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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:39:13     -    Devil May Cry 3 (PS2)

    Game play 1
    The video game devil may cry 3 is the best devil may cry I have ever played. Basically you start as the character Dante the best charter I have ever seen in any game. He basically is this bad ass half devil that loves fighting his twin brother. You go trough the world to get to the center of the place were your suppose to travel their and go their to kill and fight of his twin brother. You meet lots of characters and you will burst out laughing when Dante cracks jokes at the enemy.
    Game play
    When I was playing this game I was laughing my ass of when ever I encountered bosses because he is like a badass who doesn’t care who you are. I started the game by seeing the first seen were he kills all the enemies showing his moves, just by this one seen I was like hell yeah this is going to be the a bad ass freaking game. As I continued venturing on I had to fight the shadow boss and Dante says this is going to be one hell of a party. I continued on and got to the room were I had to fight with all of Dante’s great battle moves. I loved the moves that he started off with Dante but then it get even better when you are able to by moves and upgrades. The first thing I got was the ability two double jump, and do many switches from guns to swords.
    As Dante I go trough the stage wanting to fight against enemies because he has such an awesome style of fighting. After a while of playing you find that you have the ability to upgrade your moves and the attacks that you are able to do. I walked trough the stage and locked for all the orbs I can find in order to get my character stronger and able to take on enemies a lot better or easier. I love using the sword but I also love using guns everything about the character Dante is freaking cool.
    Game play 2
    I got farther and reached the boss Cerebus were I was laughing my ass of because he was making fun of the boss so much. Then the serious action happened were I was able to jump around and role around so I can avoid the beams of attacks. After a long while I was finally able to beat him I got a new weapon were he was able to do new attacks and have new abilities. I was looking around and got to be able to attack the monsters and the music is also so very cool.
    I continuously progressed trough out the game and got as far as I could I enjoyed every moment of the game specially when antes devil powers get awakened. After the devil trigger happen I got so much farther an so much funnier. When I was able to do new attacks and be able to get farther in the game and be able to beat up the enemies doing continues combos.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 23:31:57     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Gamelog 4
    Super Smash Bros game rounds up the characters from many different type of games and haves them fight against each other in a battle to the death. You pick a certain number of characters and fight against other characters in an order and unlock other characters. You can pick between certain characters like Mario, Link, Yoshi, Samus, Pikachu, jigglypuff, Fox. Each of the characters has unique abilities that are only for that character to use. The point in this game is to go through the characters till you get to the last final boss battle against the master hand.
    Game play#1
    For this game log assignment I picked the game super smash brothers, were I picked link as my character at the character screen I began the game still learning the controls as I have hardly ever played the 64 version. The first two battles were good but after that the computer character got better and it became a lot more challenging then before. My first battle was against link in the battle and he was pretty easy because he was a low level character as do most games start of easy. I ran up to link and did my spin move on him not sending him very far because he had no prior damage. I continued to do lots of damage to link so that it can be allot easier to knock him out of the ring. The next characters I fought was the Yoshi squad were I had to fight so many Yoshi's at the same time. I spent lots of time knocking all these character of the stage because there is so many not because of difficulty. This allowed me to learn more on the abilities of my character, and learn how to take multiple enemies at the same time. The last character I got to fight was fox, fox was something different because he is faster and is able to move quick but after all those characters I got used to some of the speed.
    Game play #2
    The second time I played this game I was link again but this time I got a lot farther because I had learned how to use my character. So I went through the first tree fast then got to the target match were I was suppose to destroy all targets under the time that I was given. So I had to use everything I learned to be able to destroy all the targets under the time. After that I faced off against Mario where he was a llitle harder as he had more moves and was at a higher level than the rest of them. I managed to hit him out of the court after consistent damage to him. Toward the end of the I was able to fight against the master hand were I lost completely and had to continue because he was the hardest one to fight due to the fact that I can only do air attacks.
    The design of the game was that of a 3d type of game with a kind of two 3d platforms, and with the ability to fight on the small stage on man on man standoff. Over all a great game to play because of all the fun you can have mixing the attacks.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 02:19:58     -    mario 64 (N64)

    Game log entry #3:

    I began playing Mario 64 and i have only seen other people play this game but i myself have never played it. The game starts off by Mario coming to princess peach's castle where he sees that bowser has taken over and locked everyone and everything into start rooms. mario must travel trough all of the rooms and unlock the doors by destroying the challenges set up on every stage.
    Gameplay #1

