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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 21:26:19     -    Burnout Paradise (360)

    GameLog Entry #1
    Burnout Paradise is a game where you drive around an imaginary city called Paradise City and compete in various competitions while unlocking new cars. The object of the game is to get the best drivers license, meaning that you need to beat every competition and unlock every car.
    During the first hour of my gameplay experience, I was trying to familiarize myself with Paradise City. I chose the cop car, Citizen, in a white finish, which ended up being a fairly indestructible vehicle, except for when it came to head on collisions or the occasional "wall that popped out of nowhere." I liked the fact that there were no pedestrians or drivers within the game, which took away from the realistic aspect of the game, but made for simpler gameplay.
    As I continued to roam throughout the city, I started noticing hidden jumps on the sides of the streets and one's that propelled you onto the tops of bridges. You have to use your turbo boost when trying to get a long distance, which in my case usually ended with "WRECKED." I really enjoyed the realistic graphics and slow motion crash scenes, which adds to the appeal of the game.

    During the second hour of my gameplay, I realized that Burnout is a game based on how good you can drive badly. The more dangerously you drive by barreling into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing crashes, and riding on two wheels, the more rapidly your turbo bar goes up. When the turbo bar goes up, it makes it easier to crash which starts to get really frustrating and irritating after a while because it adds a 5 second penalty.
    After I familiarized myself with the city, it became mundane to simply just drive around. A friend of mine showed me a mode that's called Showtime, which is when you rack up money by crashing into cars. But instead of actually driving, your car jumps and tumbles destroying every vehicle in its path. If you hit a bus, it multiplies your score by one, and accumulates there on forth. I really enjoyed this mode because it allows you to set high scores on certain streets, which is beneficial when you're playing X-BOX Live.
    Burnout is particularly exciting because the races take place on regular streets and freeways with hundreds of ordinary cars minding their own business and obeying the traffic laws, adding a very fun dose of realism to the game. Burnout has realistic characteristics, but some of these characteristics go beyond game world rules. It’s a real world game, but goes above real world capabilities in the fact that you can knock down street signs and light-poles without it hindering your speed.
    I think the design elements within this game are very good and realistic, but the only thing I would change would be to add more cities to explore and race in. I really liked the fact that the car is so easy to steer, unlike many other racing games. The controller was very sensitive to movement, which made it easier to speed through traffic and other obstacles in my way. I also really appreciated how fast my car could actually go. In most racing games my finger usually gets sore from pressing the gas button so hard, thinking the harder I push it, the faster i'll go. But in Burnout, all I had to do was push the gas and turbo at the same time and it would actually give me a feeling of vertigo.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:36:18     -    Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

    Diddy Kong Racing is a racing game, like that of Mario Kart, but with a slightly different main objective; to rid the land of Wizpig, the antagonistic alien pig wizard. The levels progress in difficultly as you play and change in methods of transportation from a car, hovercraft, or plane. A world is complete once you've completed your tasks and the boss has been beaten.

    The first level starts at the Dino Domain. The objective is to hatch three dinosaur eggs, which is a pretty difficult task when your friends think its hilarious when they steal your eggs; you ultimately want your egg to hatch. Having never played this game before, it was a delightful change to play a game where your able to explore the land instead of being in constant competition. I enjoyed the fact that I had the option to choose what kind of vehicle I was using while exploring, though it was predetermined for some levels.

    The game was fairly easy to play for the most part, except for it was frustrating when I would bump into things and my vehicle would slow down. By the time I regained speed, my opponents had sped passed me. As I played more, I realized the importance of the boosts in those situations and how to use them effectively.

    The second round of gameplay was more comfortable than the first because I was familiarized with the controls. I liked the fact that the every world contained multiple levels that were different from the others, but they started getting repetitive because they contained the same objective. Racing around the track three times is exciting, but not as exciting after the hundredth time.

