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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 00:17:09     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    goldeneye 2 007

    In golden eye you don't really have any type of communication with the other players except to shoot/stab them and kill them. besides the npc armies that you mow down in single player and your ocational ally you meet on your adventure you don't have another interactions with anything.
    the cut scenes and characters do a fairly good job at emotionally connecting the player with the game. from the evil soviets to their generals. The enimies all have faces giving more of an emotional connection to everyone your kill. the cut scenes are mirrors of scenes from the golden eye movie.

    This game would have been a hit no matter how good or bad the game was designed because of the association with the movie series. its fourtante for us that the game is great. The controls for the time were really good taking use of the joystick on the nintendo controller. the game also has really good npcs for the time makeing the campigan intresting.
    The game not related at all to my game gives me some ideas to incorerate into the game. such as a intresting story line that makes the gameplay inviting. I am also going to use idea of having power ups randomly spawn in set intervils.
    the game does get repetitive tho, because you will notice that the game levels are somewhate simular and point and shoot the entire time. this makes the game not very deep and player does not have to devote much time to lean from the experiance of golden eye 007. but who cares casue the game rocks

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 23:55:07     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    Goldeneye 007

    Golden eye is a fist person shooter releasted for the nitendo 64. you are James bond an agent working for the and you can either battle your freinds in multilayer being able pick your avatar from a choice of 007 classics. while in single player your campaign kinda mirrors that of golden eye the movie.
    your job is to complete objectives that are given (get to point, disable alarm, kill this guy, etc...)

    Game play
    playing the game was just like it was when it came out all of those years ago. while playing the game is was hard to enter the magic circle, because of the controller is like left right up down and the auto shooting/targeting, and the slower processing of the N64.
    But once i picked up the controls again the game play got much smoother I felt like i did when i first played the game when it first came out. I was emersed into the game, with the blockbuster media connection who would not want to play golden eye. what made the game flow well is the constant action and the game is not to difficult to play. Their is something satisfying about mowing down hundreds of faceless solders.

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    Feb 11th, 2008 at 01:16:37     -    pirates of the buring seas (PC)

    game log 2 pirates of the burning seas

    now that i am past all the tutorials and have entered a world a pirate captain I now travel the open seas doing things that pirates do. the game has three different level types open seas, ports and forts and on ships. all thee ports have similar layouts with different styled builds and layouts depending on who owns the ports or who has the most power in the port.

    some design elements that make this game good is the feeling of space. the game has the feeling like the maps go on forever.The towns are so big and detailed that the player feels like hees/shes in the game.

    some design elemts that make this game bad are the repetitiveness of the missions kill x amount of ships take x ports ect... the fighting anamation is kinda dull with numbers showing how much damage the player takes. this makes for slower battles.

    The game stays intresting because there is so much do to all the time you don't feel like you are repeating yourself over and over but you really are. the PVP battles in the game are different than any other game, this is because you can have massive ship battles between players.

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    Feb 11th, 2008 at 00:58:23     -    pirates of the buring seas (PC)

    Game log 1 pirates of burning sea

    Pirates of the burning seas is a next generate mmorpg related in late october.This game allows the player to customize there characters completely. the player can make his avatar completely different than any other player in this giant online world. the object of the game is to sail the seas and uncover the story of the pirates of the burning seas.

    While playing the game it was very different game play style than i expected when i played the game. The games combat system is slower than a simple point and click but more excited because you have to preform complacated manuvers with your ship, manage your crew, trade, ect.. the game also has a ground combat system and a on ship combat system. you have to preform all three of these to advance in the game world it is really deep, it is very easy to play this game for couple hours without realizing it.

    the story systme in the game is not very drawing because you have to read all the conversation that you have with npc this is a slight draw back because reading threw pages of text takes time and is pointless.

    the game has many social actions that the player is required to preform. this is a typical mmorpg so it has the same social actions of other mmorpgs.

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