    I began playing this game and I was getting used to the controls so i was running around in the outside of the castle. after around 3 minutes i ran inside the castle were I saw all the locked doors. I went to the left door were i was able to enter without any stars. i jumped into the world and found out that i was supposed to get to the top of the hill and fight the boss. After a while of falling and getting killed because of the dog, i got away and found the boss. At first i had no idea what i was supposed to do or how to kill the boss until i ran behind him and picked him up and dropped him. i figured that i was suppose to do this 3 times so i ran behind him as fast as i could and i would drop him i did get trow a couple of time as i learned that i had to run away from him and be able to get to his back. after i finally beat him and kicked his ass wich was very exiting. After you beat him you can then jump back into the map and do different missions. The second time i joined i went after the dog as i figured that im can lower the stick wich he is attached to because i was messing with the things in the map.

    Gamelog entry #2:

    Gameplay #2
    the second time playing the game i had left of with around 5 stars so i was able to do different maps. In each of the maps you learn how to use Mario in different ways, to be able to fight against bowser. After i was able to get 10 starts and i went after bowser wich is the first time that you fight him in this game and it was loads of fun on how you are suppose to trow him to the spykes about 3 times. I did this stage around 4 times becaus i loved fighting him. After you beat him one time you get the key and are able to go further on into the game were you face new challanges and unlock different abilities. I was able to unlock the flying hat were i was able to go back to stage one and fly around wich is loads of fun especially when you have no idea of were to go or what to do. I found that their was lots of more stars that i can get in each of the stages, by doing different things. Most of the time i was messing around and flying trough the air.

    the design on the game was great, its a 3D world were you can do almost everything. you walk around and try to fight bowser to save the princess from the evil bowser. the design of it is great the whole idea of having a huge range to fight and the world is very open but closed at the same time you can pick what type of place you want to do and what mission.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>End of game log<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    Jan 26th, 2008 at 00:25:05     -    Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

    Danny Nigo
    I started the game of Super Mario 3 and I played the first level where I walked to the block and got the mushroom, were I then jumped over and ran trough the rest of the level trying to finish the level quickly. At the end I got a star were your suppose to hit the box up. As I progressed through the game I reached a hammer guy where I had to kill him to get trough to because he got in the way for me to be able to pass. After I finally reached the castle and I had to be very careful because the missiles were all launched and I had to go trough the stage to get to the boss and save the king. I jumped of the ground and hit the top of the Koopa, like 3 times and after I finally killed him. I got a letter from the princes saying thank you for saving the king and here is some help. After that the game warped me to the second level and I got trough the first levels were it was a new location which was now located in the dessert.
    After the first 2 or 3 levels u came across to the castle and destroyed the little Koopa that isn’t that hard but u have to hit him in the head 3 times, if u do it right after one another it should take about like 20 second or less to kill him. Then I got to an interesting map were I had to go trough everything on the map and had to run from the sun. I died a couple of times but then I finally after 4 times I passed it. After that I had the castle to worry about and I reached it and killed the Koopa and got another letter from the princess and I got a cloud this time. After that I wanted to jump to another stage so I used the flute and was able to go to the 7th level. In the 7th level I got to the middle of the map but with new suits that Mario was able to get. I got the hammer suit and I also got the raccoon suit, and I was able to use them for a short wile but I later lost them. Then my time was up so I turned of the game which I regret because I didn’t save it.
    The game was pretty cool because the elements of the game allowed me to trough the levels with each of the suits that they give me. The suits allowed me to got trough the levels a lot easier because they help out with the map. The design elements that make this a good game because the worlds and maps are hard to go trough. The design of the maps allow the player to either go trough the levels trough water, air, or land. The creation of the character suits and abilities of each allow you to go trough everything allowing you to pass not just with one way but multiple of ways. The levels are varied because each level there is a different theme trough out the whole level so the player will not get bored of the same type of thing but something new in each level to get the player in surprise.
    The designs on the maps are good because they all allow going trough the map and passing it with different key items that help destroy it. The different challenges that the game provide are of how hard and different each stage is and how you have to get trough. The game keeps interesting because of everything the person can do with the new items available. The game create conflict by having to save the princess from the evil character and you have to go trough and beat all these hard tasks to get to were you have to get trough. The game keeps the player interested because all the new things you can do and all the suits you get. Everything you get as Mario you’re able to venture trough the levels some what easier but hard too. The will of having to save the princess is because you doing something good.

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