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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:45:49     -    Star Fox 64 (N64)


    I thought the controls to the game provided interesting game play. I was able to use the lasers, and if I held the laser button down I could charge up the laser to a homing type missile to lock on enemies for a guaranteed shot. I also liked the use of bombs, and the Arwing’s maneuvering capabilities. For example, in one of the stages I was engaging in a dogfight between Fox and some of his enemies in which I had to utilize the loop action to get behind enemy planes for a clear shot. There was also this barrel role action which put the plane into a spin role that acted as a protective barrier against enemy fire. The different types of actions available brought a lot of control freedom to the game.

    There was this multiplayer mode in which I played against 3 of my friends. The multiplayer setting allowed for dog fighting scenarios in which 4 players engage in combat against each other. My friend beat the game so he unlocked the secret character modes in which players on top of the Arwing, have the option of choosing a tank or playing as Fox without any vehicle. I think these elements made the multiplayer pretty fun because it added a lot of variance and competition between the players.


    I thought the level design to Starfox was good. Each planet or world had its own unique design, and despite the constant scrolling, it felt like each level provided a sufficient amount of freedom for the player to explore around corners and different paths to discover new enemies or new rewards. I thought the rewards implemented in each level were done well too. I had the ability to pick up coins and even these coins provided challenge because with some I had to use the loop function to grab 2 or 3 coins stacked on top of each other. The bosses in each game were unique from a clam in one of the levels to a lava monster in another which provided a lot of diversity to the game. The unique levels, and the unique bosses, along with the different templates for world to the different rewards kept Starfox entertaining throughout game play.

    The sounds in the game were very high quality and unique. The voices used in the game brought an authentic feel to the game because each player provided its own voice to match his own character. The soundtrack to the game however wasn’t all too great or dramatic.

    What was frustrating about the game though was the limited view that was brought on by the scrolling view of the level and the view from the back of the plane. I felt like I was constricted to a certain area on the screen, for example I could only got so far in a diagnol direction until my plane ultimately gets squished to the top side of the screen while im stuck on a focused view of the oncoming landscape and enemies. Also when making a loop I was just viewing what was in front of me so, I couldn’t really tell whether or not an enemy was behind me unless I saw lasers pass by, or my wingmen told me, or I crashed into enemy vehicles, so the limited camera angles restricted me a bit, but in the general sense each level and the scrolling format still had enough freedom to spark interesting game play.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:45:11     -    Star Fox 64 (N64)


    Starfox 64 for the Nintendo 64 is a scrolling shooter game in which a player controls Fox Mcloud and his futuristic air ship known as Arwing. Accompanied by 3 other pilots, Fox must numerous levels to defeat enemy ships and bosses using his lasers, bombs, and maneuvering capabilities like the U-turn or loop, to ultimately get to and defeat his arch-nemesis Andross.


    I really liked the characters in the game because each character was very unique, from the type of species used for each character to their voices. For example, Fox Mcloud, obviously a Fox has this strong voice that expresses leadership, while Falco, most likely a Falcon, has this bitter/condescending voice that shows the stubbornness he displays in the game. Each character also provided his own expertise, for example Peppy provided in game tips while Slippy analyzed and displayed each boss’s life meter.

    The flow to the game was smooth. The initial introduction displayed as a scrolling text like Starwars basically gives the player the background story to the game. After that, there is a map that allows three possible routes to the planet Venom, each route providing different levels. This map, I thought, helped the flow of the game as it provided the player a visual display of the progression of the game. After each selected level the player jumps to the planet to explore and defeat enemies, and this switch between the map and the actual level play provided flow to the game.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:53:16     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)


    After playing a bit of the solo mission I played the multiplayer with a couple of friends. I think the multiplayer is extremely fun especially with friends because you basically get to interact with a total of four players running around on different maps shooting each other. The fun comes from competition and flaunting your skills in the game.

    I thought the flow of the game was smooth. Before each mission there was a briefing about what was going on in the story along with mission objectives. During the levels it was pretty much straightforward killing enemies, but I found that some missions required a little bit more, for example in the second mission, you had to acquire a key card from a guard to get access into a control room, and from there you would be able to open a locked door. Also, after each mission there was a small cinematic showing what had happened after the completion of each mission, which I thought helped the game progress smoothly.


    I thought the game's artificial intelligence was very good. For example, enemies who know you're behind a door won't always rush in to get slaughtered, but instead wait inside for you to enter before they attack. Also the design of the enemies was very realistic. Although the graphics aren’t up to par with many modern games, the design was very good for its time. There would be different ways that enemies died depending on where you shot them, for example if you shot an enemy in the head from afar, he would flip over and die instantly which I thought was very cool, and brought a lot of realism to the game.

    The music used in the game came off the soundtrack used for the film which also helped reinforce the realistic theme between the movie and the game. The signature 007 sound was used often and so as I played I felt as if I was actually 007 completing different spy missions. Also the sound effects to guns and explosions are varying and realistic sounding which I thought added a lot of quality to the gameplay.

    The level design in the game is very intricate and has a lot of depth. It ranges from straight shooting, to search-and-destroy levels that require more strategy, and information gathering levels. Each level is distinct and poses multiple challenges given the mission objectives. I especially liked the second level where you were rushed by a ton of soldiers in a room that was being gassed.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:53:03     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)


    GoldenEye 007 is a first person shooter for N64, based on the 1995 James Bond film Goldeneye. Playing as James Bond, you are given a variety of weapons to use and the goal is to complete certain mission objectives for each level depending on the level difficulty chosen.


    While I was playing the game there was a rush of adrenaline every time I was being shot at because as you are being shot at, a health meter appears with your life on the left and your armor on the right. As my health bar got lower and lower, the game got a bit more intense as I tried to avoid being shot and as a result I had to play more strategically to kill enemies.

    From the first level I was given a variety of weapons from the PP7, to a sniper rifle, to the Ak-47. I personally like it when a game gives you a variety of options to go about completing each mission so the different weapons made the gameplay more interesting.

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