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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 20:17:36     -    Trauma Center: New Blood (Wii)

    I have now been through the first 5 missions. The characters are developing, and you learn a little more about each one after each mission. There are 2 main doctors, a male and a female. Both of them are present in each mission and each have an equally important role, so neither male nor female players should feel alienated. The story line is fairly interesting, but it does seem to drag on. There have been at least 30 screens of dialog (auditory and visual simultaneously) in between most missions, and you have to press a button to go through the screens one-by-one. This becomes a little tedious after a few missions. I can see how this is useful for people that are really interested in following the story and having the ability to read at their own pace, but there should probably be a way to skip the entire dialog sequence if a player is not interested.

    There is a time limit on each mission, and the time limit is shorter as you increase difficulty. The time limit really makes you pay attention to what you are doing and forces the players to work together well in the co-op mode. There is no longer text telling you what to do each step, so the user has to remember when the right time to apply the antibiotic gel is and what tools perform what actions. There are still a few auditory cues to help the players along if they get stuck.

    The coolest feature of the game by far is the co-op mode. This mode allows 2 players to work together simultaneously on missions. Each mission involves a different patient with a different problem or set of problems that the players perform different types of surgery on. Since the learning curve is low and the game is interesting, it is perfect to play with someone who may not be a gamer, such as your girlfriend. Minus the somewhat excessive cutscenes and seemingly lack of a reward system, the gameplay more than makes up for these things. Even if you are not interested in the medical field, the game is fun and captivating.

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    Jan 24th, 2008 at 19:58:16     -    Trauma Center: New Blood (Wii)

    Just started playing Trauma Center: New Blood for the Wii. I had heard that the first one was pretty good, so I decided to give the new one a try. I really did not know what to expect out of the game. I had never researched the gameplay on it or anything.

    After the title screens, the main screen is easy to navigate. There are only three choices, New Game, Data Load, Config. There are 3 difficulty levels, which can be changed as a player progresses through the game, instead of having to redo the entire game on each difficulty level, which is a nice feature.

    The first objective is to go through a tutorial. Right away, I could tell that the gameplay is very unique. Using the Wii remote, you point at the screen as if it were one of your hands operating on a patient. You see a patient laying on a table, and the tutorial gives the players an introduction of how to use the different medical utensils. There is a variety of 8 different utensils, ranging from a scalpel to stitches. The player(s) has to operate on a patient following a particular, preset series of steps. There are text and vocal queues, which both say the same thing, to guide the user. This feature accommodates different types of people, as some people are more auditory learners and some are more visual learners.

    After playing through a couple tutorials and a mission, I can say this is a very unique and innovative game. The score is kept by how accurate the player is. For example, if you drag the scalpel over the correct place, you earn more points than if you are sloppy with it. This is how doctors (you hope!) perform surgery in real life. This game makes very good use of the system's controller. It is easy enough to learn, but I can tell that it will probably be challenging later on.

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