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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 22:40:39     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (XBX)

    It was lot more fun playing this game for the second tim because when I first played it I was having a lot of trouble moving my character, aiming and shooting, learning all the buttons, how to
    jack a car, how to mount a bike, how to run, and punch, kick and fight.

    In the second session I definitly mastered these tasks the second session and I thoroughly enjoyed playing. I maintained my character very well, my gang forced me to go get my haircut so that I could be seen around them as well as buying clothes to match theirs, our gang color was green and our rivals was purple.


    I thought some very innovative elements of this game were the extremely open and free flow game world. The options for activity while you play this game are so numerous you can play it over and over.
    I thought that the graphics were pretty realistic, they were colorful and interesting. The games not really a level based game, but I would consider the citites you can drive to in your car to be compared to levels. The game is set of to very realistically resemble cities across the U.S.

    In San Andreas you can visit various cities that are mock-LA and mimicing and Las Vegas. The games relatable realism is a huge factor that contributes to the addictiveness of the game.
    The presence of conflict is huge in Grand Theft Auto. The game is based on missions that often get your character into a firefight on the streets of LA. Rival gang shootings and killings. Drive byes and car jackings are the basis of this game. The multiple activities and the diversity of storylines, this game is a moment to moment narrative that makes the player want to see what happens next.

    I love the reward system of this game. Resource managment includes Money, and Player maintenance in the game is represented by Stats which consist of Muscle,Endurance, Fat, Respect, Sex Appeal. All of which can be increased by participating in various acitivties throughout the day, Fat goes up if you dont lover is by going to the gym and increasing Muscle. Running on the street can increase your Endurance as well as Respect goes higher as you complete various gang and mob missions, Sex Appeal can be raised in this game you have a girlfriend.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 19:46:15     -    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (XBX)

    In this game you play a former gangster who's just moved back to his old neighborhood. The objec tis to complete missions for members high up in the gang world heirarchy or mob bosses. Completing missions as well as maintaining your character's gang status, sex appeal, fat, muscle, and respect are crucial. If you choose not to follow the missions the extremely open gameworld allows you to aimlessly take part in many activities.

    Playing this game is very exciting most of the time. Staying in your own gangs territory is imperative because if you dont you often encounter the opposing gangs is very unhappy with this fact and shows up with guns blazing on you and your crew with cars and gang members on foot making sure you know not to come into their territory again.

    The characters in this game are very unique I have never played a game that embodies the "gangster" lifestyle and represents it so well. The characters are very realistic looking and as your character's stats show working out, being appealing to women, looking good, and having respect are all very important. The games story is not too important to me I enojy wandering in the gameworld where I can get my hair cut, shop for clothes, go to strip clubs, take taxi's, fight fires and respond to crimes if I car jack a firetruck or a cop car.

    This game is very interesting to play because of the options for game play that are available, mini missions, aimless wandering, or completing missions earning money and participating in gang activity.
    Social interaction in this game is the highest level I have experienced because there are so many pedestrians, store clerks, cops, firefighters, strippers, hookers, gang members all that are available for interaction. I loved the fact that I could shoot, hit, or talk to any person I saw or wanted to interact with

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:46:57     -    Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

    Playing Diddy Kong for the second time i tried out a few new tracks which i liked. I enjoyed learning how to handle the turns and learning the track to help me go faster through the track with less impairment. I did end up falling off the edge of a track while I was on one of the car racing tracks. I fell of the side of a bridge into the water, and surprisingly instead of placing me back on the track automatically I had to figure out a way to get my self out of the water by driving up the sides of the walls back onto the path.

    Diddy Kong is made to be a racing adventure game because the tracks are on unique tracks, not a paved track but tracks that are on the sand, in the air, in lava etc. If you play single player game the adventure aspect is intensified because on single player the individual can drive around and explore involving new tracks and challenges.

    I really liked the new aspect of Diddy Kong game that provided the players with the choice between a plane, a boat, and a car. That surprised me and just added the challenge to master a new set of skills on totally different kinds of tracks. The graphics of the game are not very good, very geometric but they have the traditional look of the mario cart and other Donkey Kong games. The flow of racing games has gotten better due to the improvement of graphics after this game. The game lacks the advantage of conflict and the intensity that it brings, the conflict between the two racers is the only conflict present. The colors and the music and the look of the characters makes the tone of the game very happy, and relaxed, a fun game to play.

    The use of space in the game world is not very good considering that the players can only travel on the designed track and in designed areas. There is no free range of the track. The game is a racing game and gave me a few ideas for my won game banana slug racers. The Diddy Kong racing allows varying mediums on the tracks, air, earth, and water, and it ends the race of the other players when one completes his first three laps. I did not like this game over all, after playing mario kart and Diddy Kong Diddy Kong seems so much more primitive and is a lot less entertaining.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:16:34     -    Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

    Diddy Kong is racing game that players can choose characters such as a lizard, and fox. The players depending on which course you choose fly either a hovercraft, a car, or a plane. Players race through the courses, land, or air catching balloons that are power-ups, the bananas that give more points, and there are red arrow speed boosts on the track. The players race around the track for three laps, you can play up to four players, and whichever player that finishes before the others the race of the others is stopped declaring "Did Not Finish" in a banner of defeat.

    While playing this game for the first session I enjoyed that variation in craft and track that changed with a boat, car, and plane. The plane was a nice change of pace to race in a three dimensional world. I struggled a little with the three dimensional flying, it made it difficult to travel faster, and precisely through the track. I liked the speed boosts on the track which are only on a certain spot on the track so you have to try to hit them. I didnt like that if I ran into anything like a wall, or a tree that it took a while for your character to regain speed, and get back on track.

    I got pretty bored with the game as I played for longer. The widest variety of choices and options is in the players choice of character. I didnt like that there were very few tracks to choose to race on, and that the three laps are very simple tracks that don't provide a lot of challenges for those racing .
    While playing the game I like the competitive aspect of the game with racing and trying to beat your time as well as your friends in the race.

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