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    Feb 8th, 2008 at 21:19:27     -    virtual villagers (PC)

    Game Session 2
    After playing Virtual villagers for another hour or so, there was not much change expect for new collectible items. The occasional events that pop up, that could help the food resource of my game. At times I would run out of food to fast and most of my villager would be starving but I’m glad I did not make so many babies in the beginning. (Babies eat as much as adults)

    This time, the game did not interest me so much as I was playing in the beginning. There was no dramatic change to the game during this hour of game play. The only thing that really irritates me is trying to have enough patience for this game. >_< I hope as the game longer I would be able to solve most of the puzzle more faster.

    Game Design
    The game could have made getting the tech points a bit faster so the speed of the game wouldn’t have been so slow or getting to the next level required less tech points. Even though you could speed up the game time up to 2x the speed then normal, the game is still consider pretty slow motion. The island of the game was pretty small, I think it would have been better if there were more things to explore like another small island which the villagers have to go through a cave to get to.

    Every time I got something new in the game, I was very excited to get to the next reward but it was difficult due to the slow motion of the game. There are some things I would change about the game for instance having more random events pop up. Its fine playing god for so long until you runs out of resources to play. Most of the game time was to increase tech points, food, population and the collectible items. The only challenges the game was the shortage of food and getting enough tech points to help the villagers improve their society.

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    Feb 8th, 2008 at 19:46:07     -    virtual villagers (PC)

    In virtual villagers you start off with two adults, one teenager and a few kids. The adult you put to work to provide food, shelter etc and the kids can only explore the island and pick up collectable items which help you get tech points. The object of the game is to raise a villager of people and increase the population and still be able to maintain the food resources and all the while help the people to improve the next level of farming, technology, medicine, exploration, culture or science. It’s mostly like playing god ^_^

    Game Play
    While I was playing virtual villagers I was pretty content with how everything went expect for the slow pace in order to get to the next level of the game. It’s very frustrating having to wait for the people to collect enough tech point, so I can purchase the next level in farming, culture, science, etc. Every new level of technology gives new puzzle to solve in the game. The characters in this game isn’t the best or the worst, it just seem like little people running around the island. The game story wasn’t all that interesting expects the times when there would be a window pop up, asking you what you should do when a villager found something and if you pick the wrong answer it would put your whole village in danger.

    The game was fun to play, only when you solve a puzzle or having to deal with realistic problems like shortage of food and finding another way to deal with the problem. The game kept me interested in the fact that, I wanted to know what happens next every time I solve a puzzle. It gets addictive when you know, you have full control of what each villager do. The flow of this game wasn’t constant at all times because like I said before the game move at a slow pace so in order to really enjoy this game you got to have enough patience. This game test your patience to the fullest^_^

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    Jan 26th, 2008 at 01:05:05     -    Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    Game Play Session 2
    Raving Rabbids seemed to utilize every possible fun aspect of the wii remote, well delivering a rich gaming experience. I found myself craving for more raving after my first session. Time few by as I panicked to run a bomb from one area to another via swinging my arms like a mad person; or when I was required to pump carrot juice with one hand well shooting it at Rabbids with my other. The story mode was simple, to say the least. Basically the game is made up of mini games combined with a wacky and loosely constructed storyline.

    Raving Rabbids story mode is broken down into sections, for every four mini games I’d complete, I’d unlock a first person shooter mini game. After completing the FPS, I was given another section to complete. This may all sound very tedious but the truth was quite opposite; I was having non-stop fun! As I progressed in story mode I was met with even weirder and fantastically cleaver mini games. The pace of Raving Rabbids never slowed down, keeping me interested throughout the time I played

    Amazing character development!!! The character design was perfect, the setting could have used some work but over all it fit. Graphic wise the game lacked; well Raving Rabbids supplied a wonderful gaming experience, little was pleasing to the eyes. The rail based FPS was designed very well, giving a sense of urgency to a particularly non-urgent situation. The Cartoon like atmosphere added to the over the top character personalities. The best design in this game is the characters themselves! The rabbids came in all different shapes and sizes, from big fat ones to little dumb ones… They’re all basically dumb… you get the point.

    As I played the game I felt extremely happy! I was so intrigued by the little bunnies. From now on they are forever my favorite video game personalities. I have almost completed the entire game and I’m still craving for more. I can hardly wait to play the seconded installment of this wonderful bunny adventure.

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 19:54:08     -    Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    The objective of Rayman the raving rabbids game is for Rayman, the main character, to save his world from crazy rabbids. And in order to save his world Rayman goes through these four mind games. For example Bunny Hunt, Sports, Challenges, and Shake your Booty! One of the mini games, the bunny hunt is a first-person rail shooter using plungers. On the other hand the sport mini game would be a racing game in which the players controls a warthog and uses a flyswatter as a riding crop. As Rayman completes these challenges he gets rewards.

    Game play
    I love this game from the start. The controls were a little bit confusing for each different mini game in the beginning. After getting use to the different ways to use the controller the first person rail shooter became more addictive to shoot the rabbids. I especially love when the rabbids dressed like superman. It was always fun to shoot the superman rabbids when they were pretending they could fly. I thought the simple design of the character was a hit; the rabbids were just too cute especially when they go “Baa!”

    The story of the game was very interesting and addictive. Every time I complete a level I would just want to know what happens next in the story or what is the other mini game going to be like. The game was very interesting due to the cuteness of the rabbids and the mini games.

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