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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 13:13:18     -    Halo 3 (360)

    ENTRY 2


    I have now played the game for almost 2 hours in total. I have not gotten very far because I decided to play on a harder difficulty due to my experience in FPS games. However, this challenge is fresh to me and I really enjoyed the some of the gameplay moments I had.
    I am very satisfied when playing through the levels, and encountering a variety of different kinds of bad guys. The weapons are also new and fun to learn. I really haven't encountered any new characters other than the aliens that I am fighting against.
    I really enjoy the flow of the game, each level is split up into different sections and it transitions really well. After completing an entire level, i really felt a sense of accomplishment and was really satisfied.


    This game is really innovative in how the game is played. This is because it is a faced paced shoot-em-up, but there is still strategy involved in how is the best way to confront a group of aliens and things like that. The only bad thing I can think about the game is the story, I couldn't really follow it and how it tied in to what I was doing.
    The levels in the game are amazing, there is a great variety of levels, and also each section of each level is a little different. For example, there could be part of a level where you are inside, and another part where you are outside in the wilderness. It really gives you the sense that you are going somewhere and not just going around killing things.
    The challenges of this game is clearly the enemies. Some are harder than others, and some have a certain way in which you can kill them. Another challenge of this game is resource management. Especially with grenades. Grenades can do a lot of damage but if you use them without thinking about it they will go to waste.
    The tone of the game is set by the music and sound. The sounds of this game are something u need to hear to believe. They really set teh tone, from the bad guys yelling, to the shots you fire, to explosions, it is really something special.
    The only thing I would change about this game is the story. If it would be easier to follow I would appreciate it more. It uses cut scenes very well however, they do not interrupt the gameplay at all. Overall, this is an awesome game and I am really glad i got to sit down and play it for a couple of hours.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 12:46:11     -    Halo 3 (360)


    For this gamelog I played Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. It is a fast-paced
    first person shooter. I have played the other Halos before but never got a chance to really play this one. In the game you control a character who fights against aliens in many different areas.


    I played the multi-player of this game a couple of times, but now I was actually able to sit down and play the single player game. It was a very satisfying experience. I was consumed in the game emotionally. This is due to the visuals, and controls of the game. I really did not understand the story, but the gameplay really made up for it.
    Master Chief is the main character in the game, and how I had control of. I could not follow the story, but it was cool playing as a "Spartan" and being very powerful. The game was very fun to play, the action is fast paced, and there is a lot of way to go about killing your enemy.
    I did not really have any social interations, because I was playing the single player campaign. I was really into it though, and the game really consumes you when you play it. There is a nice flow to the game, each section of each level flows well and is different each time.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:36:07     -    Super Mario World (SNES)



    I can't get enough of this game. After playing it for another hour, it is still as satisfying to play as before. I feel the game getting progressively challenging, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment every time I complete a level or defeat a boss. I like the variety of different enemies that you face. It is something a little different for each section of the game.
    There were really no new gameplay elements introduced since my first session of playing the game. The basic jumping and platform mechanics do not change throughout the game yet there is still variety.
    My emotional state during the game was the same as the last session. I was completely consumed by the game. The gameplay is very addicting and fun. Nothing is too complex so it easy to get right into and enjoy the game. There is not much of learning curve or geting used to the game. That is something that I really enjoy in playing games.


    This game is really well designed. The player is alowed only limited actions, but they are used in creative ways. The player is really only alowed to jump, run. Through power-ups however, the player can fly, spit fire, and eat enemies (using yoshi). For each level there are usually a number of different ways to complete a level. The player can choose to kill or skip enemies as he choses. I think this really creates re-playability.
    What makes this game good is the simplicity of the control, but the creativeness of the level design and worlds. The designers used Mario's abilities to create fun game situations. The levels that I played really varied and had a lot of different game situations. As the game progresses, the levels become more complex and challenging. I think this is what really keeps the player in the game.
    The game world is used in very unique ways. For example, there are many unlockable places, levels, and worlds (starworld). The game constantly uses pitfalls and makes the player jump in different ways to complete the level. There are also water levels where the player is swiming through the level. There are also haunted castles throughout the world which adds to the variety.
    The music of the game really sets the tone of this game. It has great music that fits each level. For example, boss levels and haunted caslte levels have their own music. The music is very catchy and memorable. It is music that you will always recognize after you play the game.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 04:01:00     -    Super Mario World (SNES)

    Super Mario World for the SNES is a platformer where a player plays as Mario and progress through the world by completing levels. Through power-ups Mario can do such things such as fly, spit fire, and use a side-kick named Yoshi. Most levels are scroll-by levels and often contain secret rooms and passages. Mario defeats enemies and overcomes obstacles to reach the marker at the end of the level. When the level is complete a passage to the next level is formed.

    This game was my favorite game as a child so finally playing it again was a real treat. I picked it up pretty fast, because of the easy controls. I was very involved in the game, but at the same time did not find it to be too challenging. It has a nice pace and a wide variety of levels and enemies. The character animations are simple yet creative and have a good theme throughout the game.
    The story is nothing special. It involves saving a princess from the evil Bowser, which is not surprising. You make your way through the game by defeating each section of the world. Each section has a castle with a boss whom you must defeat in order to advance to the next section of the world. While the narrative is simplistic, the amazingly fun gameplay overshadows this.
    This is a single player game so there wasn't really much player interaction with other people. The game did flow very well, and I loved playing it. There is just so much to do in the world, and there are a lot of unlockables that can be discovered. I think this an essential part of the game because these unlockable things is what keeps a more experience gamer in the game. The simplicity of the game, however, makes it playable by all kinds of gamers.

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