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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 03:15:12     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Super Smash Brothers, baby.


    This is a very emotional game for me. If I get my butt kicked the whole time, I tend to get angry. But if I am dishing out blows like the morning paper, I have a great time. This experience was quite enjoyed, but in the past, I have witnessed everything from throwing the control across the room to jumping up and down accompanied by screaming out of pure excitement. It hits the spot for those that like instant action satisfaction.

    When playing, time travels at the pace of the game. I can't quite tell whether it actually slows down or speeds up, so I'll classify it as a time-lapse. You are sucked in for five lives, five minutes, or whatever the length restraints are. As far as you are concerned, nothing else went on outside your game of Smash.

    The sound effects are awesome. They provide sufficient knockouts sounds and other effects for the characters. The characters have an awesome and appealing resemblance to their originals. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.


    The PvP creates a whole new playing field. You play with your friends, everyone gains experience, and the result is a more action packed entertaining game. The more hit combos, the more satisfaction you get out of pummeling your victim. PvP is the most popular choice of gameplay in my opinion but there is also the option of single player, where you go about encountering a lot of computer players that want to kick your ass and after you annihilate all of them, a gigantic glove appears and slaps you around until you can finish him off too.

    This game still remains a popular choice amongst many gamers because the graphics are simple yet compelling. The physics system is right on and there is practically endless room for personal improvement. It is easy to learn, anyone can play, and who doesn't like to beat down their friends one in a while with digital avatars? It hits the spot for those that like instant action satisfaction.

    Graphics and sound effects are highly alluring. The playfully designed world you play in compliments the cartoonish figures of the players. Cheerfully and comical sounds are played throughout the game to keep you entertained.

    This game has virtually no ending. Experience offers you more intriguing opportunities and fuels for the fires of addiction. Smash rocks!

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 02:50:26     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Super Smash Brothers. Woohoo!


    This game is a battle of epic proportions. You choose one of many classic Nintendo characters (Mario, Pikachu, Link) and fight against others with a side view prospective of which is almost always a treacherous and puny arena. The objective is to mess everyone else up (knock them off the side of the screen or down bottomless cliffs) while maintaining physical integrity. Up to 4 people can play so the PvP allows for endless entertainment.


    Each character has their own variety of moves to choose from. Item drops or usually pretty constant, although you can change its frequency as an option, offering everything from fire flowers to baseball bats. The more you are hit, the farther you fly on impact, and therefore, more likely you are to die. Survival of the fittest. With all these variables, the combinations are endless.

    When in game, I cannot cary a conversion with anyone. Usually a few laughs, jokes, and ridicule is tossed amongst the players, but you have to be on-the-ball if you want to win. It basically boils down to who has played the most, but to elaborate on the individual qualities of success, timing, quick fingers, and familiarity are usually the key characteristics of the champ.

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