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    Oct 13th, 2006 at 09:56:49     -    Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    Okay, so I got bored last night (well, this morning at 2 am) and decided to play Animal Crossing. In the game cube version, there is a ghost that comes along during the night which asks you to catch squiggly ghosts things for him. However, there is apparently no such fun thing to do at night in the DS version. A couple of the towns people were still up, wandering about wanting to show me letters and chat about the acorn festival. In the town hall/post office, Phyllis, the pelican that works the late shift, was grumpy as usual. She berates me for not having payed off my house payment to Tom Nook and wishes that the door hits me on the way out of the town hall. But, if you ever play the DS version, don't waste your time playing after 11pm when the stores close unless you feel like looking at constilations. This morning I also decided to play. I had told Lyle, the shady insurance dude, that I like Crazy Redd to come on Fridays. Well, I guess because Tortimer (well, Cornimer for this week) is standing outside the town hall were Redd sets up his tent, Redd has taken the week off so that won't get caught selling stolen goods. Also, in the DS version, Redd will sell you forged paintings. I learned this the hard way, but apparently if Redd has a star in his eye when he is telling you about an item, it is forged. Blathers will tell you it is forged and then Tom will only give a few dollars for it. Also, this morning Blathers was awake when I went to the museum. He had another gripping story of the hardships of fossil hunting- when he was digging up a fossil in wet dirt, a grotesque worm started wiggling to the surface which made him sick to his stomach. I laughed thinking of his reaction to a worm. Blathers also likes eating fish. In the DS version, if you donate a fish, Blathers tells you the best way to cook that fish. His pun for the morning was that large chars are best served charred.

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    Oct 12th, 2006 at 20:43:29     -    Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    Okay, so the acorn festival is still going on and Cornimer is just as delusional about gathering acorns as you could expect. As I said on the last log, the DS version of Animal Crossing has added a lot of events (such as the acorn festival and other characters). Because of all these wonderful things, and my need to buy the ugliest items just because I don't have them in my catalog yet, I have been slack on paying off my house payment. (Right now I have the second floor (below the bedroom) and the room to the left of the main room) I really don't know when my last payment was, but Tom Nook is apparently depressed at the fact that I am not paying for my house. When I enter the store (Nookways Department Store) he is says something along the lines of "...I didn't see you there" and he does not ask if he can doing anything for me. I have to go push him before he gives me the regular options. Also, I love clothing and going into the Able Sisters Shop. The past couple of days I have been pestering Sable, the girl at the sewing machine. She just gets pissy and tells me to ask the clerk for help or tells me that she is very busy. Today, Derwin, one of my townsfolk, asked me to take a personality quiz. After answering a couple of questions, it told me that I was most like Pelly, the lovable pelican at the town center post office. Derwin went on to tell me more about Pelly's trustworthy attitude and personality. I guess if I answered the quiz differently I could learn about the personality of other characters.

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    Oct 11th, 2006 at 09:34:54     -    Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    I have tried for quite some time to find that game that I enjoy playing but is easy not to get addicted to. That game use to be The Sims until one of my friends played my favorite family and ran up my account with a cheat code. (that just ruined a big aspect of the game for me). But now I have found Animal Crossing. I have played this game on the Game Cube, but I payed off my house in a couple of months of playing on the weekends and there really wasn't much else to do. But on the DS, the game rocks. This week happens to be the Acorn Festival. Tortimer, the major, has dawned the personality of Cornimer and gives you prizes if you deliver acorns to him. This is interesting in the aspect that the characters are animals. They need to collect acorns to stock up for the upcoming winter. Also, a few days ago Blathers (the owl at the museum) was depressed because he wanted to be outside digging up fossils- doing the hunt rather than identifing fossils. Well, I learned today that he went out and tried to hunt fossils but he is not made for "manual labor" and he gave some background on choosing his profession. This gives his character more personality other than just the "fossil identifier". Also, I would like to mention two new characters that I love in the DS version- the hairdresser Harriet and the astronomer Celeste. Both give allow for new game options (changing your hairstyle and making constilations.)

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