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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 23:20:54     -    Team Fortress 2 (PC)

    In my second game session I decided to focus more on the different playable classes in TF2. The nine different classes are broken into three different categories that include offense, defense, and support. The offense classes include the fast but weak Scout, the good all-around Soldier, and the high damage dealer the Pyro. Defense includes the Demoman, Heavy, and Engineer. Finally, the support classes include the Medic, the Sniper, and the Spy.
    Each class is very unique in many aspects such as health, damage, and abilities. For instance, the Heavy class has the most health, making it the best class to be healed by a medic. This is why players often see a heavy being fallowed around by a medic healing them. Each class plays very different from the next, which keeps the game play very interesting and fresh. It is also a nice feature that players can change their class whenever they feel, so it doesn’t feel like you get stuck with something you don’t like playing.
    The medic class is arguably the most important class in the game, which is funny because I find it the most boring to play. Injured players can call for a “MEDIC!!!” in hopes that someone playing a medic is close enough (and nice enough) to come heal them. Most FPS’s out today do not have a healing class, which is one reason why TF2 is so much fun to play.
    The Engineer class is another very unique class for a FPS. Engineers are very weak when it comes to weapon based combat, but they can build very powerful machines to help out themselves and their team. They can build teleporters, health vendors, and stationary turrets to help out their team. On top of being able to build cool gadgets, engineers can upgrade these gadgets through multiple ranks. This means that the longer an engineer can stay alive, the more powerful they become.

    Having played the original Team Fortress years ago, the first thing I noticed when I started playing TF2 was how drastically different it is from its predecessor. Team Fortress was a mod on the original Half-Life engine, and was a very different game than TF2. One of the first things I noticed upon playing TF2 was that there were no alien weapons, alien maps, or any aliens at all! In fact, TF2 decided to completely overhaul the TF series while leaving the core game play almost untouched.
    The game play consists of squad based first person shooter mayhem, 9 distinct classes, and lots of action. Just like the original, the games consist of very large team battles with lots of carnage. Unlike the original, TF2 decided to go with a new look. The new graphics are very stylized and have a cel-shaded look. Players in the game look like exaggerated caricatures with very large arms and hands, and very small legs and feet. This new look works well with the unrealistic style of the game and makes the game stand out from other on the market.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 23:20:31     -    Team Fortress 2 (PC)

    Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer based first person shooter developed by Valve. Players can choose from nine distinct classes and duke it out on many different levels. The game has a very stylized, almost cartoon-ish look to it, along with very unique game play.

    Team Fortress 2 has very unique game play; different from any other first person shooter I have played. Unlike most FPS out today, players in TF2 seem to have a lot of health on top of the fact that weapons don’t seem to do very much damage. This makes for very interesting game play because fights between players take on average 10-15 seconds, while in other FPS they might last 5 seconds or less. Another interesting aspect of the game are the health packs and medics, which are rare for a FPS.
    The game play in TF2 is really fast paced, while also being slow paced at the same time. At any one time in the game there are countless explosions, deaths, and bullets flying everywhere, but at the same time you won’t find your character dying instantly. The game has very fast paced action, but slower paced player versus player conflicts. This makes the game play more forgiving than most FPS’s, which is good for beginners or newcomers to the genre.
    Team Fortress 2 has some very fun game types that were not in the original. There is a capture the flag type game were players must captures the other team’s intelligence briefcase along with a territory style match where players must capture and defend certain points on a map. These game types are very fun and work perfectly with TF2’s non-stop action. Both game types are equally fun and offer their own unique challenges.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 23:44:50     -    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    The gamelog site bugged out and added this gamelog instead of GTA: San Andreas. This is NOT my gamelog entry and I'm not sure how to delete it. Please read my GTA: San Andreas log for grading.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 23:42:52     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)


    One of the many new editions San Andreas brought to the series was the ability to customize and build up your character’s stats. This added some RPG elements to the open world action game that make for some very fun game play. You can work on increasing your character’s respect, strength, driving skill, weapon skill, etc. Along with these stats you can change your characters physical appearance. You can change every element of your character’s clothes, add tattoos, and change hairstyles along with many more options. These elements don’t really make the game better, but make your character much more personal.
    While on the subject of stats, there are new driving and weapon skills you can work on maxing out. As you increase your driving skill, by driving for extended periods of time without crashing, you make your character handle vehicles better. This is a nice feature because it feels like your character is improving along with you. You can also get weapon skill for each different class of weapon. If you play enough you can earn the gangster skill level with all weapons, which makes you more accurate, deadly, and even gives you the ability to dual-wield some weapons.
    Yet another new feature of San Andreas is the ability to recruit gang members and participate in gang wars. This fits right in with the urban 1990’s gangster feel of the game. Your character now has the ability to recruit gang members (the number of people you can recruit depends on your respect level) and try and take over rival gang member’s territory. This is a very fun aspect of the game because it adds mission like structure tat any point of the game. The player could be joy riding around the city and decide that they want to start a gang war.


    The design of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is amazing. There is so much content in the game it is amazing everything works so smoothly together. San Andreas added a lot of new and innovative features to an already hugely popular series. Rockstar did an excellent job of adding tons of content to San Andreas without making it lose its charm. San Andreas looks, feels, and plays like previous GTA games and that is definitely a good thing.
    One thing that was always very frustrating in GTA games was that your character could not swim, yet there was water all around. San Andreas finally allowed your character to swim, and what a difference it made. No longer would you progress through 99% of a difficult mission only to have it all end when you flipped your car over a guardrail into a river. The ability to swim has been long overdue in the GTA series and it is great that San Andreas included it.
    Another example of the excellent design of the game is the sound. This includes sound effects, voice-acting, and of course the music. GTA games have always been known for their killer soundtracks and San Andreas is no exception. Although the music selection isn’t as catchy as GTA: Vice City’s, it is still far superior to most games on the market. On top of great music, the voice-acting is top notch which is a nice change from most video games.

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