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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 02:27:03     -    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)


    In game, you play a criminal fresh out of jail that has just botched a drug deal, and now must find out who wrecked the deal. You go around town doing various jobs and trying to find out who betrayed you.


    This game kept me interested and amused the entire time I was playing it. The various characters each had their own amusing lines that helped keep things interesting, and the story was fun to go along with. The overall gameplay was very enjoyable because not only did you have specific missions you could carry out, but you could also do things on the side like going and just driving around. The game stayed interesting because of its general fast pace and the introduction of new areas, weapons and tasks.

    Other people were also able to find the game enjoyable by laughing at me when I'd hit something or go flying off a bridge while driving. I was also able to get their input on what I should do. I experienced flow during the whole period I was playing. The only thing that was able to disrupt it was how easy it is for your character to die.

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 02:15:24     -    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)


    The second hour I played, the story progressed much in the same way only your character gets more money and more power. The difficulty of each task you have to complete also increases as time goes on. I stayed interested for the most part for the whole span of the time, and even if i got stuck it was interesting trying to solve a problem a different way.

    The introduction of new accessories and options kept things fresh and allowed many opportunities to have fun just messing around. It was exciting to get a new weapon or find a new place to try and to tricks in cars. I also thought it was cool how there were little mini games thrown in randomly.


    This game stayed interesting for me because it not only had a set storyline, but you also had the option to just go off and explore. I thought that the large levels provided a great environment to just drive a car around in trying to avoid accidents, or aiming for them on purpose. They also allowed for locations for missions to be well spread out.

    The game helps to generate a social environment by being a fast paced storyline that doesn't require you to be too involved if you're just watching. The game also helped me to decide that when I make mine, it's going to be fast pace to keep the player interested. I liked the rewards system in this game because you received them at a fast rate and they kept things from getting repetitive and dull. The game also used cutscenes very effectively in order to provide a background story and continually add new elements as it went along.

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