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    Mar 20th, 2008 at 00:37:06     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Super Smash Brothers brings together characters from different characters from Nintendo games. Some of these include the famous mario brothers, link, ness, and captain falcon to name a few. You must battle with one character through all of the levels facing opponents from the different Nintendo games of the past. There are also different variations that are thrown at you such as multiple yoshis or metal mario.

    Gameplay #1
    My emotional state during the game was very excited. I was extremely into the fast paced action of button mashing that the game provides. Many of my friends that I played with are much more skilled then me which made me kind of upset at losing repeatedly and yet the game still was very fun. I feel that each character gives it's own unique perspective to the game adding to the quality of the gameplay. Each character has original moves, for the most part, which also adds to this effect. The story of the game was not too interesting and very short, but this game is a classic for it's multiplayer rather than story I feel like.
    The game is very fun to play with other people as you can throw them off cliffs, take them with you, use an assortment of items, and other various things that are dropped from the sky at certain times in the game. There is very little interaction between the characters, just the fighting. You are not given time to speak to them or anything. The only real speaking the characters do is the fighting grunts.

    Gameplay #2
    My emotional state after playing the game for the second time became montonous and boring. By the end of this, I was getting beaten badly and was not doing very good. My friends were talking trash to me which made it even harder to focus on beating them. Although, I still had fun playing the game because of the competitive spirit it provides for everyone playing.
    The flow of the game was pretty quick. We played on stock which is the amount of lives you have. This made the games go quickly without having to wait for a long time after dying. This gives the game a fast paced play providing players to get revenge if their friends beat them badly.

    The level design was good in the sense that each level was very different and unique. Yet, most of these levels were very simple but colorful such as Yoshi's level. Each character has a certain level with attributes from each game that they were taken from. The designers tried to add the aspect of challenges such as the level moving down into lava on Samus's level which made people die even if they weren't being attacked which sucks at times.
    At the time, there was no game that brought all of the classics together from different video games to be in one game. This was a very innovative theme that has been replicated in other such games like Kingdom of Hearts, along with the two Super Smash Brother games that have been created since the original. Each of these games expands off the idea of the original Super Smash Brothers.

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    Mar 19th, 2008 at 23:16:40     -    NHL 2008 (PS3)

    In NHL 2008, you have the opportunity to play as a variety of NHL, AHL, International, and other league teams along with custom teams that you can create. The season play is a lot like that of other sports game where you lead your team through a season in the National Hockey League in hope of winning the Stanley Cup. The primary goal of NHL 2008 is to beat your opponent by outscoring them.

    While playing the game, I felt very energized. The realistic graphics of the PS3 give the game a feel as if you were actually in the hockey stadium watching the game. The players in the game all look very realistic and just like the actual person. The game design shows the advancement of technology as these players movements get more realistic as well. The story is very unoriginal as is in most sports games. There is very little narrative but more so than previous NHL games. There is not very much wiggle room for the designer of a sports game because it is something that people don't want to have a huge fiction non realistic story behind their sports game.
    The gameplay was very fun especially playing with your friends. The goals are very fun and yet not too hard so that sometimes you go back and forth with your friends goal after goal. The game was very interesting to play. There are no time outs which make the game very fast paced with a high level of interaction going on among the players. You have the ability to fight another player also which gives the game a different edge than other sports games. There is quite a bit of flow in the game except for the excessive amount of penalties always seems to slow the game down a considerable amount.

    The gameplay the second time around was a little different than the first. First off, the announcers started to get annoying the more I played because of the repeated comments they make time after time. Although, I did have the same energetic feeling I did while playing the game the first time. The characters movements during fights was something I tried to pay more attention to which showed me the bad mechanics of the fights the game presents to the player.
    The game was just as fun to play though because you still have the competitive aspect with your friends. The game got pretty intense with last second goals, overtime, shootouts, and rematch after rematch. The game was able to keep my interest through both game logs which only a few games have the ability to do. The social interactions between me and my friends was just as intense as before and each game got a little more intense. The only problem with the flow of the game is that the shortest game length is 5 minute quarters making the game last very long and breaks in between games very long.

