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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 21:51:24     -    The Sims 2 (PC)

    Entry 2
    After playing the Sims 2 for another hour or more, I found the game really interesting because of how much I can accomplish in an hour times and how real time really past by so fast. It’s really neat how I can play god in this unrealistic world that I have created. I was really fascinated by how my future would be like if I did choose a certain job career or if I married a certain character. I have always wondered what my kids would look like in the future.

    Even though the character is unrealistic but it’s the closest thing a person can play to see a realistic view of the future. I have accomplished a few goals in this game, I have gotten a decent job and got promoted and my house and salaries have greatly improved. The good thing about the Sims 2 on PC is that I can get more decorations for the house or anything in general online. This can create a more realistic house I would like in the future. Even though the game story is pretty boring because there really isn’t much change to the story line unless the player tries to do something really outrageous.

    The kind of challenge this game created would be the relationship points to earn from friends and how the points would decreased if the character does not keep in contact. The game’s challenge is what makes the game realistic due to getting the job and the educations. Also keeping the sim character happy when the player does what the character wants in their aspiration box. The aspiration is a important design in the game because not only does the player have to fulfill the aspiration but keep up with it. The aspiration changes very often. The more points the player gets from the aspiration, the player can buy rewards that helps the sims character live longer etc. The game also have a monthly bill which means, not only does the character need to have enough money to buy the nice things, but also enough money to pay for the bill and not get into debt.

    There aren’t many difficult levels in this game. The levels in this game are probably the process of the character’s life. The promotion and balance of family time and social time neatly. I was happy with the game reward because it’s nice to get bonus and extra money. This just makes me want to buy nicer or better things for my character. This makes me wanting to get more promotions and become a millionaire if I can. I wouldn’t change anything about this game because I think it’s great the way it is now. I just can’t wait till the Sims 3 comes out. I wonder how much more realistic can the game creator make The Sims.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 18:48:40     -    The Sims 2 (PC)

    The Sims 2 is a stimulation game that has an open end game play. The game has many different features to chose from to make a character such as face shape, body size, skin color, etc to make a character and build a story line for the character. The main goal of the game is to find a good job, a loving partner, and having many wonderful offspring as a player would wish and live a nice life and die.

    As I started to play the Sims 2 I was pretty impressed by how much improvement it had from the original Sims. It’s a very addictive game because of the story line I can make with items given. It was pretty neat how I can make a character look so much like me and create another character to be my perfect husband to see how it would look if I ever have child with someone that look like the character I have made. I felt very pull into the fantasy world of the Sims 2, it’s like a realistic fantasy that is all my own. There was no game story unless, the player decides to make one up but since the character in the game can grow old and actually have the genetics pass down. There is no ending to the game unless the player decides to play with another character or make another story line.

    The characters in the Sims 2 are really realistic to actual people. The character in the game can represent anyone the player chose it to represent. There were no social interactions in the game with other players because it was a one player game but the character have their own social interactions with friends, family, etc. The way the character would act toward another character is pretty interesting because it was the player choice to decide every move of the character.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:47:43     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    After playing it with my other two friends on the Wii sports, I enjoyed a bit more than I did when I was playing alone. At first I didn’t like to play tennis by myself but after competing with my other two friends with great shouts and jokes it end up being really fun. Even though I lost some of the game and won a little but the more people to play the game the more fun.

    There was still no story to be found for the game. The game was very interesting when I was playing with two other people because of their input on the game and their reaction to certain situation during the game. One of my friend, who was a first time player for the game though it was effortless to learn the controls because it was mostly due to movement and knowing when to swing. It felt like it was a real tennis game we were playing expects it was in door and the good thing is we don’t have to run for the ball or get hit by it.

    Wii sport kept the player interested by showing that when the game is play in a group it helps get the mood up and the excitement or the anger of each player during a lost or a win. In the Wii game system, you can make your own character to look just like you. This is a very good design because it’ll seem like you are actually in the game not just using the controller to swing. There were no rewards in the Wii sport but just gain more points and put the player above other players.

    The game required a lot of interaction when the player is playing the game with other player because in tennis if there are more than two players, one of the team would have to communicate to see who would hit the ball. It would be just like real tennis when playing in doubles, one person in front and the other one in back. There wasn’t much challenge in this game besides knowing when to swing the controller to be able to hit the ball or how hard you should hit the ball.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 21:53:51     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    Wii sports are an interactive game with multiple players and single player mode where the players compete in tennis, bowling, boxing, golf, and baseball. It is where the player swings the controller in different direction to copy the actions performed in real life sports and being able to successfully beat another player.

    Game Play
    I started off playing tennis on the Wii which I knew after a few trys I just wasn’t very good at this sport and made me feel kind of like a loser. So therefore I decide to play boxing, which to my surprise I was really good at it. There really is no story to Wii sports since it’s a game just to score points. The boxing game was very interesting to me because I feel like I’m working out and having fun at the same time. After playing boxing my arm got pretty tired from all the swinging. This time I’m playing the game by myself

    In the next hour I will try to play the game with another person to see how it well affects my mood and the way I feel about the game. The game itself was interesting enough to keep myself entertain but I bet with another person, I could probably have more fun. I’m also planning on trying the different sports like golf and bowling with another person because it seems like a group sport. The flow of the game was there since, there isn’t much obstacles to stop the flow of the game. I think boxing is a great sport on the Wii to help me get in shape ^_^

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