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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 03:17:36     -    Mario Kart (Wii)

    2ND GAMEPLAY: After getting some practice on the Koopa Troopa course, I was starting to finally feel a little better about racing my friends and doing better than last place each time. Finally, I got 3rd place and I was so happy. After that, we decided to try another course, and then I decided to play with another character. I decided to be Toad, and we tried the jungle course that I believed resembled a scene like Donkey Kong. I was doing a little better, which definitely made this round of gameplay a lot more enjoyable for me.

    Then, we decided to try the Rainbow course, which in my opinion is the hardest course in the whole game. There are a lot of steep hills, and it is extremely easy for the car to fall off the side into the black space. When this happens, you lose a lot of time and you get placed right at the space where your avatar fell. I did get last place again, but I was satisfied because I felt I had gained a lot more experience with it and I was definitely having more fun with the game. I'll probably play this game a lot more now.

    DESIGN: I am an extremely big fan of the graphics and the designs of each of the race courses in this game. There are a bunch of bright colors, and everything seems like it has a lot of detail. For example, like I mentioned earlier, the Koopa Troopa course had many detailed aspects about a beach, even including little moving red crabs. Little features like that gave each of the courses more of a realistic feel.

    I liked how even though this game is definitely not a platform game, it had some platform-like aspects. For example, in the Donkey Kong-like course, the avatar had to jump over the cracks of the cliffs in order to progress in the race and get the cubes containing the special powers. Also, in the Koopa Troopa course, there are ramps that your avatar must jump off in order to get a fast time in the race. Overall, the design aspects of this game are extremely appealing and they definitely drew me in to the gameworld and gameplay.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 02:49:56     -    Mario Kart (Wii)

    SUMMARY: Mario Kart is a racing game containing all of the characters from the various Mario Brothers games. The overall goal of the game is to try and win the race in the fastest time against the other competitors.

    1ST GAMEPLAY: I have never played Mario Kart before, I had only watched my brother play it when I was younger, so this was kind of a trip for me. First, I decided to be Peach, and I decided to race on the Koopa Troopa course. This race course resembled a beach that had a bunch of palm trees, rocks, moving crabs, and many other elements. There were also red and yellow striped ramps that were on the sand and at the top of the ramps were the boxes that the avatars tried to get in order to achieve a certain power to help them out in the race.

    When I started playing, I was getting pretty frustrated. Mario Kart is definitely a game that is harder than it looks. The people who I was playing with were pretty experienced, so they knew about certain shortcuts to take and certain things to do that would allow them to get faster times and always beat me. I also kept going off the track and into the water which would make me go slower. After each race, I would always come in last place, and I was really starting to get frustrated.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:40:53     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    2ND GAMEPLAY: As it turns out, my hypothesis was correct. For my second round of gameplay, I tried Wii bowling. I must say in my opinion, Wii bowling is WAY easier and more fun than Wii baseball. Once again, you act as if the controller is the bowling ball, and in order to roll the ball at the right speed without bouncing it on the lane, you have to release the controller at exactly the right time. I was doing really well with this, and I was definitely not as frustrated with the bowling as I was with the baseball.

    However, I'm not going to first, I kept bouncing the bowling ball on the lane because I was not releasing it at the right time. This was definitely frustrating for me at first, but after a few turns I definitely got the hang of it. As I took more turns, I was hitting more pins. I definitely got used to the buttons on the controller and I knew the right time to release.

    DESIGN: The design of Wii Sports is extremely realistic, as well as the sounds. I really felt as if I was literally inside a bowling alley, due to the detailed sounds and graphics. There were no levels or anything, but the graphics were still detailed enough so that the player could become completely engaged in what is going on in the game. Also, because it emulated actual sports games, the player is able to easily relate to it.

    I really like how the Wii controller and graphics were put together. Like I said before, it's really nice how the player can become so interacted with it that the game experience is way better than just sitting down with a plain old controller. I can definitely see how and why the Wii became so popular. It can only get even more popular from here.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:17:41     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    SUMMARY: Wii Sports, played on the Nintendo Wii, contains a combination of sports from baseball to golf. The overall goal of Wii Sports is to win the type of game in which you decide to play.

    1ST GAMEPLAY: For the first round of gameplay, I decided to play Wii baseball. It was EXTREMELY challenging. I was playing against my friend who had played this game many many times, not to mention he is actually a baseball player. I had never played anything on the Wii before, so this was definitely a new experience. The cool thing about the Wii is that you as the player are physically interacting with the game, as opposed to just sitting down with a simple game controller. Aside from the frustration, I really enjoyed this aspect of the Wii.

    The movements are also extremely lifelike. For example, everyone knows how to swing a bat from either watching baseball players or by a parent or someone teaching another. In the game, in order to hit the ball, you have to use the Wii controller as if it was a bat. I honestly was not getting any hits and I was not doing well at all. At that point I realized that I should probably try another game because I might do better with something a little easier than baseball.

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