    The most innovative element that this game adds is the new shot stick. This new feature lets the player use the right joy stick on the ps3 controller to control where they would like the shot to go and the power of the shot. This was not in the previous NHL games where you just used square and circle to shoot making the power of the shot to it's own odds. The aiming of the shot stick is also key because it allows you to choose where you shoot making the game and goals more personal.
    Level design in a sports game is key because it is one screen and one arena for a whole game, therefore, the designer must give the player an esthetically pleasing arena to play the game in. I feel the designers of this game did a great job at achieving this because they make the stadiums look very realistic. One friend playing with me commented on the Colorado Avalanche arena looking exactly like the actual stadium with similar ads and such.

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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 16:49:36     -    Fifa 2007 (360)

    While playing Fifa for the second game play session, I was energized and still very interested in the game. The momentum was on my side for a few games which gave me the confidence to play as a team and pass the ball very well. The characters on my team this time were unfamiliar as I played with a team I did not know. They still had the defined characteristics of the players on my other team though. One of the games we played ended in the tie so we got to exercise our right to choose the overtime option we wanted. After playing through the classic and still no goals, we went to penalty kicks. This game was a lot different than the others which was a nice change in pace.
    The game play was a little bit slower this time around because I played someone that was not the same skill level as myself. I controlled the ball for most of the game and he did not have fun because of this. The game loses interest when you play someone below your skill level because they are very poor at passing and understanding the game. This is the only downside to the flow of the game that I found while playing Fifa.

    Fifa makes use of the space very well through the crowd, stadium, shadows, and signs. The stadium is always jam packed with people. The creators used this technique to fill up space around the game play area along with the stadium structure and video screens that show the same thing your television shows. On the actual field the grass has different patterns you can choose from to make the field look more visually enticing. The players take up most of the field area but the creators of the game also added shadows from the stadium at certain arenas such as Juventus' stadium.
    The cut scenes in the game actually hurt the game play more than they help it. Replays of fouls are almost never watched when playing the game but rather skipped through. The goal replays are never wanted to be watched by the opponent because they just got scored on. They just slow down the game in general and for the most part do not help in the narrative of the game. If a player really wants to replay something they can do it through the start menu.

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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 16:06:38     -    Fifa 2007 (360)

    Michael Rowell

    In Fifa 2007 the object of the game as in real soccer is to beat the opposing team. To do so, the player must score more goals than the other team. There are 11 players on each side team at the beginning of the game. If the game ends in a tie, you have the ability to choose classic, golden goal, or penalty kicks. Classic is a two half overtime period, while golden goal the first goal in overtime wins. All of the teams in the game are real teams with real players.

    The emotional state that Fifa put me in was an energetic state. While playing with others, I was able to get into the game because of the constant shift in possession of the ball. When I had the ball, I would have to relax in order to make precision passes and shots. The players on the teams look very realistic and look like the actual person. The players move as an actual soccer player would giving the game a very realistic feel to it. The manager mode has an addicting format and more options than before, but gets old after a few seasons of mostly the same thing. With every team, the story does not change giving a bit of repetition to the manager mode.

    A player can have more fun playing the game with friends than with the computer because the computer becomes very predictable after more playing. This Fifa is one of the first that made goal scoring easy. This makes goals more exciting and less frequent. The game kept me wanting to play more and more. If I won, I would want to keep going and if I lost I wanted a rematch. The fact that there is no stoppage in play keeps you constantly focused on the game. The competition keeps you constantly interacting the other players and the computer. The other players are always in motion through the playing field. The only thing that disrupts flow of the game is that sometimes your player will not run towards the ball.

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Jan 24th, 2008 at 16:07:12.

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