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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:29:41     -    Mario Tennis (N64)

    Gamelog entry#1
    In Mario Tennis, the player competes using different characters in a tennis match. Each character has different talents and patterns in which they play. You can have up to four players playing and you can go into tournament mode.
    My emotional state was content while playing this game. I wasn’t too stressed, but since it went back and forth, I also had to stay on my toes and anticipate the game. The challenge was very simple and very basic, but it still allowed me to stay interactive. I also developed a competitive edge, just like in a tennis game. I always wanted to be ready so I didn’t miss the ball. The game was also really easy to pick up on. I could be a competent player and enjoy the game with little experience, unlike a real tennis match where I would have to spend hours practicing to master technique.
    There wasn’t a really big narrative, because it was just a tennis game so the players didn’t need to characterize a whole lot, but they did show unique emotions from each other when winning or losing. The game didn’t keep me completely entranced. When playing, the challenges didn’t seem to change much unless I played a new player. So I could get bored if doing the same thing over and over, and I could easily leave the game, but it did keep me occupied. I actually played in a tournament that got progressively harder each level.

    Gamelog entry#2
    On my second trial, I played in a ring match. This was a new challenge for me, and it kept me interested. I was more intense when playing this because my opponent was difficult to beat, but at the same time I could keep up with him and we had long rallies. I also didn’t want to lose because I would lose all the rings. You have to hit the ball through rings that add up. This challenge caused me to be more focused and very competitive towards the computer character.
    The game was fun to play, especially with the rings. They added a new challenge, but at the same time, you kept the fundamental challenge of beating the opponent. The rings just added to make the game more fun, and in a way competitive, because I did not want to lose the rings. I also think the game would have been different if more than one player were playing, and this, like Super Smash Bros, would have made it more interesting with a social interaction. I believe it would have been more fun as you created a sense of camaraderie and rivalry in your magic circle that would have intensified game play. While playing in the ring challenge, the game became very addicting as the opponent was challenging enough that I didn’t want to stop until I beat him. This kept me interested and locked in the magic circle.
    I believe this game can somewhat be compared to pong with the ball being served and received. Some innovative elements include the ability of the contestants to move up, down, left, or right on the court surface, the 3D environment, and changing ball movements. These elements make it a more enriching experience than a simple pong game. It is more challenging, yet easy enough to learn, to play. This is very much like a tennis match without all the physical technique and skill training. The 3D environment is very interesting and makes it very lifelike, but the camera angles are still difficult and don’t completely flow. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where you are in the heat of a match.
    When playing in tournaments, the level matches seem to get harder as you advance. They are all still the same and hold the same rules. The game provides the challenge of receiving and hitting the ball to beat the opponent. The game keeps this interesting by adding rings you must hit it through. When collecting rings, the game creates conflict, because you lose all your rings if you lose the rally. This keeps the intensity up and gives you something to fight for. The game uses a 3D environment to create space in the game world. Unlike pong, you can play this in your 3D world and the ball has more dimensions to go in. Because the game is in a tennis stadium, the tone of the game world is fun and exciting while competitive and challenging. The game looks just like a tennis match on tv and adds to this tone.
    Although I did not play this mode, the game fosters social interactions because you can add controllers and play with multiple players with and against each other. If I could change something about the game, I would fix the camera angles, and I would always have the player you are on the close side always. For their reward structure, I wanted to defeat opponents, and get to the top during tournaments.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 03:34:46     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Gamelog entry#2
    During the second game play, I was more aware of what to do and I knew what to expect from enemies. I was also aware of where to go in the Deku tree. I knew how to use my weapons well after the first trial and knew how to defeat enemies.
    On the second trial, I was even more intent on fulfilling the quest and finding things in the Deku tree. Most of the characters I ran into were spiders and ground creatures in the Deku tree. The ground creature, which was hard to defeat at first, became very easy and useful to receive information from. The clues kept leading me on to the next step and I was able to follow them with a little thinking. The spiders were usually very vicious in their attacks, but they were defeatable after some help and some clues on how to defeat it.
    Although I was having fun, once I got used to all the weapons, it became a job for me to complete my tasks. I felt suitable and responsible for defeating enemies and finding clues. The game kept me very interested at all times. At one point, when at a hard spot where I was trapped, I continually searched for a way out, and finally found it. In the Deku Tree, I always wanted to find the next door and room on the map. I was also suspenseful about being attacked by an enemy when entering a new area.
    This game is very innovative with the 3D world and great story. You can navigate through a complete 3D world by jumping, climbing vines, and crawling. You get different tokens from different parts of the world and you are free to go where you want. With this freedom, there are also clues, which lead you on to your destination. The ability to move anywhere is a design element that makes this a good game. You are also led on to where you need to go. You are also given clues so you can learn during the game and so you are more prepared against characters and puzzles. The camera scan is also very innovative in the game world.
    You go through different tasks to collect objects necessary for your quest. There are many different challenges when playing the game. When I played the game, I played in the Deku Tree where many enemies confronted me. The enemies and puzzles in different rooms got progressively harder to beat and you needed to pay attention to clues and tricks that could help you. The game kept these interesting by making them differ from the one another in defeating them. You also needed certain tools or buttons to get through a room.
    The game creates conflict through these puzzles that you must figure out and enemies and spiders that get in your way. The game keeps the player interested by constantly giving you new challenges and clues and puzzles to defeat and go on to. The game makes use of space within the game world by using different camera angles and giving you many places and levels to go to contribute to the 3D world. The game world is very adventurous and each part of the world has a different tone that goes with its surroundings. The tree was very mysterious and suspenseful especially when attackers or spiders approached and made you unwelcome. The music plays a big part in creating tone along with the lighting and dark spaces.
    If I were to change the game, I would make the goal very clear in the beginning. However, I like how the story unfolds, and interacting with it is almost like enjoying reading a good book. We were going to have a tree level in our game and this definitely gives us ideas and on how to go about that. The cut scenes were usually very useful and interesting. I was usually excited when these came along to see what was next.

