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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:40:35     -    skate. (360)

    Entry #2
    My second hour of game play was pretty intense and made it more fun that i knew what i was doing and i was able to do all of the tricks to somewhat on command and it made it a lot easier on me to do the challenges required for the game. I felt as if i was in the game and i knew what i was doing, but it made it a lot easier to do what i needed to do. I felt i knew my way around the city a lot easier and i was able to do my tasks.

    The only thing that really got to me was when i got online to play other players was when i really got the real challenge. Just because the A.I. on the game can only do so much for you and can only provide such a challenge, but while online against all of the other skaters who has had this game longer than i have play more than me and are better than me boosted up my morale to keep on playing because i felt the need to learn the tricks more and do them on command like a lot of the other players were doing.

    The design of the game was pretty much extrodinary. In means to the whole game world being wide open because it created that feel that this is a skaters paradise. That element alone makes this game great. Also the design to make all of the tricks off of the analog stick is brialliant. This creates challenge and conflict because it covers everything a skater needs to do.

    The game creates conflicts in many ways, virtual and real life. Meaning in the game itself some of the challenges are to skate in NO-SKATE Zones and in these no skate zones are security officers and if you get caught by these officers than they end your challenge or mission that you are doing and jack 50$ from you. In real life it can create verbal, and physical conflict because the people playing the game can get mad and irratated espically if they have not played the game before.

    Some things that I would change about the game is the ableness of not being able to run. I would really like EA to make that mechanism in the second SKATE if they make one, i think being able to get off of your board and running would be a lot more helpful to the user on getting around more quickly.

    The games reward structure was cool because i strived to hurry up and complete the challenges so i could unlock new characters and so i could get my sponsers for my clothes, deck, etc. and so i could get the cover of a magazine. I think by havig that magazine could emplify the eagerness for the user to keep on completing missions. A lot of kids want to be on covers so they complete the missions and try to get the cover and make it their own.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 01:25:05     -    skate. (360)

    In the game skate the main primary goal of the game is to complete all the challenges and become a pro skater and get sponsered. At the end of the game you should be on the cover of the magazine of Thrasher and the Skate Mag and after that you will have beaten the game.

    My first hour of playing this game was very frustrating. I could not get used to the controls because they were radically different. I am used to the Tony Hawk controls and by that i mean, when i push a button i do a trick. This is completely different from SKATE. The analog stick controls all of your flip tricks as well as your manueling and your pop shove it tricks. Transitioning over to this whole new concept took sime time and a lot of work and a lot of patience. Also i got angry a lot during the career mode because all of the pedestrians and traffic they would mess up your line that you are trying to do or they would get in the way causing you to fail, and to me this is very frustrating and annoying. I wish their was a mode to where you could get off your board and beat them up.

    The characters of the game are really realistic and hit the point on the pros as if they were the actual A.I. I think they gave me a challenge on all of the challenges i had to do against them and it made me work hard and they taught me new tricks in the tutorials. But other than that they couldnt do to much because all they really did was skate.

    My thoughts on the gameplay were awesome this game exceeds realism and what you can do in it. The physics engine is so percise that everything that these skaters are able to do in the game you should be able to do in real life. The way you move and the way the wheels sound as your just riding the street gives the user a sense of feeling that they are actually skating. Also the game is very interesting to play and it keeps me playing now. I play online and try to improve my skills amongst the world of skaters and give myself a name among others. But the story line of this game is really well done and it is very fluent in the sense of what I am supposed to do and how to do it.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:11:22     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Entry #2

    My personal subjective gameplay on my second hour of the game was more or less like the beginning of the first hour. Nothinig much has really changed about the game and the game is very, very repetetive. The only thing that you can really do that is out of the norm is go ahead and get the cheats off line and make stuff go your way. Like for example you can get infinite health, and all the weapons, and on top of that you can have infinite ammo. So really you can go ahead and just do what you want and just kill eveyone with out dying. That is the most exstatic part about the game, at least i think so.

    The design of the game was pretty much a free world type of thing. You can go around all of Oakland and do random stuff to anybody. You are able to hi-jak cars and i still think thats a pretty good idea to be able to do a lot things in a free world. Also i like how the design was made for the user to interact with everyone but in the same way they are able to interact with you. I also like the way the cops show up everytime something happens and i love how the helicpter comes and makes a huge ol' scene.


    A lot of this particular game is based on free movement and about doing a lot of things regardless if your not doing the missions. And i think that innovation of the game is a big factor of why so many people buy this game and enjoy it. The freedom of the gameworld i think creates a fantasization of the user to use these weapons and to be in a imaginary gang and to rob people. These are all not real common things a lot of people in this world do, so i think this game allows users to do these things that they would like to try but are to scared of doing. Except the killing part of course =]

    This game creates conflict in many ways by doing the missions wrong and if you kill people that are not supposed to be killed. By that i mean the game has a security system and when you do this type of thing the cops, swat and helocopters come and make a huge scene.The games reward structure was alright i mean it wasnt anything out of the sort and it was cool. I mean you moved up the gang ladder to the top and all of that good stuff.

    Overall the game was good but i dont think that i would go out and buy this game anymore. Just because all of the grand theft autos have the same objective and nothing out of the ordinary happens in these games.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:35:34     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    In this game there are many objectives and many things to do. But on the other hand you are able to roam around San Andreas and just still cars and cruise around for fun. But the objective of the game is to complete all of the missions and be in a gang.

    My gameplay on the first hour was pretty good. I usually never do any of the missions because i thought they were pointless but this time i decided to do them. They are pretty complicated and some are pretty risky. Like getting into the gang was fun and pretty intense.

    My thoughts on the characters in the game were pretty much the same like in all of the other Grand theft autos but i liked it overall but the characters were no much different than the other ones. My emotional state on the game was more or less like whatever, just because i know what to expect fromo Grand Theft Auto. A lot of their games are the same i think. What made it really interesting for me was running from the cops because thats the best part about grand theft auto.

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