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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 22:07:37     -    Sword of the New World (PC)


    The gameplay of Sword of the New World is a very unrelenting experience. In comparison to mainstream MMO's, SotNW's(sword of the new world) dungeons offer triple the amount of monsters, but at less than half the toughness. It gives the player the feeling of fighting mobs of enemies rather than slowly killing three chunky guys. This way, even though the difficulty isn't much easier, the player doesn't feel completely powerless, as he/she can still kill at least a chunk of them before they need to run away and heal their party.

    SotNW starts off with you only being able to create the given classes: fighter, musketeer, wizard, scout, and elementalist, but during the game you can find, trade, buy or gain character cards from quests. These character cards can each be used once to create new characters that are not given in the normal creation menu. Its not unheard of to see players commanding three of the same character, created from the same type of card, because he/she traded to obtain multiple copies of the card. while SotNW does not offer the greatest variety of character classes or skills and weapons, it allows the players to create different combinations of characters, which in themselves create new possibilities. Some players like having three musketeers to fend of enemies before they get into melee range, some players love elementalists because they have the most effective spells that hit multiple targets, some people insist of keeping at least one scout in a party because of their healing abilities.


    SotNW is a very intriguing MMO game that has kept me playing it longer than most other MMO games i have played. Usually i play until I'm level 20-30 until I get bored because experience points roll in way to slow, but SotNW gives the player more things to look forward to. It has multiple elements in the game that have no actual effect on the gameplay but they make your characters look cooler. I currently have all my characters wearing the same clad white regal clothing as if they were all going to some magnificent ball dance, and although it has no actual effect on my fighting abilities, it is awesome nevertheless.

    there is also the very intriguing element of gambling in SotNW. Players who have extra gold to spare begin to upgrade their weaponry, which gives the weapon higher damage. It doesn't cost much to upgrade your equipment to level four, but when you upgrade their capabilities past that limit, there is a high percent chance that the next upgrade will fail and cause your equipment to become forever unusable. This is a factor of the game that keeps players always active with their use of money. And once a weapon has exceeded limit four, it begins to shine a white glow(sweeeet), and upon reaching the seventh upgrade, which is extremely difficult to, as upgrades five and six are very difficult to pass without getting the weapon broken, the weapon begins to glow pretty colors.

    Many of the attractions of SotNW lie in the security that players love the aesthetics of their characters. You can buy clothing, upgrade equipment, buy hats and even buy poses, which lets your characters make amusing gestures and poses, which is almost useless, but i bought all the poses anyway. And lots of hats.

    SotNW is a highly engaging game and although i wouldn't say its one of the best games out there, its still worth a shot, also because its free and awesome, especially for an MMO. :3

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 21:57:35     -    Sword of the New World (PC)


    Sword of the New World is an MMO game where you control your characters, advancing levels, going through dungeons, fighting, gaining exp, and all the MMO stuff. The game's setting is set during Spain's Golden era of exploration and your overall unofficial goal is to bring glory to your country. The story is mostly irrelevant like it is in many MMO's, rather the gameplay bring excitiment into the gameplay experience.


    Upon first playing Sword of the New World, the MMO looked much the same as many of those other no-name MMO's dying to be played. (literally, they lose support to keep their servers up.) But this MMO holds some very unique characteristics that makes the gameplay more refreshing. Instead of maintaining control of one character, you can command up to three at once. There are different classes you can choose for each of the three characters, but you can always have more than one of the same class at once. The multiple character command element of Sword of The New World is pretty much unheard of in MMOs. Many MMO's allow you to gain pets or to summon or gain NPC allies, but this game allows you to create three characters yourself from level one and to play with all three simultaneously by either commanding all of them at once or micromanaging.

    Sword of The New World is an MMO with a very nice taste of style. While many other MMO games tend to keep the medieval or ancient oriental theme, Sword of the New World characters typically wear things like elegant victorian gowns or gentlemanly suits. It gives a very nice vibe to the whole game and although its not very realistic to be fighting in such clothes, most gamers dont care about that. Whats most important to us, or me at least, is that your characters always look slick.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:10:15     -    Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)


    As I played through more of Donkey Kong Country it became apparent to me, how much this game relied on its graphics to pull it through. Nearly all objects, from playable characters to the enemies to defeat are all rendered in a 3-D like way. Technically they are not 3-D but 2-D, but the graphic design has a nice shading effect and makes just looking at the game more aesthetically pleasing. Like taking Gradius from Super Nintendo and seeing how much it improved through its release on the PS2, even though both hold almost all the same game mechanics and gameplay designs. The extra shine on the ship and the glowing lazers and dramatic explosive effects that clutter the screen allow for more entertaining play.

