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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 05:27:36     -    Assassin's Creed (360)

    The gameplay remain the same throughout the game. It actually gets quite repetitive, and boring after a while. The only thing that needs to be done is the gather information, view points, and kill the target. That is pretty much the whole game.

    The story is what keeps the game going and cover the fact that the game is repetitive. The gameworld is as beautiful as ever. Each city has its own special feeling, and can be distinguished from other cities. Each cities has flags that needs to be gathered. I, personally, think that this gathering mission is not as fun as everyone says. The fact that some of the achievement can only be gained to gain the score is annoying.

    The gameworld is what shines in Assassin's creed. The gameworld is important to the game because the game tries to give the player the most realistic way of showing the world and how an assassin work. The only way to do that is force the player to explore a whole new city and the have them gather information about there target within the city. At the same time, the player knows the city a lot better than normal. By exploring the gameworld, the player is experiencing a whole new experience.

    Social Stealth is the new way of playing a stealth game. The player gets to blend in with the crows and the guards wouldn't notice them. The battle system is, however, lacking of complexity. One button does everything from attacking to countering. Most of the time, countering is the best way to kill the enemy and I mostly used that move to win fights against the enemy. I like the combat system, but I just wished that it could be a little more complex.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 05:19:14     -    Assassin's Creed (360)

    The game consist of an assassin in the crusading era. The assassin is tasked in killing a list of people. In order to assassinate them, the player needs to go through all the view points to get a bird eye view of the city and gather information on the target in order to chose the best path in killing the target.

    The story consist of an assassin in the crusading era, but that is only the surface of the game. The game is actually about a descendant of the actual assassin who is put in a machine to read his memory in order to retrieve an artifact. The story is interesting to the point that will want to keep me playing. The characters all have a mysterious background that is slowly explored. The characters however is not the center of the game. The gameworld is the best aspect of the game in which that the player must navigate through the city in order to find information and to kill its target.

    Social Stealth is the new feature of the game in which the player can blend in with the crowd to evade capture. This idea is innovative because in past game the only way to hide is to literally hide somewhere dark. Social stealth allows the player to be creative in terms of escaping, and blending in is not as easy as one may think because the AI is smart when it comes to detecting the player. The control is strange as in each button controls each body part. For example, to climb a wall, the player needs to press the legs button in order to climb, while grabbing a bad guy, the player need to press the arm button.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 07:35:42     -    Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    The gameplay remain somewhat the same. I am still jumping through different world trying to fulfill different tasks so that I can restore the engine and save Princess Peach. There are a few differences as in that the game tries to make things more challenging by adding world where I have to roll on a ball, blow a bubble, and swim. The wii-mote serves as a stick control for the ball mini game, where I have to try to roll the ball to the final destination so that I may get the star inside, while with the bubble game I have to blow the bubble all the way through so that Mario can get the star. All these are welcomed addition to the already successful formula that is Mario.

    Frustration is a big factor in this game. One might think that lives run out really quick, but the strange thing is that ever since Mario has gone 3D the game usually gives out lives like hot cakes. Therefore, the player doesn't really need to worry about lives, but they have to worry about getting really frustrated at some part of the game. Sometime, the task is really simple, but it is just impossible to finish. I, sometime, get really mad just because of some stupid quirk in the game that doesn't allow me to win.

    The thing that shine the most in Super Mario Galaxy is of course the gameworld. There are so many gameworld in mario galaxy that, but it is impossible to confuse them. They each have their different characteristic, so that the player may remember every world that he/she has visited. Since it is a platform game, the maker have to pay great attention to different platform, they have program it in a way that it is a possible for the player to finish a level, but not let the player win too easily. the mechanic of the game stays the same except for the fact the levels are now consisted of planet. Therefore, the player usually does not die by falling off a platform, instead they get sucked to another planet due to gravity. However, if you are unlucky enough to get sucked into one of the many black holes, then you lose a life. This new idea of different planet is a great idea that should be explored more in the future.

    The power-ups is something important in the game too. In the past, the power-ups are something that helps the player in succeeding in the game, and make their life easier. However, in Mario Galaxy, power-ups are a must. This means that the player will not be able to finish a level if the power-up is not obtain. I do not like the fact that now the power-up are required and not there to help you on your adventure. For example, if a person wanted to visit the queen bee, then they must use the bee power-up to get there, or if the player wanted to cross a frozen river they would need to have ice power-up. I wish that they make the power-up to help the player and not as another obstacle.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 07:23:11     -    Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    The player assumes the legendary Mario, and tries to fulfills Mario's goal of restoring the ship's main engine by finding power stars. The player goes to different world in order to find the the power star. The player can do that be completing tasks specific to the stage.

    Like all Mario game the story is not that well developed, but that is done on purpose. The main focus of the game is the gameplay. It is amazing how the maker of all mario games have the ability to renovate the game while keeping the old formula alive. The gameplay consists of Mario walking/jumping/swimming through different levels in order to achieve different objective. These objective varies in difficulty. Most of them are simple, but requires some skills. Some of the more important star either has a difficult task to fulfill or require the defeat of a boss. The gameplay and the story are pretty much the same in a way because the story is told through the use of gameplay.

    The character is, of course, the legendary Mario. He returns to save Princess Peach once more. The character's story are left out on purpose, I would guess so that the game can make way to where the game really shine, the gameplay. However, since these characters are so well known, there is really no introduction necessary. People who watches this game gets bored after a while because there are much material for an audience in Super Mario Galaxy. This game can only be appreciated by playing the actual game.

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