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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 17:58:41     -    Assassins Creed (PS3)

    Session 2


    Returning to Assassins Creed was not as fun as picking it up for the first time. Although it is a very well made game with a lot to offer, it became a little repetitive, and progressing through the games story is not something i find myself very interested in doing.

    The first hour i played i was given 4-5 different missions that would build up to an assassination. The second hour i played i was given the exact same series of missions (maybe a little more difficult), that lead up to another assassination. Although the gameplay is fun, and the graphics are nice to look at, i was left wanting a little more diversity.

    Once the guards of the city you are in become aware of your presence, they will attack you on sight, and will continue to do so until you escape their line of sight and hide in a bale of hay, hut, etc... I felt like this system hurt the "flow" of the game. I found myself running circles around my destinations trying to locate a bale of hay to hide from the guards.


    Although my opinion of the gameplay went down during my second session, i still think this game was designed very nicely. The landscaping of the various cities impressed me the most. Each different city you visit had different buildings, layouts, and colors. The Terrain between the cities would change as you would cover more distance.

    The concept of being able to control your character during cutscenes was new. Although it really didn't make a big deal, for those of us with short attention spans being able to control your character during particularly long cutscenes was nice.

    The story of Assassin's Creed never really pulled me in. It takes place in the far away past, and the not to distant future. Although this idea was interesting, i don't think they tied the two timelines together very well.

    All in all Assassins creed is a fun game to play, although a bit repetitive. The gameplay is innovative, and the graphics are like a work of art. If a sequel was released i would probably buy it.

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    Jan 13th, 2008 at 22:15:40     -    Assassins Creed (PS3)


    In Assassins Creed you play as the ancestor of an ancient assassin in a futuristic world. You enter the world your assassin ancestor lived in through a machine, and complete missions and tasks to gain information for the people you work for. You use various weapons, and assassin skills to accomplish your goals.


    When i first turned on the game i was very excited to play it. There was a lot of hype before the game came out, and i heard a lot of good reviews. The graphics were extremely sharp, probably better than any game I've played before.

    The controls of the game were relatively easy to pick up, although there was a tricky tutorial that took me a few tries to complete. Some of the concepts in the game were a little confusing though. A large part of the game is the Sychronization meter that tells you how well you are following the "assassins creed". I found it difficult to tell which actions would hurt your sychronization meter. Although it hurts the sychronization meter, my favorite part of the game was running around the city like a super hero. You can swing from poles, jump across rooftops, and scale tall buildings.

    *Spoiler Warning* (just in case we're supposed to?)

    The story of the game was very confusing. You start the game as an assassin in an ancient civilization, but before long you find that you are in fact a modern man living in a virtual reality. From what i gathered you are going into this virtual reality to recover some type of information for your boss. I did not find the story to be to interesting.

    I remember when i first turned this game on at home, my sister who never plays games saw it, and asked me if she could play. I'm assuming it was the sharp graphics and not the violent assasinations that drew her to this game. Even though it is only a 1 player game, we both had a good time watching the other test the complex physics of assasins creed. Although i found the story to be bland and confusing, the good graphics and innovating gameplay were enough to keep me coming back.

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