    I noticed the intensity of the game started decreasing amongst my opponents as well, as they grew tired and frustrated with its repetitiveness. We switched to single player mode and took turns between all of us playing. Single player, or adventure mode, gives the player more freedom and control as opposed to multiplayer.

    The design of the game is brilliant, as many others would agree, making it the fastest selling video game in 1997 according to the Guiness Book of World Records. The vibrant colors in the game make it enjoyable to play as well as to watch. The fact that there are three different vehicles keeps the game intriguing because unlike Mario Kart, where you simply ride in a kart throughout every track, you have variation. The levels aren't extremely varied, apart from their visual aspects. They all contain the same objective, to come in first place and rack up the most points. The game would be more interesting if there was a different task for every level.

    This game gave me a few ideas for my game, which is a racing game as well. I would like to add boosts and points to my game, as well as give it a time constraint per each level. Though this seems repetitive after a few levels, it keeps the track and level interesting for the time being. I just need to figure out how to make my boosts disappear in the collision.

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    Feb 11th, 2008 at 17:46:29     -    NHL 07 (360)

    Being a major hockey fan myself, I was pretty excited for another excuse to play some more hockey. NHL 08 is the perfect game for beginners, hockey fans, and those interested in an intense, fast paced, realistic hockey game. Its a multiplayer game, that can even be played on X-Box live, intensifying the competition furthermore. It follows the same rules as a real-life hockey game, such as no offsides, penalties for fighting or slashing, and one point for every goal. An exception to the gameworld rules is that you have the ability to control every player on your team and who they pass to.
    Already knowing the rules to a hockey game is a definite advantage, especially when playing against those who have never played. Though as a first time player of this game I quickly grew frustrated with trying to memorize the different controls on how to operate my players. It takes a lot of patience and focus to be able to move your players around effectively and efficiently. I kept getting offsides called on me, which quickly grew old after the twentieth time. But nevertheless, I continued playing which ended up paying off when I beat a guy friend in a whopping 3-0.
    NHL 08 is an extremely competitive game, especially when your a girl kicking everyones ass. Like Super Smash Bros, it draws the attention of bystanders, further building up the excitement of the outcome. I really appreciated the games wide variety of teams to choose from, specifically the international league, which includes every country that hosts a national team. This option put us in some funny predicaments, such as when I played my Russian friend, who picked Russia as I was Poland. We agreed that the winner of the game would settle the dispute as to which country actually invented Vodka. Unfortunately I had lost 4-1.

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    Jan 27th, 2008 at 19:33:35     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    GAMELOG #2
    The second hour of my gaming experience was a little more intense than the first hour. The competitive spirt was reignited when we placed bets on who would win. Sad to say, I did not win, but came in a close second. Though I did not win, I learned a lot of new controls and damaging moves to inflict on my opponents. I also realized its easier to stick to one player throughout the game so I can specialize in them and learn all their tricks and sweet moves. This made the game more interesting because instead of repeatedly hitting A or B, I actually had some combinations to blast my opponents off with.
    Though the four player game didn't really follow a story line, it was still more enjoyable than if it had. But had I been playing this game by myself, I would have wanted a story line to follow, because "smashing" on player with no reason or ultimate goal is slightly boring.
    The design of the game was very alluring. The fact that you can play and win using two buttons and control makes the design very appealing to non-gamers. Some good elements in the game where that, even though you were blasted off the platform, you still have a chance to stay alive by jumping back, but only if your damage isn't too significant. Also random little objects constantly fall from the sky, which is a key element in the game because if you pick up one of these objects they can either benefit you, like the hammer which instantly kills your opponents, or kill you like the bombs.
    I really enjoyed the different platforms, or levels, throughout the game. The platforms vary from size and shape, and are a broad range of colors which are appealing to the eye. Though the platforms are different they never really change in their level of difficultly, though some are more beneficial to play on depending who your character is. Also the game was really fun to play because of its simplistic reward structure. Though you don't get a prize for winning, you get ranked at the end of every game, giving you the satisfaction of beating your opponents.

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