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    Feb 12th, 2008 at 18:01:01     -    NHL 07 (360)

    My second game play experience showed me alot more similarities between real hockey, and this game.It follows the same rules as a real-life hockey game, such as no offsides, penalties for fighting or slashing, and one point for every goal. An exception to the gameworld rules is that you have the ability to control every player on your team and who they pass to. I loved the ability to play as multiple players,instead of depending on a teammate as in a real game you have to rely on your own skill.
    This game is wonderful it is design. The rinks that are unique to each team, depending on home or away, and the ability to choose uniform color was so cool. It gives the teams you are so farmiliar with a new edition that is all your own.
    The graphics on this game are remarkable, a very responsive game to hockey fans. The crowd that can cheer you on, hassle the refs, or boo at your team heighten the atmosphere. There are the retired players, and awards posted all voer the arenas just like at real rinks of these teams.
    I loved the character you can pick to play as because they are unique to each team, and modeled after real players. The coaches and other teammates aren't disreguarded when it comes to importance in game design either. The people on the other team as wella s on the rink are as well developed and given as much detail to look real life.
    I thoroghly enjoyed playing this game although it takes a short time to develop the skills and comfortability with the game, the time pays off in a great experience.

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    Feb 11th, 2008 at 17:42:45     -    NHL 07 (360)

    Being a major hockey fan myself, I was pretty excited for another excuse to play some more hockey. NHL 08 is the perfect game for beginners, hockey fans, and those interested in an intense, fast paced, realistic hockey game. Its a multiplayer game, that can even be played on X-Box live, intensifying the competition furthermore.
    Already knowing the rules to a hockey game is a definite advantage, especially when playing against those who have never played. Though as a first time player of this game I quickly grew frustrated with trying to memorize the different controls on how to operate my players. It takes a lot of patience and focus to be able to move your players around effectively and efficiently. I kept getting offsides called on me, which quickly grew old after the twentieth time. But nevertheless, I continued playing which ended up paying off when I beat a guy friend in a whopping 3-0.
    NHL 08 is an extremely competitive game, especially when your a girl kicking everyones ass. Like Super Smash Bros, it draws the attention of bystanders, further building up the excitement of the outcome. I really appreciated the games wide variety of teams to choose from, specifically the international league, which includes every country that hosts a national team. This option put us in some funny predicaments, such as when I played my Russian friend, who picked Russia as I was Poland. We agreed that the winner of the game would settle the dispute as to which country actually invented Vodka. Unfortunately I had lost 4-1.

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    Feb 11th, 2008 at 16:03:13     -    Madden 2008 (360)

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 19:01:36     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Session #1
    Super Smash Brothers is a game that can be played with up to four people or individually. The players choose their character out of well known characters such as the Mario brothers Mario and Luigi, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Donkey Kong. After choosing your character the player can pick which "course" he would like to battle on. All of the courses are floating landscapes, for example the top of a spaceship floating in outterspace, or a jungle-type landscape suspended in the air. The object of the game is to use your own powers to take all the lives of your opponents lives until they die.

    I really enjoyed playing this game during the first session. This game is pretty simple, each character has a few powers to use against the other characters. Learning the combinations to amplify your powers to use against the other players was a great tool after i learned that it was very helpful in defeating my opponents.

    I really liked the fact that there is multiple sets that you can play on. The variety and realistic look of all the courses make playing the game multiple times enjoyable. I do wish that the sets were larger. The limited space to play the game in hindered me, especially in the fact that i kept falling off the edge, therefore killing my character multiple times.

    Session #2

    This time with a little more experience i got a feel for the game a lot more. The lack of variety of characters is frustrating because it seemed that some characters had better specialties and powers than the other characters. This game is enjoyable but very predicatble and not too enjoyable to play for too long. I like the fct that the computer drops specialty tools to allow you an advantage in skill over the other characeters.

    I like the fact that we can change the location of the battles, but the locations are very limiting in the ablilty of the players to avoid attacks and stradgize for others.
    This game is not too enticing mentally, there isnt really to much stradegy that can be involved but some is helpful for winning. The game reminds me of my childhood when i did play it. I think this game really is a classic it can be enjoyed by players of all levels and skill levels,

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