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    Jan 26th, 2008 at 02:29:49     -    Mario Party (N64)


    The more I played, the more I became acquainted with better characters. This led me to rank my abilities with each separate character. I also figured that the throws and smash moves were the most critical moves when moving in for the kill.

    The fact that I was able to battle my friends for so long and on the same levels over and over again shows that this game has an incredible replay value. Although the levels and characters are limited, the fights and character/level combinations are always different. As everyone got more practice, everyone gets better and better, therefore increasing the challenges and instilling a highly competitive mindset.


    This is a good game because of its inclusiveness of everyone.
    If it were limited to being a one-player game, I could see people getting tired of constantly battling the computer over and over again. Despite the fact that the computer characters change, the level of predictability in the moves of the computer does not. The challenges in the game lay with the human challengers.

    The level designs are simple, yet they can also pose to provide the player with challenges in their differring sizes and number of platforms. In addition, the Battlestar Galactica level provides an even greater challenge with its differing levels of lava. This level often frustrated the players, but created an good amount of laughter.

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    Jan 26th, 2008 at 02:14:11     -    Mario Party (N64)

    The basic plot to this game is that a child has toys of the characters in the game and is making them battle each other. The video game player takes control as the toys come to life somehow and battle by themselves. The primary goal seems unlear, although I suspect that the player aims only to win every battle.

    My first few attempts at playing the game seemed meaningless seeing as how I tried button mashing instead of actually figuring out the controls, which turned out to be pretty simple. Once I fully understood the usages of combinations, I started seeing an increase in my number of kills. As I switched characters, though, I realized that their movements and speed varied significantly. This showed its importance as the computer characters changed in every battle.

    Soon, people in my hall recognized the sounds of the game and ran to join me. This added to the fun in that the moves made by my opponent were unpredictable, as opposed to those of the computer, which could often be timed.

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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 18:19:24     -    Guitar Hero III (PS3)

    Entry #1 (Correction)


    Guitar Hero III's primary goal is to complete each and every song with the highest percentage of correct notes possible. The player does so using a guitar-like control where they can finger notes and strum to the beat of the music.


    I enjoyed the music because of I was able to recognize songs that I've heard growing up and through high school. I also liked the construction of the guitar because of how realistic it seemed. I found this to be particularly fun in that a person can pretend he/she is a rock star. There haven't been many games in which the I felt as involved as I did playing Guitar Hero III. The characters in the game are not of critical value to the game, but they represent the rockstars in the people playing.

    The game was awesome with social interactions, especially since immediately after I turned the game on, people came to watch me play and eventually join in on the fun. The goals are simple enough to reach, with practice, and so the game only encouraged me to continue to play. With all the other people willing to play with me, I felt myself getting more and more competitive with each passing song. In addition, the better I got, the more willing I became to raise the level of difficulty. Because I was so distracted by the intense level of competition, I completely forgot about the ability to purchase new songs, but when I did remember, it was a pleasant surprise. Because there were so many more songs to purchase, the fun seemed continuous and addicting.

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    Jan 15th, 2008 at 02:18:10     -    Guitar Hero III (PS3)


    I found that this game has an incredible replay value in that you are always wanting to get better and improve your scores/skills. No matter how many times I played certain songs, I continued to play them until I passed them with a certain percentile. Even so, I still had the next level of difficulty in which to complete the song. Practice/repetition is the only way to be successful in this game.

    The battle games were new and different from the previous challenges of Guitar Hero II. It was fun "wrecking" my challenger's guitar and forcing them to stop mid-song to fix it. It was frustrasting when it happened to me, but it made the game more interesting to play.


    The design of the game is simple. The notes scrolling down are bright colors with dark backgrounds, allowing the players to clearly see which note they are supposed to play.

    Comedic entertainment when loading songs. Strange comments regarding the life of a rock star facilitate discussion during loading time. ALthough they often mock the players themselves, the comments are a source of fun and laughter.

    Complexity emerges through the bonus songs and the "hard/expert" levels of difficulty. Battle games also provide challenges for the players in that there are more obstacles to overcome. However, since these roadblocks are unpredictable and depend on the challenging player, they are different from any other challenges in the game.

    Innovative aspects include the guitar control with the whammy bar. There have been no other controllers like the guitar of Guitar Hero (until Rock Band), nor have they been as easy to understand as that of Guitar Hero.

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