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    Jan 15th, 2008 at 02:43:47     -    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (PC)

    Gamelog Entry #2


    I didn’t really pick up on any new aspects of gameplay while playing this game for the second round. I did, however, change the manner in which I approached completing the missions. This game stresses stealth when completing a mission, but I became bored of that, so what I began to do was to just simply kill every enemy in the mission, and then kill my target(s). I disregarded the fact that the enemies were alerted and that they were shooting at me, and that my health was going down. Basically, I began to play this game like a regular FPS, as opposed to a stealth game as it is intended.


    There are several design elements that make this a good game. When playing as and controlling your character, you can play in either a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective, and you can switch between them at any time. The game has a map sub-menu, which contains maps for all outside locations and all the floors of all the buildings. Also, these maps show the positions and movements of all the people in the environment. The game has a sub-menu that pauses gameplay when accessed, which allows you to switch and select any available equipment and weapons. The game’s HUD features a compass, which is useful for navigation, and a gauge that tells you how aware other people are of your presence.

    The level design of the game was very good. Each mission had a different location. These were real-world locations. The missions included access to the outside, like city streets, and to various buildings, which often included several floors. The game environments were very expansive. You could go anywhere within them, and space within the gameworld was used very realistically, and that helped to contribute to the realism of the game.

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    Jan 15th, 2008 at 02:29:38     -    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (PC)

    Gamelog Entry #1


    In this game, you play as a professional killer. You receive a mission, which takes you to a world location and contains objectives that you must complete (always includes assassinating one or two important people). Once you complete all of the objectives of a mission, you complete that mission, and you receive a new mission that takes you to a new world location and contains new objectives for you to complete.


    While playing this game, I did feel fairly thrilled and excited because the game made me feel like I really was sneaking stealthily around guards and police, and killing international criminals. What contributed to my feelings was the realism of the game: the buildings and city streets I traversed, the equipment and weapons that I used, and also the slight fear that the game instilled into me of the consequences I would face if I was seen by someone.

    The characters in the game are somewhat typical for this genre of fiction. In the beginning of the game, the character you play as tries to seek redemption and leads a peaceful life as a gardener at a church, but because of circumstances out of his control, he has to return to his life of contract killing when his mentor, the church priest, is kidnapped. The guards are unsavory-looking characters, and the targets are horrible and nasty international criminals. And with typical characters comes a fairly typical storyline that I didn’t necessarily dislike because I really wasn’t expecting much else.

    This game was quite fun to play. A big reason was the realism that I felt. The game really made me feel like I was there. This game was also fun because of how open-ended it was. The game gave you missions with specific objectives that you had to complete, but how you completed them was entirely up to you. The environments of the missions were very large and you could go anywhere within them, so you could plan however much you wanted, and you could complete a missions in numerous different ways.

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