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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:12:11     -    Super Trivia (Arcade)


    For all of the faults in the game's categorey set up, I have to ay that my freinds and I loved this game. Its hard not too. The set up provides lots of competition between players, and everyone loves to talk trash to everyone else. It didn't matter if the other people were ahead or behind you in score, you still gave them flack anyways. While this game was probably made with a familly audiance in mind, it appeals plenty to the half drunken college male audiance as well with its trivia quetions most people can ansewr and competitive enviorment.

    The difficulty of the questions was set low enough that anyone could compete for top position. Addmittedly though, some questions did come out of left feild and stumped anyone, espeacially in the history categorey it would occasionally ask about people and I, as a hitory major, would respond with "who is this person, and why do I care?" The history categorey really could have benefitted from relying on obscurities less.

    If you want a game where you can sit down with friends, whittle away the hours, and blow a number of tokens higher than you would like to admit, then this is the game for you.


    For the first part of the deign portion I would like to talk about the design of the arcade booth itself. acutally, I want to spend the entire design portion on this topic. One of the most often forgotten rules of the arcade game is that even an awful game can be made awesome with a cool booth set up. A classic example of this is the original Star Trek aracde game, where the ship was hard as hell to controll, and you couldn't hit anything, but no one ever complained becaue they got to sit in what looked like Kirk's chair with all the cool buttons on it. Another good, more recent example is the Star Wars trilogy game, where a so-so shooter was turned into an arcade staple.

    Super Trivia takes advantage of this rule. There are four consoles, each accompanied by a stool. One for each possible player. Unlike other arcade consoles which try to squish players together to conserve space, Super Trivia gives the players all the space they could need. The three buttons alloted to each player are about six inches in diameter, so even the most senior player can hit the right button despite any unteadyness in the hands. This set up is placed around a huge big screen tv that displays the categorey wheel in the questions. It really captures the gameshow feel, and turns a so-so arcade game into a valued time-waster.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 01:55:44     -    Super Trivia (Arcade)


    Super Trivia is an arcade machine with a gameshow style asthetic and set up. Players sit at consoles and compete to see who is the best at trivia.


    Each console has three buttons, A, B, and C. Each one is then linked to an answer for each question. For each question, a virtual wheel is spun, and i used to determine the categorey of the question. Music, Sports, Television and Movies, History, Arts and Science, and Curiosities are the available categories.

    I was a bit confused at e turning of arts and science into the same categorey. I Really fealt that they should have been two different categoreys. Also, the curiosities categorey was a bit of a blunder seeing as it did not ask quetions about what my party and myself considered curiosities, but rather pulled questions from the other cattegories. I really feel that it should have been named something like random rather than curiosties which brings up the image of wierd things rather than some of everything.

    Each player answers the question and the answer is given once all players have responded to the question. In the end, tickets are distributed to each player depending on how fast and accurately they answered the questions.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 00:38:15     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)


    As of this session, I have now beaten the game in single player twice. I can see where this game can get boring and repeatitive fast. Thankfully, there is multiplayer. Multiplayer is where this game truly shines. WIth a fairly forgiving learning curve compared to some other similar games, and more causual style really make this game great for multiplayer.

    Something really does have to be said about the sheer siliness of it. It gives the game a much more casual feel, unlike other games that try to present themselves as serious business. I really do feel that this campyness and siliness is one of the points that has made SSB such a great seller across many audiances. Nintendo did a very good job with the feel of the game.


    Ha Ha! That SSB! It puts in justy enough fighting game elements to allmost make someone forget that it is a platformer. Which it is. It has platmors which you jump on and use to attack, a fairly 2d cardnality with jumping, and occasional upgrades. The difference is that it is a competitive platformer rather than a cooperative one. The competative nature of the game makes it feel enough like a fighting game (but hey, who in a co-op platformer has never tried to jump on another player to see what happens) to make it different.

    I also have to hand it to them on level design. Each level has its own unique design and feel to match the game the character it showcases is from. Samus has a very metroid-y level with acid water and everything.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 00:26:01     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)


    Super Smash Bros is a cross over game from Nintendo where Nintendo Classic characters go head to head in combat against eachother. A variety of other chanllenges are included between certain levels, and palyers are rewarded with trophies and unlockable characters.

    Yay! SSB! Who doesn't like SSB/ Everyone likes SSB. It has been a while since I last played it, and I am still getting used to playing it again. I am currently using Donkey Kong, and have been enjoying the character's abilities. I have been developing a tactic based around beating the enemy through normal means once, then just walking them off the edge after picking them up until they die. It is quite effective. It's effectiveness and ease of use causes fellow human players to griping about it.

    It is fairly obvious this early into the gameplay that there are some balance issues in the game. Certain characters are much stronger than others, and this is a trend that continues into the other SSB games.

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