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    Mar 3rd, 2008 at 00:06:34     -    Skate (PS3)

    LOG 2

    The second time I played the game, I had just as much fun as I did the first time I played it. The control scheme is very innovative, with the left control stick moving the skater around and controlling spins (180s, etc.) while the right control stick controls the tricks. The player holds the stick down, allowing the skater to crouch, and then flicking it in a certain direction, letting the skater pull a certain trick. The unique flicking control scheme is very much like real skating, where skaters crouch and then flick their feet to pull a certain trick.

    Just like real skating, you have to learn the tricks. In the game, the player has to learn which way to flick the control stick. There are more complex movements for more complicated tricks. My experienced flowed really smoothly when I played the game because of the amount of freedom I had. I could do anything that I wanted, whether is was trying to make a name for myself in the skate industry by completing the missions, or just skating around for fun.

    I think this game is very innovative because it stays true to skateboarding. The control scheme is true to skateboarding by making it similar to the way people flick their feet. However, instead of flicking their feet, the players flick their fingers a certain direction to pull a certain trick. Just like real skating, the game requires practice to get certain tricks down. This is also the first skateboarding game to incorporate a huge level with no load times into the game. This is very similar to GTA: San Andreas, allowing the player to explore the vast gameworld with ease. This adds to the experience by allowing the player to skate around the city and to find spots much like in real life.

    There is only one level that has many sections. There is downtown, the suburbs, the res, and old town. Each section of the city is very varied and has unique architecture and spots found only in that part of the city. The game uses space very well, making all objects skateable and every ledge and rail grindable. There is no corner of the city wasted by allowing every obstacle to be skateable.

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    Mar 2nd, 2008 at 23:46:37     -    Skate (PS3)

    LOG 1

    The game "Skate" is about a skater who recently moved to the fictional city of San Vanelona to make a name for himself in the skate industry. The object of the game is to increasingly get the skater more coverage by filming for video parts and taking pictures.

    My emotional state while playing this game was very happy. I was happy because this game is everything I look for while playing a skateboarding game. I began straying away from the Tony Hawk series because of how unrealistic and cartoony they have become. Skate is for a more mature audience, being more realistic and having more professional looking graphics. The characters in the game are real professional skateboarders that are put into the game to help you make it to the top. The main character is completely customizable.

    The player has a lot of freedom while playing the game. Everything is customizable from the player to every component of the skateboard. The player can do missions, or they can freely skate around the city. The game was very fun to play because of the immense replay value. The reason I enjoy playing the game because it is very much like real skateboarding. You can skate all kinds of obstacles and do an infinite amount of tricks on all of them. When I have a new idea or a perspective on how to skate a spot, I try it in the game. The unique architecture in the game allows the player to be creative and to think about new innovative ways on how to skate a spot.

    This game is chock-full of social interaction. There is a multiplayer mode, where you can take turns trying to get the most points at a certain spot. If I fell in a crazy way or landed an insane trick, my friends would react. When I played this game, I was talking to my friends the whole time about new tricks to try or new spots to skate.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:41:53     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    ENTRY 2:

    My second experience with the game was just as positive as the first. I had just as much fun trying to unlock new missions. It was just like playing out childhood fantasies such as saving the world from evil. I think thats what made this game so appealing to me when I first played it. The story progressed even further to me (James Bond) trying to save the world from a destructive space weapon.

    After I beat the game on easy, I tried unlocking a few cheats such as paintball mode (where the player shoots paintballs instead of bullets) and dk mode (where all characters in the game have the body shape of the nintendo character "donkey kong.") I began playing the game on medium and unlocked even more cheats. This game never got old. More than 10 years later, I still play Goldeneye and have just as much fun.

    This game is innovative because of its seamless adaptation of the film "Goldeneye" into a video game. The game is very true to the film and the Bond legacy. The control sceme is very straightforward with the z trigger button firing, similar to a real gun. Everything about the game contributes to the feeling that you are saving the world and are playing the role of a secret agent.

    The levels are very varied because each one is a different part of the story. The levels range from missle silos, to hijacked military ships, to even giant satellite dishes suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. Although all of the general enemies are pretty much the same, they have different uniforms and carry different weapons. The bosses are very unique and are actual bad guys from the film.

    The game creates conflict by giving the player a list of objectives that they must accomplish to complete the mission. In addition to these objectives, there are a few "bonus objectives" that the player could optionally complete to unlock extras such as cheats. This keeps the player playing long after he/she has completed the game. Even if all the cheats are successfully unlocked, the game still has immense replay value by allowing the player to combine the various cheats for many more fun filled hours of gameplay.

    I would change nothing about this game because it was and still is a classic for its time, by blurring the line between first person shooters and movies. The game did a great job at pulling the player into the game by giving them the sense of reward that they are saving the fictional world.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:18:24     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    ENTRY 1:

    Goldeneye 007 is a first person shooter based on the James Bond film "Goldeneye". The missions revolve around the film's storyline, with a few extra missions thrown in. The player plays as secret agent James Bond and shoots his way across the world to stop evil. There is a multiplayer mode, in which players try to kill one another or participate in typical shooter scenarios such as capture the flag.

    This was one of the first great first person shooters I ever played. My emotional state was very happy because I was very much into the game. I was into the game because I wanted to save the fictional world from the present threat. The characters in the game are very much like the ones from the movie "Goldeneye." Even though there is no dialogue, text appears on the screen that is very representative of a James Bond storyline.

    The game's story was very interesting, and I found it very hard to stop. I preferred playing the single player mode to the multiplayer mode because I liked the story aspect more than killing my friends. Despite the fact that I did not play a lot of multiplayer, the game was still rich with social interaction. An intense explosion or gunshot wound would draw the attention of myself or my friends and we would get more into the game. My experience flowed nicely from mission to mission because the storyline was very straightforward, with no breaks in between the story.

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