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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:36:42     -    Mario Kart (Wii)


    For the second session of the gameplay of Mario Kart 64, I chose to play along with my two other friends the section of racing each other. The racing was intense because we chose to not include the other computerized characters. The characters chosen were all small characters, such as: Yoshi, Luigi and Toad. There were several options to choose from. I didn't quite understand if some were harder than others but some seemed longer and straighter than others which were much more curvy and difficult.
    There was a level that we decided to complete which was Yoshi's Valley and it seemed like many small canyons. It was very much more difficult and longer than I thought. There were different roads to take and it was a challenge to maintain myself on the road. I kept on falling down from the road to the ground and sometimes get squished by the giant egg. The game was with less flow because it was more of a pressure filled game session because it was not only timed but I kept on falling down from the main road, keeping me behind from the rest of the crowd. This game session was more interesting because it wasn't as repetetive as the battle session.

    I really like how the racing levels vary and consist of many different types of environments. There are different challenges that come along with each level. For example: the beach, the crabs and sand and water are the obstacles that make the game more challenging. There is a level of racing where there is a train that passes through the tracks and you risk getting crushed or are forced to wait and end up with a slow racing time. Such small challenges like that are very intriguing and make the player want to pass it with a faster time. Racing games in general are very competetive and addicting games because of the timed sessions.
    There are invisible walls to the game that confused me at first because there would be moments where I wouldn't be able to control my Kart and would spinoff and hit the "wall". The game is made up of very large spaces for each level but is still guided through and of course planned out to guide each player through the race. There is also a "reverse" sign whenever the player is going the opposite direction which I find very helpful compared to other racing games. All in all, Mario Kart 64 is a very beginner racing friendly game. I wouldn't change much about it because it was well thought out, non-violent, child-friendly, fun, and entertaining.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:09:56     -    Mario Kart (Wii)


    In Mario Kart 64, the player is given the option of being any of the characters from the Mario Brother series games, including Donkey Kong. The game is mainly a racing game/ and a competetive survival game. There are several options in playing the game. The game is known for being multiplayer but can also be played as a single player game. There is the option of racing against the computer along with other players, racing against the other players only, or challenging the other players in destroying their balloons attatched to their racing cars.

    The game session played was with some of my friends and we chose to play the battle mode. The game started off with facing each other with balloons attatched to the back of our go-karts. The balloons apparrantly represented our chances to survive. There are diamond shaped items that would give me the ability to shoot them and possibly damage the other people's balloons. It would be really fun because of the whole idea of chasing each other and looking for each other because the battle is in a large room comprised of different structures and heights to those structures.
    The game's main idea for this section was to kill each other with the different weapons. The weapons were mostly turtle shells, bombs or other diamond shapes to blow up their balloons. The technique used by the other players was choosing characters in the game that were of large built size. Such characters of that description would be: Bowser, Wario, and Donkey Kong. The reason behind the large frame sized characters over the other characters is because of the stronger capacity of resisting a fall from the different levelled structures.
    The characters are all diverse in size for the different options for the game. I think the bigger characters were for the battle scene and the smaller characters like Toad, Yoshi, or Peach are specifically to go faster in the races, because there is more of a chance of winning if you are a smaller and faster character. The game session was quite entertaining and interesting in the way that we were all against each other and having a blast. When the characters would actually lose one of their balloons, the reaction taken place would be of a giant exposion and a rumble of the player, and a vibration if the control had the "rumble pack".

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:52:19     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)



    Playing Mario 64 was entertaining in the way that I was able to go into different levels like the Snow level and was able to do many things. I had choices, and I like having options in games that I can't pass. :) In that game you can race a penguin, collect 8 coins, or even take a baby penguin to the mama penguin for a star. The level has so many options/levels to complete, the game itself does keep you busy. There was a point in one level where I did feel a bit frustrated and left that specific level, but because there are other levels that you can enter that are to the same or lower status, it doesn't bore me, or hasn't yet.

    The characters in the game are interesting. Their actions are all very repetetive. All the actions of the characters except Mario's are predictable which can be used to my advantage but in the end, ends up being a bit easy or boring. It is a bit interesting how if I were to go in front of them, they don't acknowledge that Mario is there but acknowledge something is obstructing their path.

    Although I do believe that games should have their limits in area of play, I find it harsh to realize that when being outside on the grass, you cannot do much but jump off or climb on a tree and swim in the water. I guess it hints at the real levels being inside the castle, in a chamber, locked inside, making it more dramatic. I would find it frustrating when I would need to dive and I would be put with a time limit of being underwater, sure it does give me a realistic approach to swimming, but if you are going to make a video game with giant clams with glowing stars in the middle, might as well make the time limit infinite for diving underwater, or include a level that is time limit free.
    Some interaction between characters and Mario include the "boss fights" and whenever cannons need to be prepared, a nice little guy beeps his way to prepare it. The game has vibrant colors, the mus ic is uplifting, all in all, Mario 64 is a very entertaining and fun game that hints a classic with the basic things that everyone looks for in a video game: challenge, options, skill requirement, strategy.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:29:41     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    GAME LOG entry #1

    Super Mario 64 is a one player game with Mario as the main player. His objective in the game is to enter all the doors which include different levels and collect all the stars in the game by passing those levels and individual tasks/missions to complete.

    While playing the game, it brought me back to when I actually had time to play it and how I would complete levels and would end up stuck at a certain level. I opened an existing account that I had saved a while back and ended up becoming a bit lost on how to proceed into a new level. The paintings threw me off and I had completely forgotten how everything functioned and my purpose in the game.
    Mario is left alone in this huge castle to find the next levels and to collect the stars, and I think the game felt a little lonely in the beginning as opposed to playing a game like Mario Kart with friends. The story becomes a bit repetetive, not sure if it was because I have played the game before and because I know how the game functions or because it is really is repetetive. Mario's task is to complete certain tasks for each level, which in this game is every doorway.
    The game itself is really fun to play. There are a lot of cartoon-like looking characters in the game and all is very entertaining to interact with. There are things on the side that go along in each level that you can also accomplish, it won't necessarily bring you closer to finishing the game, but they are entertaining.

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