    This entry has been edited 2 times. It was last edited on Feb 21st, 2008 at 03:36:42.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:31:04     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Gamelog entry#1
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a 3D adventure game where the player must defeat enemies and gain tokens, clues, weapons, and objects to accomplish his task while fighting bosses and enemies.
    My emotional state during this game was very excited. I wanted to find the next treasure and was eager to defeat enemies. I was also very scared when approaching new characters when I didn’t know how to defeat them. The music was very suspenseful when nearing spiders in the Diku tree. The game’s story was great as I was given the necessary tools and tips and information to keep going. The narrative progression was also helped with the clues from the fairy and other characters. The game forced you to pay attention to clues and advice that you knew would help you greatly later in the game.
    During game play I was completely entranced in the 3D world and Link’s surroundings. This is one of the most fun games I’ve played as it forces me to gie full attention and interactivity to the quest I was on. Although I was startled by attacking spiders in the Deku Tree, I was enveloped fully in the magic circle. The game was thrilling to play and very adventurous.

    Gamelog entry#2
    During the second gameplay, I was more aware of what to do and I knew what to expect from enemies.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 02:32:21     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    gamelog entry#1
    In Supersmash brothers, the object of the game is to beat the other players with fighting skills. You shoot, fight, kick, punck, smash, flip, swallow, throw, or do a super move on an opponent to win and beat the opponent. You pick your platyer at the beginning of the game and can choose between different modes of fighting.
    In the versus mode, you can play with more than one player or play against the computer. I played with one other player against the computer. In this mode, you interact with the player as well as the computer in combat. When playing with a partner the game is a lot of fun because you share a sense of comrodery. The rivalry between you and the computer becomes bigger and more challenging, and you're more attached to the end result.
    The game becomes a competitive battle between the players and the computer. The different moves make the game interesting and challenging in its whimsical setting. Each character has different plays and special moves that make them all very unique. You can do different moves and combinations to reach the best outcome.

    gamelog entry#2
    when playing super Smash Bros. for the second time, I played by myself against the computer. This was a lot more challenging with out a partner, and the same support group wasn't there. I played as several different characters including Kirby, Fox, and Link. Since i was still inexperienced with the game, I had to get used to the character's different moves. I couldn't get very far past the Mario bros. with all three characters. Each came with there advantages, but it was still very challenging, even with a computer partner.
    The game is more interesting by yourself and you get to learn more and improve on personal play. However, I do think it is a lot more fun to play with others or a partner. When by myself I was very competitive and focused but in an angry sort of way. I desperately wanted to beat the computer, pushing buttons as fast as I could. I feel more at ease with a partner watching my back and supporting me. You get a great social interaction with your comrades you play with.
    The 3D feeling and world the game is set on is very innovative and adds to the design and art of the experience. The different elements of fighting styles and techniques make this game very intriguing and fun to play. You have the challenge of mastering different or many characters in the game and all their attacks and special moves. In the single player mode, the levels get progressively harder with different challenges every time. You play different character opponents each time and move on with succession. The game keeps these interesting by putting you in different settings with new people and different challenges. Some challenges include conquering multiple Yoshis and defeating the Mario Brothers with an ally.
    The game keeps the player interested with new challenges from opponents on levels to fight. With different ways of bringing out competitivity, the player is focused and wants to beat it's enemy to get to the next level. the game does a great job using space within the gameworld. The settings are 3D and usually an object or island elevated in the sky. Players can jump very high, but also get thrown into space infinitely. The setting also usually has different levels you can go on, which makes the battle more challenging and fun. The tone of the gameworld is whimsical and fun with it's childlike images and epic settings.
    The game helps foster social interaction among players very well when playing in a multiplayer mode. What was most frustrating for me was losing against the Mario Bros. so many times. I wouldn't necessarily make them easier to beat, but put an easier level in between. I really like how whimsical the settings are and the different fighting techniques and objects players canuse and I hope I can use this in my game.

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