    And the two player aspect of the game also provides a grand extension of entertaining gameplay. Although only one player may be in control at a time, the player in control may press the "A" button to swap control with the other player. It sounds like a boring prospect at first and you may think only one person may end up playing, leaving the other person waiting forever for the swap, but that is definitely not the case. When the player in control dies from getting touched by an enemy bee or lizard man, he/she drops off the screen and the second player takes control and stays in control until he/she is damaged or falls off a cliff.

    To further this multiplayer aspect of the game, Donkey Kong Country 2 has these special barrels lying about in most levels that allow the player in control to revive his/her partner if his/her partner wasn't already alive. In two player mode one the most intruiging thinga is having two hits to die. In the single player mode you die in one hit, but with two players when the player in control dies, the second player gains control and the game resumes smoothly.


    Donkey Kong Country 2 keeps its players playing additively through its process of achievement and exploration/discovery. Most video games, or perhaps all give the player a sense of achievement when they accomplish a difficult task or defeat some significant level, but Donkey Kong Country 2 is a platform game with a very defined sense of discovery. The game is extremely good at giving what the player needs most, just when they are about to lose hope, making the player believe that they were extremely lucky or that they played that certain level exceptionally well. The game gives the player pride without letting him/her know it.

    Donkey Kong Country 2 is a game that uses variety to its advantage and uniqueness. Most games of its time simply kept most of the same elements throughout the game and made the game harder using the same objects. Like making more holes to die in and less platforms to land on, but Donkey Kong Country 2 is more innovative than that. They keep on giving you new objects to interact with and there are so many objects that sometimes by not allowing the player to see one of them for a while creates a an experience of renewing discovery when they see the object again after so long.

    In Donkey Kong there is more attention focused on the player's character than on the environment. Unlike platforms like Metroid, Kirby, Mario, or Castlevania, Donkey Kong Country 2 has a larger character sprite moving across the screen, taking more space on the screen and thus taking more attention. The game makes the player focus more intently on what is near the character than to think about the enemies that lie ahead. This allows enemies to pop up on screen very quickly, while in other platform games you would have seen them from afar. There is an element of surprise in this and a new type of gameplay experience different from what is normally felt in platformers.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 21:47:52     -    Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)


    Donkey Kong Country 2 is a platformer game for up to two players. You play as two monkeys named Diddy and Dixy and you are on a quest to save a good friend, Donkey, who, despite the misleading name is a monkey. You progress through the many levels getting bananas, which are the equivalent of mario's coins and fighting lizards, much like goombas, but more jumpy.


    At first the game seems mundane and at the most, slightly interesting. The character designs don't strike me in any particular way and the story is far from engaging. But this game has its good points, and it takes playing it to know it. The object of the game was to save Diddy's friend and not die in the process, which isn't a very unique plot in video games, but the engaging part of this game stems from the gameplay and not the story.

    Donkey Kong Country 2 is a platformer that incorporates aspects of other platform games and mixes components while adding some new ones to create something unique. The bananas are like mario's coins, and obtaining 100 bananas gives you another life. You are damaged when you touch enemies but when you jump on them, they are vanquished. And although these elements seem so not original, they are made to look original. And if it looks original thats basically being original.

    There are objects in the Donkey Kong environment that were popularly used in platform video games at the time, but the game makes itself interesting by using a wide variety of objects for the player to interact with. There are ropes that are necessary for the player to reach higher, or lower places safely. there are barrels that the player may jump into and then get shot out of, like a cannon ball. There are animals you can ride that enhance your ability to survive. All these elements are far from original, but the placement and use of all of these creates an interesting environment in the game.

    Donkey Kong Country 2 is a tough game to play. It starts off fairly easy, and progressively becomes harder, but overall requires quick reaction time and coordination with the movement of your character. It is a game that was designed as if to solve the shortcomings of games made before its time. It has multiple reward factors and save points, not only in each level, but in the game world. Many platform games require you to defeat all the levels of a certain world with a given amount of lives, and upon losing all your lives before defeating all the levels, you must restart the world and defeat all the levels over again with a restocked amount of lives equal to what your began with. This was something that many games like Mario used, making the completion of certain worlds to be extremely difficult. Donkey Kong Country alleviates this pain with its checkpoints that occur midway into the world.

    This game was enjoyable. Unlike some games where the game play is static, Donkey Kong Country 2 mixes in difficulties and bonuses to create dynamic changes in gameplay, while maintaining a flow. If you recorded someone's face while they played, you would see emotions from horror to sadness to joy to anger and perplexity quickly changing from on instance to another.

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