enemy comes out of nowhere. When enemies pop-up, it is important for me to be able to react quickly and aim sharply. The game is kind of gross, mainly because of the bodies laying around and the condition of some of the cities. Because the people and cities are so life-like it makes it scarier.

    Like I said before, the game is still intense but I feel like I'm already getting a little bit bored of it. I believe that the game is tiring because you're doing the same thing all the time, killing people. There's no real challenge, such as "bosses", in other games. In this game there are just people with the same strength.


    The elements that make this game good is that the war feeling to this game is real in our world today. Some players may know people in the war right now or may want to join the army. This game allows the player to experience the war-like feeling. The game also has missions to complete which is a good element because it gives the player a sense of accomplishment when the mission is complete. So far, there aren't really any levels. There are only different places of combat and different missions. However, the various battle places are interesting and have different feels.

    This game creates conflict by needing to kill the enemies before they kill you. This is one of the challenges that the player will encounter in the game. Another challenge would be to learn to be quick in movement and swift with aim. Just feeling like you're in war makes the game interesting because you will feel like you are a "hero" and taking out the bad guys.

    The reward structure was likable because after completing a mission you feel like you've done something to help your nation. The cutscenes were also interesting because it gave you a feel for all the horrible things that are happening in real life. The different scenes were very life-like and scary which caught my attention and even made me jump.

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    Feb 6th, 2008 at 20:08:37     -    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360)


    Call of Duty 4 is a one to four player game where you fight as a member of the U.S. forces. It is a fisrt-person shooter game equipped with various war guns and grenades. Call of Duty 4 is a part of the Call of Duty video game series. The player combats in different scenarios to complete a certain mission given to them.


    Wow! This game is very dramatic, making it feel like I was really part of the game and in the game. The way the characters talk makes me feel like I'm actually a soldier and that I have to get the mission done, like it's my duty. In the beginning of the game, I mostly trained to shoot and throw grenades. The trainning was even intense because I had to move quickly and shoot quickly. It was a good start because it gave me a feel for how the game was going to be. Even the trainning was not easy so I knew that the game would not be either and it's good that the game isn't easy because it gives challenges.

    The story of the game was a little hard for me to follow just because I didn't know some terms. But overall, the cut scenes were very intense and scary. They really made it feel like I was part of the war that's going on today. The progression is interesting because there are certain missions and things that I have to pick up or save. When I do complete the mission I feel really accomplished and that I contributed to helping my nation.

    To me it felt like I was really important in the storyline because I was one the soldiers and I know that my fellow soldiers look out for me. For example, when we were esacping the sinking ship, my captian helped me onto the helicopter before I slipped off. Also, when we are in combat I need to look our for my fellow team mates too. This is what makes me feel important and strong.

    So far I'm really enjoying the game, maybe because this is what's really happening out in the world right now. Killing people, seeing people get shoot, and war is real at this time in our lives. And that's what makes it feel more real.

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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 21:12:13     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)


    This time I played against my friend Justin. We just kept fighting each other over and over again. Justin won every game and I sucked really bad! It was much harder to play because in the first 45 minutes I played on the very easy level and this time I played Justin, whom is very good at the game.

    I had a lot a fun but at the same time it was very dissapointing. It was fun because Justin is my friend and we joked with each other while fighting. Sometimes he would ask me if I wanted a certain object that I liked or if I wanted him to go easier on me. It was cute and fun at the same time.

    Playing Justin is probably the best way to get better at the game so when I go to play the one player games it will be easier. The thing I did not like about playing with Justin was that I lost every game! I'm not used to losing so much so it made me feel bad, even if it is just a game. Other than that, it was fun chilling with Justin and fighting him. We had a lot of good laughs!


    Even though the graphics on this game is old school, the game is still fun and cute. I really like how the game gives you a choice of levels from very easy to very hard because then you can get better and better. Some challeges that the game provides are the mini challenges in between the fights where you have a certain goal to complete in a certain amount of time. The bosses are also a challenge since they are harder to defeat. It's good that there are challenges just so that the game isn't too easy to beat, resulting in a short game.

    This game keeps the player interested by having to defeat levels to unlock new characters. Unlocking new characters give the game a variety of players to be and fight. Also, the different objects and moves each character and perform is fun and surprising. Super Smash Brothers keep each fighting space very small just so that to defeat the other player, all you need to do is kick them off the small space.

    Always in fighting games you and your friends are able to bag on each other and joke around. You can also talk as if you were the character and make up silly dialogues. The reward structure for the game is pretty well done. Since the reward to beating a stage is a new character, it makes the player want to keep playing to unlock all of them.

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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 20:05:23     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)


    Super Smash Brothers is a one to four player game. It is a melee battle game where the player(s) fight each other or an enemy. The characters you can be include a variety of Nintendo characters. The main point of the game is to beat different stages to reveal new characters. To beat an enemy you must kick him off the floating island. The player may choose a very easy to very hard level.


    It was my first time playing this game so I chose the very easy level. I chose Kirby as my character. The actions and buttons weren't too hard to figure out since there were only a few buttons to use. Some of the characters, like Kirby, are really cute so I felt like I could relate to them. I liked how you can be cute and cuddly but be able to fight off bad guys.

    There were two things that I especially enjoyed from the game. The first is that during the battles a variety of objects appear, such as a hammer or Pikachu ball. These items were entertaining because it gave the character different attacks, switching things up a bit. I loved the hammer because it looked really funny when Kirby used it, really cute! Secondly, I enjoyed the feeling of defeating an enemy. When you defeat an enemy, he blows up and it's a satisfactory feeling.

    Although the game was exciting and cute, I didn't like how all you did was fight people. There were little challegen stages in between the fightings but I think that I feel this way because I was playing by myself. If I were playing someone else, it probably would have been more exciting because I could interact with him/her and just enjoy each others company.

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