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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:28:05     -    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)


    While playing this game, I got really mad because I kept dieing all the time. All of the enemies kept killing me super fast. I was ready to give up playingt he game, until i finally found some weak monsters for me to kill and start training on. It takes a really long time to train a skill and get stronger at it. I like games like that. I doesn't make the game go by really fast, and then you end up beating it in a couple of hours.

    I also liked how you interacted with other characters. It showed a close up with the persont that you were talking to then you ask them a question about something, and depending on how they liked you or not depended on what answer they gave you. It seemed like I was actually there and talking to the person. The other characters also have little side conservations that you are able easdrop on and listen in on what they had to say. Sometimes it gave you little hints on where to go or what you should do for some extra side quests.


    The level designs were very different but at the same time also the same. Each city had it's own feal and aspect to it. I like that in a game. You can tell where you are by just looking around and the scenery is different and the buildings are different accourding to the city that you are at. But at the same time, the dungeons and the under ground temples all look the same. Of course they should look the same since they are the same thing, but they are not that different when you get a close look at them. The only things that are usually different ina dungeon are the enemies that you face and a slightly different map construction.

    Another key aspect to this game that makes it so unique is the time element of the game. The game is revolved around time to make it seem even more realistic. But it is a goodthing that the time is not real life time because otherwise the game would go really slow (like animal crossing, which was really boring). Anyways, I like how they created that time developement when you walk from towns to towns, and you are able to wait or sleep for certain periods of time to get to a specified time inorder to start or continue an objective. It is just simply just amazing that every aspect of the game is revolved around time.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:05:29     -    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)


    Oblivion is a RPG game. The default settings to this game is first person, but you are able to go to third person by a click of a button. But it is preferred to play in the first person mode for better game play experience. It is based on another world where different races like lizard people and cat people live together alongside humans and different types of elves. It is a magical world where you are nearly able to interact with every object in the game which makes this very intense to play.

    This game is your basic progression game. You are able to level up certain skills, and as you level up, the more abilities you are able to use. You can fight and kill pretty much anything, but you don't want to kill other people unless they are bandits or they are trying to kill you because it is considered a murder and you are fined and could potentially go to jail. The story line is pretty simple also. Since it's in this other world, there are these oblivion gates that come up from the ground and leads to the Oblivion fields. Basically, oblivion is considered hell and evil, and you have to kill all the monsters that inhabit the area and such. The evil prince of oblivion is trying take control of the above world, and your quest that you take eventually lead up to the destruction of all evil.


    One aspect of this game that I really liked is how you are able to create a custom character of your liking. When you first start the game in the introduction dungeon, you are able to choose your race that you want to be. You also get to complately change how you look in the game, including all your facial qualities, and your skin tone, as well as your hair style and color. While playing the game, you also choose seven main skills that your character starts at level 25, and it could potentially go to levle 100. They give you a set of different types of skills that will be your main skills, but again, you are able to change them to your liking. And finally, near the end of the introduction dungeon, you are able to choose a god, or star figuration that gives you a special bonus for your character.

    One of the reasons this game is unique is its combat system as well as the actual game play. Since it is in first person, it is hard to see stuff behind you. And in a third age middle world with swords and shields and magic, it is not good when you can't see behind you. The control scheme that it has is hard to get use to and looks complately awkward at first, but eventually it seems like you wouldn't want to play this game any other way because of the so many things that you are bale to interact with.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:31:26     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)


    This time when I played, i played through the Chronicles. The Chronicals is the conquest like mode that enables you to play like a RTS style game. It was fun to play the chronical mode. It was different and it was something knew that Soul Calibur III brought to fighting games. I liked the fact how i leveled up the characters as the more enemies that I killed. And as I progressed along the game, I saw how the game got more challenging, and it pissed me off sometimes. I would take hours to beat one of those single conquests.

    The Chronical mode was so much different and it was fun. Since I could create multiple characters, I was able to play along with my friend. Infact, I made myself and my friend as one of the characters. So when our character walked along to go destroy a tower and fight someone, we would switch off and play as ourselves in the game.


    The design of the game was pretty good. I liked how the movements of the characters where so fluid in chaining the attacks which made it near impossible to guess which direction the attack was going to come from. Which then made it nearly impossible to block as well. Other than that, I liked how the game had a eight direction movement system that you can use to evade or walk aorund the arena.

    The challenges that this game expressed were really tough. One way that the game made complications was that they made the arena that you played on have a limited amount of space to walk around. That meant that it was easy for your character to get ringed out and lose the match. Another way that this game made complications was by adding effects to the arena that helped the opponent win, which decreased your odds of winning. For instance, the arena could have poison, which made you loose health gradually. Or the thoughest effect that i found was hard to beat was called "DOWN LOSE". This meant that when your character fell to the ground, you explaode and automatically lose the fight. And on top of that, they used an extremely tough opponent which most of his attacks made you fall to the ground which resulted in losing the match and dieing. However, I finally found out that it worked on the opponent also so even though it took me about 50 tries, I finally downed the opponent and killed him.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:17:02     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)


    Soul Calibur III is a fighting game. You can play one player through an Arcade like mode, which tells a specific story for your character. So depending on your character that you choose, it is a different story line. There is also a new conquest like mode where you are able to create characters and you fight other computer controlled characters through as like a RTS style. It also has the typical multiplayer system where you fight other players and the object of the game is to just fight and kill the other opponent before they kill you.


    The first time that I played, I played through different characters in the arcade mode. I found out that its really hard to block in this game. The attacks are so fluid, and it makes it hard to predict where the attacks are coming from, so you nearly always get hit from attacks.

    Each character has its own special moves and moves and attacks differently than the other characters. I found it hard to find the right moves and combos to use with some of the characters, so i basically just found one attack and kept pressing it multiple times. I was pretty frustrated while playing this game. Every time the opponent kept on killing me so fast that i couldn;t do anything. So I got really mad. However, the more I played it, the more i saw how to play and use the characters by just watching how the computer used those characters when they fought me.

    I liked how each character was a little different, but it was confusing for me because each character had to look for the soul blade. But every character knew how to use a weapon skillfully. So that didn't really match up for me, it seemed a little awkward that everyone that knew about the soul blade were skilled fighters.

    I liked it when I played against other people that I knew. It made the game more fun and more interesting to play because interacting with other people during the game made it so much fun. It is like any other fighting game, its fun to kill your friend in a game. It made it more interesiting also because the competition between an actual human other than an a.i. is always better because you can trash talk and do whatever comes to mind unlike when you fight the computer.

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