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    Mar 4th, 2008 at 17:54:37     -    Half-Life 2 (PC)

    Gameplay 2:

    Upon playing Half Life 2 for my second gameplay portion, I got to experience much more that the game had to offer. Later in the game, there are puzzles integrated into your somewhat linear path. This adds a new type of challenge to the game. Instead of the standard enemy-annihilation of shooters, the puzzles slowed gameplay down a bit and made you think both logically and creatively. This variety of challenge added depth to my gameplay experience.
    I had a really fun time playing this game. Not only was the story interesting and level design intricate, the gameplay kept my attention and flowed very nicely. The game also came with Half Life 2 Deathmatch, which is a multiplayer version of the FPS that is played online. It is very fast-paced and exhilarating. This combination allows one to enjoy the physics engine and graphics of the Half Life 2 both in solo magic circle in the one-player campaign and also online with your peers.


    Half Life 2 is an outstanding game in its design and set the parameter for quality in the gaming industry at the time. It uses the Source game engine, which is an adaptation of the Havoc physics engine. This allows game makers to create a highly interactive and complex gameworld that follows real-world physics more accurately than any game prior.
    There are a variety of items lying around the gameworld in which one can interact with. For example, there are bottles and bricks on the floor of one alleyway that will smash into pieces if picked up and thrown or thrashed against a wall. Each has a unique sound effect and the broken pieces themselves can be moved around. This detailed aspect of the game really enhances its appeal.
    On a related note, the game incorporates an innovative weapon: the gravity gun. This gun allows the player to attract loose items in the game (such as those mentioned above) and hurl them at enemies or other targets to complete puzzles. This can be very fun and effective. One example of utilizing this technique would be attracting a barrel of flammable liquid to you and then launching it towards an enemy, who would proceed to explode in flames. This interactivity goes great along with the intricate level design seen in the game. There are a variety of levels and beautiful scenery that make the player feel like they are traveling far distances to reach their goal. This game is hands-down a wonderful experience that should be shared by serious and casual gamers alike.

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    Mar 4th, 2008 at 17:54:14     -    Half-Life 2 (PC)


    Half Life 2, by Valve, is an amazing sequel to the critically acclaimed Half Life. This first-person shooter has an intricate story line and keeps the player on the edge of their seat during gameplay. Some outstanding features (which will be covered later in the gamelog) include its physics engine and its movie-like quality.

    Gameplay 1:

    Half Life 2 was released in 2004 and won multiple game-of-the-year awards. This is not very hard to believe considering its fast-paced and addictive gameplay. During my first play period, I started a new game and watched the intro unfold. Right from the beginning, the game has a cinematic quality to it. The credits fade in and out of the corners of the screen while the setting is being established. Ambient noises and sound effects are very affective in creating a feel for this game. My mood was manipulated just by watching this intro sequence and I was hooked to see what happened next.
    Throughout gameplay, Half Life 2 does a great job in keeping the player interested and keeping a steady flow between levels and cinematics. At various points in the game, one will be presented with an informative dialogue by a character in the game but will still be able to move around and interact with things in the environment. The character talking to you will continue giving eye contact even if you move around, meaning their character turns to face you. This adds a feeling of reality to the event, making it seem like a conversation rather then a checkpoint in the game. This adds to the appeal of gamplay, and enhanced my absorption into the magic circle.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 19:44:53     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Gameplay #2:

    After revisiting SSB, I discovered some basic elements that it lacks in comparison to conventional games on the N64. There is a limited narrative in single player and really does nothing to tell a story or give a background context to the game. There is little flow in terms of level transition because the game is set up in a series or individual battles that one plays on a limited playing field.
    On a positive note, there is much possibility for both quick matches and long, tense battles. Depending on the skill level of the players involved and the characters chosen, battles can range in their difficulty and length. CPU characters are an interesting addition to the game. Their availability adds opportunity for play in multiplayer mode when there is a lack of available human players, or one just wants to brush up on his/her skills. I always had fun trying to battle a pair of high-level computer players in “versus” on my own.


    Upon playing SSB for an extended period of time, I came to realize the complexity of the gameplay. It is clearly a game of emergence and requires the honing of skills in order to beat an experienced player. Each available character has a set of skills and moves that can be used in a variety of situations. Timing is essential when play gets competitive. Certain moves in the game are useful in certain level locations or in the context of various skill combos. One has to think on the spot while planning and executing their next move. On a competitive level this all occurs very quickly.
    It is amazing to me how flawless the game is in terms of character-move interactivity. There is a priority system for characters’ moves and how they react to each other. For example, one character’s sword might have priority over another’s grab attack. This develops each character’s unique skill set and sets up strengths and weaknesses. The balance that is achieved despite this complexity is amazing. One can learn all of this in the game and even invent their own approach to utilizing skills. This raises replay value tremendously; the fun never ends with this game.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 19:44:35     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)


    Super Smash Bros. (SSB) for the Nintendo 64 is a landmark in console multiplayer. With a simple yet innovative game concept, SSB is the definition of Emergence gameplay as the player hones his/her skills to beat their opponent.

    Gameplay #1:

    There are a few different game modes in SSB including a mode for 1 person and a mode for multiple players. The most commonly played game type is “versus” which involves multiple people battling against each other and trying to stay alive while throwing opponents off the edge of the map. One scores a point by being responsible for the death of an opponent and loses a point when they themselves are thrown off the edge.
    Within the “versus” menu, one can select the type of match to be played. There are three variations that include: Time, Stock and Team. The Time game type sets a time limit to the match and whoever has the most points at the end of the battle wins. Stock assigns each player a certain number of lives and the last one standing wins- time is not a factor. A team battle is one of the previous game types (selected by the player) but instead of free-for-all, where all players battle each other, teams are selected and players fight against an opposing pair.
    This game is very fun to play. Every battle is different and hard to predict. The atmosphere created by SSB is fun and exciting. I played for a long time testing the variety of characters and levels available. One unlocks new characters after advancing in 1 player mode, which are available to use in multiplayer mode. I had a great time trying to learn all of the characters’ moves and their effects in the game.

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