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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 02:28:05     -    Super Mario World (SNES)

    Super Mario World
    Second Hour


    Comparing Super Mario World to games today, we are so spoiled. In Super Mario World, once Mario falls off a platform or accidently runs into a monster, its not necessarily game over, but it does mean you have to start over from the beginning or from the check point. Did I also forget to mention that there is a time limit also? For players who like to take their time, the time limit will definitely not make it a fun experience. Because of these factors, players become very cautious and actually scream when they see the 1up mushroom fall off the cliff.

    I think players do become attached to any of the perks the game has available, such as the mushrooms, yoshi and the pipes that Mario can travel down into. Since the game is terribly hard later on due to the lack of lives, players would be glad to see anything that can help them. This has impacted culture because people do wear shirts with the 1up green mushroom on it. Still, even though the game is difficult people still love it because of how rewarded they feel once they have completed it.


    The game overall was very innovative for its time. The level design kept it interesting for the player. There were different challenges every couple of stages that required a new skill from the player instead of repeating the same flat gameplay in stage one. The game provided many challenges, such as how some monsters had to be hit twice or more in order for them to go away, turtle shells can back fire and hit you, Mario could only be hit twice or three times before you have to start over, etc...

    What I felt was a reward in the game was seeing Mario progress to the next available stage on the map. It is a good thing because I feel like I just solved the world's hardest sudoku problem but it's bad at the same time because a harder one is coming up next. Even though the game can get frustrating to the point where I would never want to play it again, I wouldn't change anything on this game. It is because of how difficult it is that made this game memorable decades later.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 02:27:48     -    Super Mario World (SNES)

    Super Mario World
    First Hour


    In Super Mario World you get to play as Mario and help save Yoshi and his friends from Bowser who has trapped them inside of eggs. The object of this game is to complete various levels and progress along the map to different places to help rescue Yoshi and friends.


    Super Mario World is a fun game to play as an alternative to an RPG. Even though graphics are nothing compared to today's advance technology, the game play is something that every game today should emulate. Super Mario World is a fast paced game, unless you get stuck on one level! The game has every monster on screen for you to attack and run pass, making the game fast pace. This game gets frustrating later on as you progress to higher levels, but you feel rewarded for completing them at the end. The game is interesting because once every couple of stages they add something new in it, such as: moles popping out of walls, sliding platforms, cactus monsters that break apart as you attack them, etc... If the game didn't add these perks then it would be a very tedious game.

    I did get a chance to play with my friends for ten minutes. This game requires a lot of concentration to make it pass jumps and monsters, so the person playing wouldn't talk as much. Though once they die the room was filled with commotion, then it becomes silent and everyone watches intently. This game challenges the player's reflexes, that is why everyone is so addicted because they want to make that jump just right: or else they can't sleep at night.

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    Jan 26th, 2008 at 01:19:42     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    Wii Sports
    Second Hour


    I have to admit that this game would only bore me if I were playing by myself for more than thirty minutes. This game kept everyone active and full of energy. If I was playing the game I was able to respond to my friends quickly, as if I wasn’t playing the game at all. If I was watching the game I didn’t feel ignored. People can bother you verbally or physically so that you lose in the game, but the consequences of losing isn’t a big deal, everyone is having fun. If you were to do that to a game that required you to win to advance, I wouldn’t suggest being the funnyman.


    Wii Sports is very innovative. It took advantage of what the Wii had to offer. Back then we used to play these sports games glued to our chairs, now we are able to move around and imagine our controllers as equipment. The design of the game is kept simple. The art was very cartoonish, which made the game feel less serious and more about fun. Aside from the visual aspect, the game itself was kept very simple. The Wii mote basically does everything for you. We no longer have to press a button to make our sprite chase after or hit the tennis ball, with a simple wave of the Wiii mote, all that is done. This applies to the other games on Wii Sports.
    It is up to the player to keep this game interesting. The game is basically there for you to play. Whether you are having fun or not is completely up to you. Wii Sports is not a puzzle game so it doesn’t pose any challenge to the player unless you set up goals yourself. The game itself was frustrating at first but players will get the hang of the controls after two or three tries.
    This game is the definition of exploiting what the Wii has to offer. I remember when the Wii concept was release no one had anything positive to say about it. When it was release, people were lining up the day before and sleeping outside of best buy for it. Wii Sports has a lot of replay value and I would recommend it as a must have game at a social gathering.

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 23:48:22     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    Wii Sports
    First Hour


    In Wii sports the player is able to play sport games by actively participating in it. You control what is called a “Mii”, a character you create on your Wii, it can resemble you or be whatever you want it to look like. In Wii Sports there are five games to choose from, they are: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. You pick one and watch your Mii go!


    Wii Sports is a great game to play with your friends because it is something anyone can pick up and enjoy. Everyone can have a turn within a short amount of time because all of the games are pretty fast paced. Even if you are waiting for a turn it isn’t boring to watch other people play, everyone gets involved socially.
    For example, Wii Tennis is really easy to play, and it is my favorite out of the five. Your Mii will move itself towards the ball and your job is to swing your Wii mote when the ball is close enough. Without the hassle of moving your character towards the ball, you can easily socialize with friends.
    Wii Bowling is my second favorite out of the five. Like other bowling games you are able to move left or right, change the angle, and adjust the speed in which you slide your ball. To hit the pins you treat your Wii mote as if it were a real bowling ball. It was tricky at first because you have to release the button behind the Wii mote the moment you swing it forward. Though after two tries it no longer became a problem.
    Wii baseball is a tricky one. Like tennis, it doesn’t require you to run your bases after you have hit the ball. One person can be the pitcher and the other can be the batter. As a pitcher you have to throw your Wii mote as if it were a baseball (please keep it attached to your hand!) The batter will then swing his Wii mote as if it were a bat! But it takes a little more concentration than tennis because it is hard to hit the ball.
    Wii Boxing definitely took a lot of energy out of me. Just watching my younger brother play it makes me scared. What if that was me he was hitting at that speed and force?! In boxing you are able to block by raising your Wii mote up to your face or by moving the Wii mote left or right to dodge. To hit your opponent just pretend your Wii mote is your boxing glove and just start punching the lights out of your opponent.
    Wii Golf was satisfactory. It got boring fast within my group because it felt slow compare to the other games. Like bowling you can set speed and directions in which you hit the golf ball. This game didn’t have much replay value from what I have observed in various people.

    Overall, who can hate Wii Sports? It is absolutely fun. Who could have thought a plastic remote could be so many different things? From a racket to a bowling ball, this game definitely has a lot of replay value.

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