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    Jan 28th, 2008 at 14:25:18     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Gamelog #2

    GAMEPLAY: After playing this game for an hour I was introduced to several new items including a sword that allowed me to cut through many objects as well as my foes. A small fairy follows Link everywhere and allows the player to lock onto items or enemies making it much easier to always be facing the object. Upon entering the first dungeon I discovered that each room held a puzzle that I must figure out to unlock various rooms throughout the dungeon, progressing me to the final room. The final room of the dungeon held a huge surprise of an unknown boss. Links fairy can lock onto the boss and give a brief description of the monster and its weaknesses so that the player could use these weakness to defeat the boss. When I defeated the boss I was again rewarded a new item that increased my overall life, and the game kicked into a short cinema, where the main bad guy and plot was introduced. This tells the player where to go next in his adventure and the next part of the game is unlocked.

    DESIGN: The 3D environment gives the player lots of freedom to explore huge levels, while still remaining on a very plot derived linear RPG. Though the world of the game is huge and expansive the game still remains level by level following a path conceived by the designers. Ocarina of time is a very complicated game where puzzles and challenges lay around every corner, while frequent rewards push players to the end, to both gain more items, and to complete the final goal, to save the princess.

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    Jan 28th, 2008 at 14:12:16     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Gamelog #1

    SUMMARY: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, is a third person 3D RPG where you play as a young Hyrulian (elf like character) named Link (though you can change his name to anything you want). The game opens with a short cinema laying down the setting, a small village where Link lives, and forebodes an evil that is soon to come to the land. The princess Zelda is shortly captured and it becomes Link’s task to set out across land and time to save her from the evil antagonist Gannondorf.

    GAMEPLAY: Ocarina of time uses a third person interface to travel along multilayered 3D environments. When first playing this game Link is virtually item less, and can simply run around his home village. After exploring for some time I began to notice hidden passages and discovered that Link can pick up items and various objects that will help on the quest to find Zelda. After discovering Links lost short sword an NPC allowed me out of Links hometown into an unknown forest and onto the first dungeon. The dungeons in this game are designed to challenge the player with a set of tasks and puzzles to advance to the next rooms while rewarding Link with various new items that allow him to become more powerful and unlock new dungeons, and complete tasks that were before impossible. All of this ties in with a deep and interesting storyline that makes the game move at an amazing rate and quickly captured my attention.

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    Jan 14th, 2008 at 23:52:29     -    Halo 3 (360)

    Gamelog #1

    Halo 3 is an advanced fps (first-person-shooter), in which you play as “The Master Chief,” a futuristic unit with the most advanced military equipment of the day. The point of the game is to use the various weapons that the game provides (both human made and alien made), to defeat an invading alien race called the Covenant. Halo is known as “combat evolved” because is physics create a unique new game play unlike any known before; the master chief wields many different guns whose damage depends on the gun, its optimum range, and how the weapon is used in combination with grenades and melee. Eliminate your opponents shield then finish them off before the kill you.

    In my first 60 minute session of playing Halo 3 I played the single player campaign, in which I was following the final steps in the ongoing series of halo, where the Human race battles the alien Covenant, in a religious battle over the unknown halos, which may hold an untapped power, more powerful than any could have imagined.
    The game starts, and I am just blown away at the quality of the graphics, Halo 3 is an amazing display of the 360’s HD graphics. In this fps one’s life is represented by a shield, when ones shield runs out from enemy fire you have only a short time to find cover and let your shield recover or you will be killed. The master chief is allowed to hold only 2 weapons at once so I found that it is best to always carry a long range gun and a short ranged weapon to cover all aspects of battle. In Halo3 one can ether shoot one of their 2 guns (or duel wield 2 guns at once), throw a grenade, or use a melee punch button to give a devastating punch. All of which can be used in several combinations to drop your opponents shield and then eliminate them.
    As I progressed through the game I was able to increase my skill, and save my progress via checkpoints, in which the game would auto save my campaign progress after major battles. I was greatly amazed by the new Halo environments, with earth, space, and alien planet battles, Halo created a vast expansive environment, in which I could conduct and complete the linear campaign, on several difficulty levels.


    In the second session of Halo 3 I was able to encounter a completely different aspect of Halo 3; I was able to play the Xbox live multiplayer setting. The multiplayer opened a whole new world of competition, where people have mastered all of the weapons, and are indeed very skillful. Multiplayer comes with a variety of new and intricate levels, that really define “combat evolved.” I was able to play a game with the screen split four ways, while my team of dorm mates played in several death matches where our team must reach 50 kills before the other does, which requires many new strategies to defeat the much more skillful and ingenious strategies of fellow human intelligence. The object off all of our team slayers was to work skillfully as a team and kill 50 of your opponents, in a continuous unstoppable game in which you continually spawn after your death (and not allow your team’s net deaths to amount to 50).
    Online multiplayer provided to be very difficult and even frustrating at times, as I tried to master the new physics of the different weapons, combined with their ranges and level of accuracy and damage at specific ranges it remained very difficult to kill more than one person at once. This forced our team to follow each other, and when combined we made a much more damaging squad.

    When playing Halo 3 I always thought that its physics and game play physics where always superior to all other first person shooters. In halo 3 all weapons have been modified and balanced, so that against any weapon, one can use a variety of strategies to defeat their opponent, meaning that no weapons are more powerful than others in every circumstance. This allows for a very balanced multiplayer leaving the competition down to the skill of the player, their interaction with the environment, and their control over their multiple weapons. This balanced multiplayer allows Halo 3 to have a very high replay value where online no two games are ever the same, as no two players will play in the same way.
    Halo 3’s online continues to challenge its players by keeping a rank. As gamers play more, their skill increases, and they win more games thus increasing rank. As players increase rank with their live accounts they are matched up against people with similar ranks, causing the multiplayer matching to always match people with similar skill level to your own. This allows people to improve, as well as keep and incentive to people that play a lot. As players increase rank they are also able to unlock new armors, and customize their characters in their virtual online world. I thought this was a very interesting aspect of the game and caused me to further challenge myself to unlock new armors in effort to customize my own Spartan.

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